What the memo says about the left

Now that President Trump and the GOP have released “The Memo,” a lot of what we suspected has been confirmed. President Trump has been vindicated. Russian collusion did occur, and it was the Democrats who were involved. The Obama administration has been revealed as a corrupt cabal of government officials who operated outside the law with flamboyance. That the Democrats and #fakenews media are so defiant is of great concern. Either they are critical of President Trump and the GOP for releasing the memo, or are defiant about what’s in the memo. Even James Comey asked in a tweet, “That’s it?” Yeah, that’s it. The disturbing part of all this is that we have a major political party and it’s sycophantic media who seem to have no problem with using the power of the federal government and law enforcement to violate the law and violate the constitutional rights of their political opponents for political gain. Now the question is what is the Sessions’ judicial department going to do about it? I’m tired of watching Democrats skate while President Trump gets accused of and investigated for the things Democrats actually did. Are we a country of laws or aren’t we?


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