I remember Mt. Juliet when…

My wife and I have lived in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee for almost 19 years. We moved here the last day of July, 1999. I guess that makes us old-timers. Back then, the population was around 10,000. (The 2000 census listed 12,366, up from 5,389 in 1990.) Even then, Mt. Juliet was growing rapidly. At the time, however, there were few amenities (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.). There were a lot of new subdivisions, but if you wanted something, you had to go to Hermitage or Lebanon.

Then Providence Marketplace came along, and that changed everything. The Providence development, which literally sprung out of nowhere, was begun 10-12 years ago. It is a city unto itself, consisting of a massive shopping center, new homes and apartments. It was more or less a field when we moved here. (I honestly can’t even remember what it used to look like.)

My mother-in-law is moving from Hendersonville to an apartment at Providence in a couple of weeks. It is an exiting time. And it got me to thinking about how much has changed here since 1999. The latest available census data (2016) show Mt. Juliet with a population of 33,263. Whereas before you have to drive somewhere else for just about everything, now a person living in Providence never has to leave Providence. Everything you could possibly ever want or need is right there or very close by.

The subdivision where we live is maybe 100 yards from the Davidson/Wilson County line. Our subdivision was completed many years ago and has changed very little. It has almost a rural feel to it, even though we’re inside the Mt. Juliet city limit. Our church is exactly one mile away. Providence is a 10-minute drive. We have no intention of leaving any time soon.

There is something to be said for apartment living. It does have appeal. You pay rent every month, but never have to pay homeowner’s insurance or property taxes. Your utilities are lower than in a house. You don’t ever have to fool with yard work. When something breaks or leaks, it’s someone else’s problem. And when everything you could possibly ever want or need is within a mile, you see the benefit of living in this city within a city.


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