A few thoughts on last night’s State-of-the-Union speech

Last evening I watched President Trump’s first State-of-the-Union address. I deliberately set my iPhone aside because I didn’t want to live tweet. I wanted no distractions. I saved everything until after the President was finished. Here’s what I had to say afterwards.

“That was quite possibly the greatest political speech I have ever heard in my life. Trump’s message was pro-freedom, pro-capitalism, pro-achievement, non-partisan, and AMERICA FIRST! #sotu”

“Not since Reagan have we had a president as positively pro-American as Trump. In my lifetime, there’s Reagan, there’s Trump, and no one else compares. #sotu”

“If you were like those dejected Democrats sitting on their hands, you were either reading #fakenews subtitles with the volume muted, or you just really enjoy losing. Trump was simply awesome! #sotu”

“President Trump didn’t criticize the Democrats a single time last night. He didn’t have to. He did something far more damaging. He exposed them right there on national TV for all to see. #sotu”

“President Trump’s #sotu was not about him. It was about us. It was about the American worker, the American hero, the American military, the American company, the American dreamer, the American brand. We are all winning and even greater things are possible.”


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