Quote du hour

Rush Limbaugh was all over the political aftermath of the Florida school shooting in yesterday’s show, and, among many other thoughts and opinions, offered this gem regarding the permenancy of the Second Amendment:

The long-term goal of the left is to eliminate all guns, to confiscate every gun in this country. That’s what they want to do. Of course, that’s never gonna happen. It’s not even possible. So that will give you an idea of where the solution here resides. There isn’t one, if the Democrat Party is involved. If that’s their wish list, if that’s their ultimate objective, then you realize it’s never gonna happen, that what they want is not possible and yet they’re gonna keep striving for it.



Summer in February

It literally feels like summer today and tomorrow will be even warmer. Not even a strong breeze and invading clouds are able to subtract from the warmth. It isn’t even March yet, and the bulbs buried in the ground from years past are already sending up their shoots. Yet the trees and most of everything that lies fallow in winter is still fallow. The deciduous trees are bare and the grass is brown and decayed. Winter is not over. At some point, it will make an unwelcome return. The landscape will freeze into a glaze and the sky might even give us a few more snowflakes. In the meantime, this is a week that promises good running, the chance to make up some miles that were lost back when it was so cold for so long. It’s a welcome dose of spring before we actually get to spring.

Some thoughts on the Florida school shooting

Following is a collection of tweets I have written in the aftermath of the most recent school shooting:

Liberals: There’s no way to round up and deport 11 million illegal immigrants.
Also liberals: We have to round up and get rid of 300 million guns.

I totally understand their grief, but hashtag politics do not work. Let’s channel our energies into something that might get results.

Funny to see supposed civil rights activists attack the NRA, which is a civil rights organization. #2A

I know her experience had to be terrifying but we aren’t going to let emotions lead us to do the wrong thing just to say we did something. You won’t like the results of gun control.

Rush Limbaugh pointed out yesterday that it’s astonishing how much misinformation is being spread as a result of the Florida school shooting. That’s why it’s so important be be properly informed and not be susceptible to emotionally-charged debate.

I know emotions are running high after the Florida school shooting. I hate seeing young lives squandered because of evil. Everyone wants to “do something.” But doing the wrong thing is worse than doing nothing. Guns are not the problem. Evil people are the problem.

I wish it would be the last mass shooting, too, but gun control will only lead to more mass shootings.

Glad she survived. But Trump is not the problem, and neither is the NRA.

We aren’t going to repeal #2A just because lunatic leftists insist on committing mass shootings. Don’t ban guns. Ban liberals.

Banning liberalism would save many more lives than banning guns.

The glorious unfolding (Ephesians 1:20-23)

We serve a sovereign God who is very much in control of salvation and relationships and who loves us right where we are. The only prerequisite to having the power of God is that you have to believe. We all need the power of the Holy Spirit.

If it’s not God’s power, then it’s the wrong power. If you are not in Christ, then you are lost. The very same power that resurrected Jesus from the tomb is the same power that can, say, help you fight addiction or bring you out of depression.

1. The authority for all we have is solely rooted in the resurrection. In the book of Acts, there were many nationalities represented, and thousands were saved as a result of preaching the spectacular truth of the resurrection. He rose again for our justification. The gospel is incomplete without the resurrection.

Not only was Jesus suffering the physical torment of the crucifixion, but He was also taunted by the devil and demons.

The stone wasn’t rolled away so Christ could get out. He left the tomb before the stone was rolled away. The stone was rolled away so witnesses could get in and see the empty tomb.

There were some 500 witnesses who saw the risen Savior. That Jesus Christ is still alive is what separates Christianity from all other religions.

The resurrection has more theological significance than the creation story.

Jesus is even now seated at the right hand of the Father where He intercedes for us.

The devil has some power but Christ is above all earthly powers. God has allowed the devil control of this earthly system. Jesus’ name is above all other names. Even the most powerful individuals on earth will one day bow before Christ.

There is something that made the resurrection necessary: the crucifixion.

2. Humiliation always leads to exaltation. Christ had to become the servant of mankind in order to be crucified and then resurrected. You have to go through the process to get the power.

God will humble you before He ever blesses you. You will not be truly blessed until God breaks you first. Even Jesus personified this principle. If Jesus had to submit to this process, you’d better believe we will have to.

The church is His body. There are no insignificant members in the body.

Outside of the gospel (death, burial, resurrection), the greatest emphasis of the New Testament is on the local church. After all, after the 4 gospels, the New Testament consists of letters written to local churches. As the body, we complete the gospel.

3. The church is God’s fullness. We must consider it a priority of faithfulness. We get our fellowship at our local church. Do not forsake the assembly. The closer we get to Christ’s return, the more fellowship we need.

One of the greatest reasons to go to church is that you have something someone else needs. This is being faithful to the body.

People come in and then leave because they don’t use their gifts. God has equipped us to see that His house grows. When you show up at church, let God use you. When you miss church, you ought miss being in church. Faithfulness to the house of God is what gives us passion for the community.

The root problem

The problem isn’t guns or ideology. The problem isn’t politicians or criminals. The problem isn’t corruption or collusion. The problem isn’t poverty or greed. The problem is sin, and the root problem is Satan, the father of lies, a deceiver and a divider. Every sin we see, commit, or experience, Christ has already died for. Satan is the problem. Christ is the answer. Every single person we come across, whether he be noble or despicable, is a sinner in need of a Savior. Ultimate justice belongs to God. Every knee will one day bow before the throne. Do not be dismayed in this life. There is justice in the next.


fetor (n.) — a strong, foul smell

daft (adj.) — silly; foolish

obverse (n.) — the side of a coin or medal bearing the head or principal design

circumambulate (v.) — walk all the way around (something)

rejoinder (n.) — a reply, especially a sharp or witty one

skylark (v.) — pass time by playing tricks or practical jokes; indulge in horseplay

kneepan (n.) — old-fashioned term for kneecap

parvenu (n.) — a person of obscure origin who has gained wealth, influence, or celebrity

colporteur (n.) — a peddler of books, magazines, and similar literature

cordwainer (n.) — a shoemaker who makes new shoes from new leather

chapeau (n.) — a hat or cap

bugbear (n.) — a cause of obsessive fear, irritation, or loathing

costermonger (n.) — a person who sells goods, especially fruit and vegetables, from a handcart in the street

palaver (n.) — prolonged and idle discussion

sable (adj.) — black

apace (adv.) — swiftly; quickly

lam (n.) — in flight, especially from the police

spoor (n.) — the track or scent of an animal

Weird thought for the day

The Olympics are truly behind the times. They still insist on two distinct genders. There are men’s competitions and women’s competitions. They make no room for the alternate genders. So what if you’re a man who identifies as a woman on the day of your competition? Isn’t is discriminatory to insist that a man compete with other men if he identifies as a woman (or something else)? What’s to stop a man from competing with women in, say, speed skating or ski jumping? He would most assuredly win the gold. What if three men identified as women and finished 1, 2 and 3? The women would be completely shut out of their own medal ceremony. Indeed, liberals and SJW’s will sooner or later have to think these things through and come up with a solution that ensures equality and makes sure no one’s feelings get hurt.

Tuesday quick-hitters

The #fakenews media’s infatuation with North Korea at the Winter Olympics is astonishing but not surprising, Apparently, they are operating from the belief that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Since they have made President Trump their enemy, guess who their friends are? They are so deranged by their own hate that they would trade the world’s last best hope for a Communist dictator who starves his own people and threatens the world with nukes.

If you are constantly seeking victim status, then a victim is all you’ll ever be. And what a waste of talent that is.

Baseball is the perfect drama. The script is being written while the game unfolds. No one knows how it will end. It is not choreographed or staged. There is no clock. Anyone can become the hero; anyone can play the goat.

When Obama lies, is it considered tawriya?

Memphis basketball seems to do best with a crook as head coach. So can we just go out and hire a crook who knows how to win and ride the wave until the NCAA catches up with us?

Liberalism corrupts everything it touches. It’s the Midas touch in reverse.

If you vote Democrat and live in a city and/or state that is run by Democrats, and all you ever do is complain about victimhood, why are you still voting Democrat? At some point, don’t you have to make the logical connection between Democrats and dysfunction?

Given the revelation that Hollywood is filled with debauchery and degeneracy, and given that their awards shows are just Trump bashes, I can never again watch a movie the same way I used to.

I love the people of Memphis. They are always very kind to me. But they elect literal clowns to political office and I want to grab their shoulders and shake them and ask what on earth are they thinking?

I used to think Don Quixote was Donkey Otey. So if I ever end up with a pet donkey, I will name him Otey, which seems the perfect name for a donkey anyway.

Every atoll is an island, but not ever island is an atoll.