President Trump just concluded a highly successful and historic meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore in which the North Korean dictator agreed to de-nuclearize. President Trump became the first American president to meet with a North Korean dictator.

This came right after President Trump’s summit with the G7, hereafter referred to as Trump and the G6. At this summit, President Trump announced that the U.S. is no longer going to be the world’s piggy bank. His objective is tariff-free trade because heretofore the U.S. has been on the short end of massive trade imbalances. So if countries like Canada want to continue charging tariffs on U.S. imports, then we’re going to reciprocate. But the end game is the elimination of tariffs. This is something The Donald campaigned on, when he railed against previous American leadership for making these awful trade deals and often lamenting that “their leaders are too smart for our leaders.” So we got a new leader.

Of course, while those of us who love America and are weary of being the world’s piggy bank are cheering our president, globalists both here and abroad are mortified. Here we are cheering a president who puts America first, because people my age haven’t seen this since President Reagan. Americans who are younger than me have never experienced a president who put America first to this degree. And we just witnessed the end of an eight-year presidency in which the guy Trump replaced actually undercut America at every opportunity.

There was a time when putting America first was the accepted norm. Heck, we once (twice, actually) nuked Japan because we were putting America first. But since globalism became all the rage a few decades ago, we have watched a series of presidents sell out America to some degree because we’re wealthy and “privileged” and that’s just how we assuage the guilt we’re expected to feel.

But no more. It’s 2018, Dennis Rodman is wearing a MAGA hat and praising the North Korea deal, the economy is firing on all cylinders, we’re celebrating a president for doing what all presidents should have been doing all along, and all the left has are a porn star and a washed-up actor who said “F-Trump” on TV.


Black unemployment

The latest unemployment figures came out Friday and continue to befuddle the “experts.” Americans across the entire spectrum are benefiting from the Trump economy: men and women, whites and minorities. Black unemployment is below 6% for the first time in our nation’s history.

You cannot find a liberal Democrat or #fakenews reporter willing to celebrate this. For all the talk of doing right by black Americans and wanting to overcome past injustices, self-appointed civil rights leaders on the left cannot rejoice over our historically low black unemployment. Why?

They say President Trump is a racist and a white supremacist. If this is so, Trump is doing a lousy job being a racist. You’d think he’d want black unemployment to be at Obama-era levels. Instead, black Americans are flourishing economically under Trump like they never did under Obama.

Could it be that to tout the record low black unemployment under Trump might peel off some black Democrat votes and turn them for Trump?

Democrats do not care about blacks or women or Hispanics or any of their oppressed victim groups, except for their votes. They’d rather have a black person remain poor and oppressed and living on public assistance and uneducated and voting Democrat than become successful and walk away from the Democrat plantation. This is a very cynical view to have of Democrats, and also a very accurate one.

Democrats don’t want solutions that improve people’s lives. They require a constituency that is suffering at the hands of some oppressor in order to succeed politically. Individual achievement and economic freedom are anathema to liberalism. In other words, they don’t want to actually solve the things they campaign on solving. Democrats have to recycle the same issues every couple of years. Solutions remove the issues they’ve relied on for 50+ years. And then some dude named Trump comes along and solves the things Democrats always complain about, and they despise him for it.

Like Trump said to black Americans during the campaign, what have you got to lose by voting Trump? As it turns out, noting at all. President Trump has done more for black Americans in 16 months than Democrats have done in more than half-a-century.

Americans get to personally thank President Trump

President Trump was in White Sulfur Springs, WV on Thursday where he had the opportunity to hear directly from those who have benefitted from his tax cuts and economic policies. And I’m glad he did because he needs to hear these things from us as often as possible. The President’s economic achievements have real-world consequences and benefits for real-world producers that the Democrats call “crumbs” and the #fakenews media mock. While they focus on porn stars and fake collusions, the rest of us are watching our lives improve. 

JIM JUSTICE: What he’s done that has impacted our state thus far has changed our state in so many ways, it’s unbelievable.

EVAN JENKINS: You made a promise to end the war on coal and you’ve kept that promise.

PATRICK MORRISEY: Thank goodness we now have an administration to work closely with who’s committed to regulatory reform, tax relief. We had the bull’s-eye on us until you got here. So thank you for that.

NATHANIEL BONNELL: Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we were able to give every one of our 66 employees an additional thousand dollars over and above their normal, annual raises.

TERRY DOTSON: You’ve made a huge difference. Your tax cuts have made a difference. And I can tell you our people know that your tax cuts have made a difference. I can tell you that it’s not crumbs to them.

SEAN FARRELL: We made sure that everyone there knew that the reason they got raises was because of the new tax laws.

HUGH HITCHCOCK: This was much more than just crumbs. It makes a tremendous difference. And Mr. President — (applause starts) — I urge you to stay the course.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: I said I wasn’t going to cry. (laughter starts) Gosh. I just want to say thank you to you for the tax cuts. This is a big deal for our family. We really support you. And this is a big deal. These tax cuts are a big deal. Thank you for listening to us. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for caring enough to allow us the opportunity to come here and tell you “thank you” to your face. My boys — my little 10-year-old wants to be president one day.


Economic freedom (how not to be poor)

Amidst all the moralizing you will hear from racial agitators on the left this MLK Day, you’ll likely not hear a single one rejoice over the record low black unemployment, increased black homeownership & the economic freedom this engenders. Most of what you’ll hear is victimhood. What a shame, because economic freedom is a major centerpiece to achieving the equality liberals say they’re all about.

Back in 2005, economist Walter E. Williams penned a column “How not to be poor.” Here he lays out a simple list of 4 things a person can do to very nearly ensure he will not be poor.

Avoiding long-term poverty is not rocket science. First, graduate from high school. Second, get married before you have children, and stay married. Third, work at any kind of job, even one that starts out paying the minimum wage. And, finally, avoid engaging in criminal behavior.

Sadly, you will rarely (if ever) hear a liberal Democrat, black or white, make these arguments. Typically, poverty is the fault of rich people, or white people, or capitalism, or corporations, or Republicans, or an amalgam of similarly perceived evils. And the only way out of poverty is through massive transfers of wealth and government-mandated minimum wage laws. None of these actually cures poverty, and, in fact, government involvement almost always exacerbates whatever problems it attempts to alleviate.

Trickle-down works every time it’s tried

Wal-Mart has become the latest American corporation to announce higher wages and bonuses for its employees owing to the Trump tax cuts that were signed into law about 3 weeks ago.

The new IRS withholding tables were released yesterday, so now we can see just how much larger our paychecks will be.

Stocks continue to rise, due in large part to a 40% cut in the corporate tax rate. Those of us with 401(k)’s — and there are a lot of us — have watched our account balances soar since President Trump took office almost a year ago.

Unemployment is now the lowest it has been in 17 years, and black unemployment is at its lowest in 45 years. Fewer people are on food stamps now than when Obama was president.

You’d think Democrats would be delighted about “the little guy” getting more money in his paycheck, not to mention the fact that so many more Americans working in the first place. You would be wrong.

The mentally unstable Nancy Pelosi remarked cynically, “In terms of the bonus that corporate America receives versus the crumbs they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic.”

Remember, not a single Democrat voted for the Trump tax cuts. Not one. They don’t want more money showing up in your paycheck. They don’t want you to get a bonus. I would even go so far as to say they’d prefer you be on public assistance than working. After all, if you’re working and self-sufficient, you don’t need Democrats. Their political base has transitioned from working class Americans to illegal immigrants and refugees, those who don’t work but rely on public assistance, moochers, ingrates, and leeches. This is who they are.

Quote du jour

The problems our state and federal governments have with budgets and wasteful spending is well publicized and probably just a symptom of our cultural acceptance towards heavy consumerism. The idea of being an anticonsumptionist and creating a budget has caused many people to run far and quickly away from the idea and I admit that I was less than enthusiastic when I first pondered the idea of going down this lifestyle path.

Let’s make a deal

While we’re feverishly making America great again, I’ve got a proposal for a deal I’m willing to make regarding my retirement.

1. First, let me take everything I’ve ever paid in OASDI & deposit that money into my 401(k). I’ve been paying in for 30 years now, but I won’t even charge interest or inflation. Just add it all up as is and transfer it over.

2. Going forward, let me invest the 6.2% I would have paid in OASDI taxes into my 401(k). My employer can pocket the matching 6.2% and save a little money, too.

3. Best of all, future taxpayers owe me nothing. They’re already on the hook for about $20,000,000,000,000 as it is. I just want to make life easier and more economical for everyone.

An eight-year void

For 8 years, the man-child Barack Obama blamed his economy on his predecessor. You would think George W. Bush was president from 2001-2017 the way Obama consistently shoved responsibility for the results his own disastrous policies onto Dubya. The lack of any meaningful economic growth along with a record number of unemployed were, obviously, the intended results of Obama's monolith of new federal regulations, along with the addition of ObamaCare to the already-fragile U.S. economy. But Obama escaped all blame.

Here comes President Trump. After just six months of stripping away many of Obama's repressive regulations, along with the prospect of an ObamaCare repeal and massive tax cuts, consumer confidence is higher than we've seen in many years, unemployment is already lower than it ever was during the Obama presidency, economic growth has already surpassed anything we experienced during Obama, and the stock market seems to set a new record high every day.

Certainly, Obama cannot be credited with the economic explosion of 2017. We never saw numbers like these during his presidency, so why would his policies have suddenly resulted in a spike in economic growth now that he's gone? It seems as though we have jumped directly from the Bush economy to the Trump economy, with an eight-year void in between where another president was supposed to be. Indeed, with the alpha male now in the White House, we're coming to understand just how inconsequential President B. Hussein Obama really was.

Media predictions

I have watched the media report economic news under 8 years of Bush, and now under 8 years of Obama. Believe me when I tell you there is a stark difference. The media allowed President Obama to blame our economic malaise entirely on George W. Bush, even during Obama’s second term. They would never afford President Trump the same luxury, not that Trump would ever resort to blaming his predecessor ad nauseum (adult vs. man-child).

Here is a handful of predictions, things to look forward to from the media as soon as Trump is inaugurated:

* The media are going to suddenly discover there are 94.6 million Americans unemployed, and what’s Trump going to do about it?

* The media are going to suddenly discover that we have huge budget deficits and an exploding national debt nearing $20T, and what’s Trump going to do about it?

* We have homeless people in America, and what’s Trump going to do about it?

* GDP growth under Trump will easily trump that under Obama, but the mainstream press will still try to talk down a growing economy and dig for and exploit any shred of adverse economic news.

There is a way to reduce poverty and doesn’t involve government programs

Hillary Clinton has a plan to combat poverty. I’ve read it. (I really should be paid for this.) I’ve linked to it, but I can sum it up for you in two words: more government.

Liberals have been combating poverty since 1964 when LBJ declared a war on poverty. That was more than 50 years ago. Since that time, government transfer-of-wealth programs have cost American taxpayers (current and future) in excess of $22T. That’s more than the national debt.

The results of the war on poverty abysmal: decimation of the black family, an explosion of single motherhood and fatherlessness, higher rates of crime and incarceration, and no appreciable change in the poverty rate.

We have every right to be skeptical whenever a liberal Democrat comes up with a plan to combat poverty, because it always involves government in some way. There is a way to reduce poverty, but it doesn’t involve government. It has everything to do with making better personal choices.

To greatly reduce your chances (and those of your children) of living in poverty…

  • Get an education, at least a high school diploma. If college is out of the question, then consider a trade school or some other means for learning a marketable skill.
  • Do not have children out of wedlock. Wait until you are married. Then stay married.
  • Find a job and stay with it.
  • Obey the law.
  • Live within your means.

You might say this is easier said than done, but I beg to differ. Millions of Americans of all ethnicities and backgrounds have followed these guidelines and very few of them live in poverty. You can blame others for your plight but if you play by the rules chances are you will find some measure of success. You don’t need government, and you don’t need liberal Democrats. You just have to make responsible choices in life.