Western civilization must be preserved

As a young man, from the age of 19 until I was 21, I had the luxury exploring parts of western Europe. I lived in Naples, Italy for 30 months and saw much of that great country. The month before my 21st birthday, I took a Eurail trip that carried me to Paris, Bavaria (including Munich), Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna, Austria. It would be accurate to say this was a life-changing experience. I remember these experiences fondly and have not lost the desire to go back and visit places I missed the first time.

Unfortunately, some of these places I visited nearly 30 years ago are not as safe as they were then. Many parts of western Europe have been overrun by Muslims. The left calls them “refugees.” I call them “invaders.”

If you read news accounts, it is obvious that these Muslim invaders aim to destroy what Western creativity and genius have spent centuries building up. But that’s militant Islam in a nutshell: to tear down what others have carefully built up. They have no intention of assimilating, or even coexisting peacefully. They are on a crime spree, particularly against female Europeans, and openly taunt their host nations with promises of overtaking and subjugating their hosts.

European leaders are doing it to themselves. They are diluting their own cultures and endangering their own people in the name of globalism, an insidious ideology of the left that has nothing to with “tolerance” and “multi-culturalism,” and everything to do with the deliberate and absolutely needless destruction of Western civilization.

A few European nations do understand this. For example, Poland, Czechia and Hungary aren’t opening their borders to Muslim invaders. As a result, they are being castigated by the EU, but also aren’t experiencing the crime wave they are in places like London, Paris, Sweden, and parts of Germany. Italy just elected anti-globalist leaders who are promising to deport 500K Muslim invaders, just for starters. Good for them.

Western civilization has been at the forefront of human progress for the last several centuries. Our ideas and discoveries have resulted in human achievement and betterment never before experienced in world history. Western creativity and genius have produced treasures in architecture and art that people from all across the world pay to travel to and see. Our composers, particularly from the baroque period to the neoclassical, have produced the best music ever listened to — music that is played and recorded and listened to en masse even today.

While most of human history is a tragic saga of despots and oppression, dungeons and torture, starvation and disease and plagues and early mortality, Western civilization produced the body of ideas that eventually led to the United States of America, the last, best hope of mankind, the wealthiest, freest, most benevolent nation that has ever existed. The American ideal was born out of the radical notion that we are endowed by our Creator with the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our rights come not from governments, but from God.

Globalists are as much our enemy as Muslim invaders. We don’t have to let them overrun our nations if we don’t want them to. It is the open door policy of the left that has already been the undoing of certain parts of Europe. (Some are admitting that their cities and countries are irretrievably lost.) Indeed, we are allowing invaders with Stone Age ideologies, and who use Stone Age barbarism to replace Western civilization, which is superior in every way. Let us not go gently to the endless winter night.

(Photo credits: me)

Paris, France
Munich, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Salzburg, Austria
Zurich, Switzerland
Neuschwanstein, Germany
Rome, Italy
Milan, Italy
Florence, Italy
Naples, Italy

Thoughts on Andrew Jackson

I have just finished reading a biography on the 7th President of the United States, a stately gentleman whose home is just down the road from mine. Andrew Jackson was a genuine American hero, both as a military general and as a president. He was a populist and adored by the people. Many greeted him affectionately during his final trip from Washington back to Hermitage. That he lived to the age of 78 is a testament to an iron will.

His victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans is said to have preserved the republic. The redcoats had heretofore more or less routed us in the War of 1812.

Andrew Jackson was not well-educated, not well-read, and was not a great writer. (He frequently misspelled words.) However, he possessed an uncanny intuition and an ability to read people.

Old Hickory was tall and slender. His physical presence was imposing and leadership came naturally to him. He was, in modern parlance, an alpha male.

His wife Rachel, who Jackson loved dearly, died shortly before his inauguration as President. Thus, she never lived in the White House and also never lived in the present mansion at Hermitage. The original structure was destroyed by fire while Jackson was in Washington and the current home was built during his absence.

Andrew Jackson was the first president to have an attempt made on his life. The would-be assassin fired twice at close range, but his guns did not discharge owing to damp powder. True to form, Jackson, who was unarmed, lunged at the aggressor in an effort to subdue him.

Old Hickory was shot twice in his life, both before ascending to the presidency. One was in the arm. The ball was later surgically removed. The other lodged near his heart and was never removed. It caused him a great deal of health troubles the remainder of his life. He lived with chronic pain for many years. It is believed he died of kidney failure.

Andrew Jackson’s greatest regret as President was his failure to re-annex Texas. Part of the Louisiana Purchase, Texas was bequeathed to Mexico by John Quincy Adams in the Treaty of Florida, of which Jackson was sharply critical.

Many of his presidential appointments ended up being poor choices.

Old Hickory took it upon himself to have extensive renovations made to the White House during his 8 years there, and also added many furnishings.

The national debt was fully retired during his presidency, for which there was a celebration.

Andrew Jackson was born again at some point in his life. He joined the Presbyterian Church in Hermitage shortly after he left office. He found it most difficult to forgive those whom he believed to have betrayed him during his military service. He became deeply pious during his final years. His dying words to his family were, “We will all meet in heaven.”

Three thousand mourners attended his funeral at Hermitage.