Three for Thursday (random commentary)

President Trump recently addressed the Boy Scout jamboree, and the #fakenews media was apoplectic. The scouts cheered the president and even chanted his name. President Obama was invited all 8 years of his presidency, but he never accepted. The crowd booed at the mention of his name. The left went so far as to refer to the gathering of Boy Scouts as "Hitler Youth," which tells us a great deal more about the left than the young men in the audience. (The left hates the Boy Scouts, anyway. The Boy Scouts stand for things like virtue and God.) The left criticized the president for politicizing the jamboree, which is ironic (and also an example of projection) because it is the left that politicizes literally everything and has turned public schools in many districts into indoctrination centers for progressivism.

President Trump isn't going to fire Jeff Sessions, and Jeff Sessions isn't going to resign. I personally have a great deal of respect for the Attorney General. I was disappointed that he recused himself from the Democrats' contrived Russia probe. But all these tweets President Trump is making have some objective. I'm not sure what that objective is yet, but we'll find out sooner or later. Sessions isn't going anywhere if for no other reason than it would be difficult to get another Attorney General approved by the Senate. I do hope President Trump fires Robert Mueller soon. He is up to no good. I also hope the Attorney General gets around to prosecuting all these scandal-laden liberals, because I'm tired of them getting away with their wanton lawbreaking while President Trump finds himself under fire for something he never did.

President Trump has banned transgenders from the military. The left is outraged, and when this happens, you know the president did the right thing. It amazes me that transgenders make up less than 1% of the population, yet the world seems to revolve around them. We have same-sex marriage now, so transgenders have become the left's next cause célèbre. I'm not a medical professional, but I am of the opinion that someone who wants to change his/her gender, or is confused about his/her gender is mentally ill. And I don't mean that as a put-down. These people need help. Yet the left instead seeks to normalize this sort of behavior, and even celebrate it. I submit that there are individuals who have joined the military for the sole reason of seeking a taxpayer-funded sex change. I have no proof of this. But there are young men and women who join the military for college benefits — and there's nothing wrong with this — so why would there not be young men and women who join for a sex change? If you want to do that sort of thing, that's your business, but taxpayers shouldn't be expected to pay the bill. This is not what the military is for, anyway.

The myth of Bible contradictions

“Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.” — Proverbs 26:4-5

Why do people think there are Bible contradictions? There are several reasons. They think the Bible is supposed to be written chronologically. They don’t believe in the supernatural. They take it out of context. These are just a few.

The Bible explains itself. The Bible isn’t a “here’s what it says to me” book. It is simply what God says.

The passage above is sometimes construed to be a contradiction. Fools want to argue. If you argue with someone who wants to argue, you won’t get anywhere. But you sometimes have to reprove a fool in order to keep him from continuing in his folly.

The devil is continually trying to get us to question the validity of God’s word and authority. With respect to the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden, God can grant us many freedoms, but we’ll be upset over the one thing that’s off limits.

Genesis 6:19-20 — How many animals were on the ark? Were there two of every kind or seven?

Kind and species are not the same thing. A horse and a zebra, for example, are the same kind but not the same species. Noah had enough sense to take small animals. Their purpose was to procreate after the flood.

Clean animals were to be taken by 7’s. Unclean animals were to be taken by 2’s. There is no contradiction. The clean animals were taken for the purpose of sacrifice.

Who was Moses’ father-in-law? He is mentioned a number of times. The way Israelites and Middle Easterners spoke was different from the way we speak. Sometimes their name was really a title. For example, Jacob was also called Israel. Simon was also called Peter. Saul was called Paul. It depends on the context.

Exodus 2:16-17, 3:1 — In the context of 10 verses, the priest of Midian — Moses’ father-in-law — was called two names. In Judges 4, he is called by yet anther name (Hobab).

God doesn’t lie. Man lies because some want you to think there are Bible contradictions to lessen its authority.

Reuel means “friend of God.” He was the spiritual leader. Our pastor’s name is Greg, but we often call him Pastor. His kids call him “Dad.” It’s still the same person.

Likewise, Jethro was another name for Moses’ father-in-law. It means, “his excellency.” But Hobab was his actual name.

What was in the ark of the covenant? There are two verses that have different stories.

1 Kings 8:9 says there were two tables of stone only, which Moses put there at Horeb.

Hebrews 9:4 describes the layout of the tabernacle. It also says the ark of the covenant contained the golden pot that had manna and Aaron’s rod, in addition to the tables of the covenant.

There is a 500-year time gap between these two passages. At one time, all 3 items were there. Two of them were organic and would not have lasted. Later, there were only the two tables of stone. The manna and the rod were temporary blessings of God. The commandments are not temporary, but permanent.

Who killed Goliath?

1 Samuel 17:50-51 states very clearly that David “smote the Philistine” with a sling and a stone. There was no sword in his hand. It was his faith that killed the giant and not his skill.

In 2 Samuel 21:19 we are told that Elhanan killed the brother of Goliath. 1 Chronicles 20:5 confirms this. Some translations take out the “brother” and make it appear as though Elhanan killed Goliath. This is why we must stick to the earlier, undiluted Biblical translations. Sometimes, various translations can create apparent contradictions that don’t actually exist.

Who was Joseph’s father? Matthew 1:16 says Jacob begat Joseph. But Luke 3:23 tells us Jesus was the son of Joseph, who was the son of Heli. So who were Jacob and Heli? Matthew contains the actual, chronological genealogy of Jacob. Luke contains Mary’s genealogy. Heli was actually Joseph’s father-in-law, but he was legally Joseph’s father just as much as Jacob.

Forced down time

Saturday evening I started feeling ill. I even got a nasty case of chills which lasted most of a sleepless night. It turned out to be a “stomach bug,” which I still have. The chills went away, but the rest of my symptoms have not.

Yesterday, other than going to church, I did nothing. Today, I’ve done next to nothing. I never do nothing or even next to nothing. I’m always doing something even when I’ve promised myself I would do nothing.

I have enjoyed this summer, but summer has so far involved a series of projects around the home. Even though my wife and I aren’t traveling anywhere this summer, I’ve taken no time off. Honestly, I don’t mind not going anywhere. We’ve taken at least one vacation a year for many years, and we even went to the Smoky Mountains back in April as sort of an early vacation. It actually feels good to not be going anywhere. We’ll take vacations again in the future, just not this summer.

If you own a home, you know there’s aways something to do. There’s never a time when you can honestly tell yourself you’ve done all that can be done. And that’s how it is with me. I’ve tried to be mindful to give myself one day a week of doing nothing, but it often doesn’t quite work out. I’ll pile up chores on one day so the next day can be a free day, but then I often find things to do on my free day.

So I went to church yesterday morning. I figured I could feel like crap at home or feel like crap at church. I have a volunteer position at church I enjoy. I operate a video camera. Fortunately, I’m isolated sitting atop my camera platform, so I don’t breathe germs on anyone. I figured it was safe. Then I came home and did nothing.

I watched part of a baseball game last evening, then shut my eyes before it was completely dark. I slept much better last night. I’ve slept some today. I’ve done a little reading. I listened to part of the Rush Limbaugh Show. I’ve ignored the clock for the most part. I still have the occasional stomach cramp. My appetite is almost non-existent (not the worst thing that could happen to me).

Today I called in sick for the first time this year. I’ve been blessed with good health these last several months. I don’t enjoy being ill. I guess no one does. But I’m not one to complain. I figure it will just have to run its course. It sure is taking its time. My running is on hiatus. I haven’t run since Friday, and don’t know when I’ll run again. I may not get in my requisite 50 miles this month. Oh well. It’s not the worst thing, either.

I don’t know if my illness was due in part to fatigue or something I ate or something I breathed or something else. I do know that your body sometimes has a way of forcing itself into a period of “down time.” Normally, I would not sit around and do nothing, even though doing nothing isn’t a bad thing. We don’t always have to be “productive.” There’s a reason God gave us the Sabbath and commanded us to do no work one day a week. I do honestly try to be mindful of that, but sometimes the Sabbath slips away from me. I guess I have only myself to blame.


debauchee (n.) — a person given to excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures

sagacity (n.) — acuteness of mental discernment and soundness of judgment

esplanade (n.) — a long, open, level area, typically beside the sea, along which people may walk for pleasure

internecine (adj.) — destructive to both sides in a conflict

torpor (n.) — a state of physical or mental inactivity; lethargy

reticence (n.) — discretion, avoidance of saying too much

obtrude (v.) — become noticeable in an unwelcome or intrusive way

vivify (v.) — enliven or animate

rhapsodize (v.) — speak or write about someone or something with great enthusiasm and delight

discomfiture (n.) — a feeling of unease or embarrassment; awkwardness

moor (n.) — a tract of open uncultivated upland; a heath

opalescent (adj.) — showing varying colors as an opal does

idyll (n.) — an extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque episode or scene, typically an idealized or unsustainable one

palmy (adj.) — (especially of a previous period of time) flourishing or successful

chattel (n.) — a personal possession

perambulator (n.) — a surveyor's wheel

fatuous (adj.) — silly and pointless

Fake news, language bias must be spotted and avoided – Washington Times

“But there’s another attack on our freedom to receive real information that is even more insidious than the glut of news actors spewing gossip 24/7: the changing and controlling the language itself, while making sure journalists everywhere conform to a liberal and politically correct version of events. Certain words are banned, while others which are meant to influence readers ideologically, are promoted.”

Building blocks (2 Peter 1:13-15)

We all must grow and deepen our faith. If we’re adding the right things to our lives and subtracting the wrong things, the Holy Spirit will multiply everything that’s righteous in us.

So often we live our Christian lives in terms of what God used to do in our lives or what God used to do in the church. “Used to” churches are useless churches because God can still do the things He used to do.

1. We must be awakened to what God is doing around us. When He speaks, it is always in the present. “The Lord is my shepherd,” for example. What is God doing in our nation right now? In our community? In our church? In our marriages?

Sometimes we have to do things like fasting in order to get answers from God.

Sometimes God does incredible things in our lives and we’re too busy to even notice. If we could see into the spiritual realm it would amaze us what is going on around us.

2. The most startling revelation about life, is death. We are all going to die one day and that knowledge should impact us. If you know how to use your time and you waste it instead, you waste your life. And this is rebellion against God. Our life span is just a drop in the bucket of eternity. We often forget how short life really is.

If you knew you had just one week — 168 hours — to live, who would you forgive? What would you give away? Who would you share the gospel with? What would you do with your spouse? If you would do those things knowing you just had one week left, why do you not do them now not knowing if you even have a week?

If you have to be spoonfed daily, there’s something wrong with your spiritual walk. We all have to learn to stand on our own two feet spiritually.

3. When God removes people from your life, Jesus is enough. Sometimes people are taken from us for one reason or another. Or sometimes we are betrayed by a friend. We have to understand that when they are all gone, Jesus is still enough.

The heart is an idol factory. We have to understand that Jesus is enough for us, no matter what else happens to us or those around us. We will never be satisfied until Jesus becomes enough to satisfy everything in us. Don’t waste your life on a miserable existence of self.

So how’s your summer going?

Already we are one month into the summer of 2017, even though summer here seems to start in May. The 19-year-old has been home from Memphis for two-and-a-half months. In 5 weeks, we'll move him back into his dormitory to start his sophomore year.

For us, college football season starts the last day of next month. I am going to buy a season ticket. I have made arrangements to attend all 7 home games this season, Lord willing.

Our 23rd wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I was 24 then and have been married 23 years — almost half a lifetime.

We have entered that part of summer when there is no good time to go running. It isn't just your typical summer heat. It's excessive. As far as running outside, you get to pick your poison. It's either the heat, the humidity, or some of both. Waiting for dusk no longer pays off. The humidity is fierce. It is what it is. In a little over two months, I will commence training for the St. Jude half-marathon (December 2 in Memphis).

Today I get to break in a new lawnmower. That's small consolation for having to do yard work. The good news is that my summer projects are behind me: new light fixtures and faucets around the house. So now I'm just down to regular chores.

Trump is my president and we are literally winning daily. If you stay away from #fakenews, you'll realize that good things are happening in the country all the time. It's remarkable what one leader and a cadre of freedom-loving, no-BS Americans can accomplish.

Don't forget to be good to yourself.

Waiting for old people to die

The “science guy,” Bill Nye, says old people are going to have to die off before climate science can advance. In other words, old people are harder to dupe into following climate change hucksters over the cliff to socialism. Younger people are more malleable and easier to shape into lemmings. Those darn older folks just won’t fall in line with the climate change hoax.

The irony here is that the science guy tells us what progressives think of human life. Not only do they support abortion with great enthusiasm, but they are also waiting for old people to die so they can advance their socialist agenda. All the while they accuse Republicans of wanting to kill people.

Describing President Trump’s relationship with the #fakenews media using new keywords

I did one of these maybe a couple of weeks ago, where I put into use a handful of words I had highlighted in books I was reading. Once again, I have come across a cornucopia of little-used words that seemed to fit perfectly in a description of the relationship between the pissant #fakenews media and the puissant Donald J. Trump.

The inimical #fakenews media are continually touting their phantasm of Russia collusion while purposefully obviating all the good news happening in the American economy, illegal immigration, and so forth. Meanwhile, the desultory Democrat Party is held up as the last, best hope of stopping the Trump agenda, when the Trump agenda is the very thing most Americans want.

Indeed, the #fakenews reporting is dross in its entirety. There is not a single thing these beta males and their virago counterparts report that is venerable. Indeed, while President Trump pursues the business of making America great again with assiduity, these vapid progressives do nothing but repine about the obliteration of the Obama agenda AND their own relevancy.

Eftsoons, the #fakenews media and Democrats have attempted to subjoin the son of the president in the fake Russian scandal. But it failed like all their other attempts to pin a fake scandal on the president. The Trump presidency is hitting on all cylinders and firing on all synapses. Given the evidence of all this winning that's right in front of us, who's to gainsay? While the #fakenews media and Democrats welter in the daily turbulence they have created by and for themselves, the rest of us are filled with optimism about life in Trump's America.

Quote du jour

Rush Limbaugh from the 3rd hour of yesterday’s show:

If all you wanted to do was insure the 30 million that didn’t have it, do that! It would have cost one-30th of what Obamacare costs. But there wouldn’t have been any more power or control gained in Washington if you did it that way. The preexisting condition argument was another made to order argument for how unfair America is and how rotten insurance companies are. “Look at all the people with preexisting conditions that are just being allowed to get sick and die,” and it was all a magnified story to portray America as heartless and cruel — and, of course, the Republican Party as part of it and the insurance companies to boot.

And so we blew up, for the most part, a relatively functioning system to accommodate two relatively small groups who could have been accommodated with much smaller plans that would have accomplished the same thing without throwing the whole baby out with the bathwater.