When prayers get answered

My friend Bob and his family are going through the worst hard time. It has been more than two months since he suffered a major stroke and his rehabilitation has been difficult and fraught with uncertainties. Last month, his sister, who was in her early 40’s, passed away, which just seemed to heap misery on top of misery.

Bob’s wife has been trying to get him into a top-notch facility that specializes in stroke patients. There’s one in Chicago that is supposedly the best of its kind. So yesterday I prayed that God would move mountains in getting Bob into the best available facility.

Yesterday evening I received, via a friend, Bob’s wife’s daily Facebook update in which she literally said that God had moved mountains and gotten Bob approved for the facility in Chicago.

Bob is one of those people who makes friends very easily. If I could describe him with one word, it would be “gregarious.” He knows a lot of people. I have no doubt that there is an extensive prayer network surrounding Bob and his family. I am only one of many, so who knows how many prayers have been said on his behalf?

I love watching God at work like this. One might be tempted to look at Bob’s situation and ask why, or get mad at God for even allowing it, or ask cynically can any good come of this? I don’t know what’s in store for Bob. I do know that God has made a habit of turning around seemingly hopeless situations just like this and working miracles in people’s lives. Indeed, there are many chapters left to be written. All we can do now is pray and offer support to the family.


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