Tuesday quick-hitters

The #fakenews media’s infatuation with North Korea at the Winter Olympics is astonishing but not surprising, Apparently, they are operating from the belief that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Since they have made President Trump their enemy, guess who their friends are? They are so deranged by their own hate that they would trade the world’s last best hope for a Communist dictator who starves his own people and threatens the world with nukes.

If you are constantly seeking victim status, then a victim is all you’ll ever be. And what a waste of talent that is.

Baseball is the perfect drama. The script is being written while the game unfolds. No one knows how it will end. It is not choreographed or staged. There is no clock. Anyone can become the hero; anyone can play the goat.

When Obama lies, is it considered tawriya?

Memphis basketball seems to do best with a crook as head coach. So can we just go out and hire a crook who knows how to win and ride the wave until the NCAA catches up with us?

Liberalism corrupts everything it touches. It’s the Midas touch in reverse.

If you vote Democrat and live in a city and/or state that is run by Democrats, and all you ever do is complain about victimhood, why are you still voting Democrat? At some point, don’t you have to make the logical connection between Democrats and dysfunction?

Given the revelation that Hollywood is filled with debauchery and degeneracy, and given that their awards shows are just Trump bashes, I can never again watch a movie the same way I used to.

I love the people of Memphis. They are always very kind to me. But they elect literal clowns to political office and I want to grab their shoulders and shake them and ask what on earth are they thinking?

I used to think Don Quixote was Donkey Otey. So if I ever end up with a pet donkey, I will name him Otey, which seems the perfect name for a donkey anyway.

Every atoll is an island, but not ever island is an atoll.


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