Democrats don’t stand for anyone who doesn’t help Democrats

You’ve heard the axiom that you can tell a lot about a person’s character by how he treats those who can do nothing for him in return. This describes the character of Democrats perfectly. During President Trump’s State of the Union address last week, Democrats were most notable by their refusal to stand for anything and anyone who was American. That’s because American citizens, especially those who produce, obey the law, raise families, support the military, and stand for the flag are becoming increasingly less likely to vote Democrat. While Democrats take a knee as Americans go about the business of making America great again, Nancy Pelosi is perfectly willing to stand for 8 hours and make a speech in support of illegal immigrants. Why? Illegal immigrants represent the Democrats’ newest voting bloc. Democrats know that in order to win elections, their votes have to come from somewhere, so the Democrats’ inexplicable furor over protecting illegal immigrants and placing them ahead of American citizens is explained by the fact that Democrats are courting potential new voters. They don’t care that they turn off American citizens because we aren’t voting for them the way we used to, anyway. And if you can’t do anything for the Democrat Party, then the Democrat Party cares nothing about you.


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