Running again

I ran a 5K today. It was my first time running in 10 days. I still have a residual cough from a nasty case of bronchitis, but was also determined to take advantage of a sunny day and get back to running. I can run and have run with a variety of ailments. Bronchitis is not one of them. I know this because I have tried running with bronchitis and it did not go well. My time today was much better than expected (27:44). Also, my right knee, which has been giving me trouble since November, did not bother me. It’s not a bad idea to occasionally take a break from running, especially when you’re 48. I don’t like doing it because I’m always fearful that I’ll lose some of my conditioning. (It’s one thing to whip yourself into running shape, quite another to stay there.) But today it felt as though I hadn’t been away at all. There was no rustiness. I’m a bit relieved because, believe it or not, half-marathon training starts 3 weeks from today. (I can’t believe it’s time again.)


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