Boys are boys and girls are girls

There, I said it.

My pastor was recently placed in “Facebook jail” for posting a video in which he was critical of the Boy Scouts of America for attempting to render their organization gender neutral. The theme of his post was only that boys are boys and girls are girls. Apparently, this is what constitutes offensive speech anymore.

It’s rare that I am surprised by anything the left conjures up. Liberalism corrupts everything it touches, and there is so much in our society that has therefore been corrupted. Stating the obvious, like boys are boys and girls are girls, is deemed too offensive to tender Facebook eyes and ears. But you better not criticize Muslims for female genital mutilation.

You can’t suggest that men ought to use the men’s room and women the women’s room. But we’re supposed to embrace the mass slaughter of the unborn as “women’s health care.”

A porn star has become the symbol and the mascot of the Democrat Party, but you’d better not call her a hooker. In fact, let’s just go ahead and normalize all manner of sexual deviancy, debauchery and depravity and call it good. However, let a married man guard himself by never letting himself be alone with another woman (i.e., the Pence Rule) and its somehow unfair to women, or backwards-thinking, or just plain dumb.

Boys are boys and girls are girls. It is a fact. Yet liberals are perpetually at war against biology and human nature, always trying to change what cannot inherently be changed, and are destined to perpetual anger and outrage as a result.


When the things conservatives joke about become the left’s reality

With most every mass shooting, you can count on the left to vocalize its demand for gun control. With every attack that does not involve guns, those of us on the right point out that to be consistent, the left ought to demand a ban on the murder weapon (knives, vans, pressure cookers, etc.)

Lo and behold, the city of London has done just this.


We joke about this stuff, but liberalism is stranger than fiction. Of course, the UK already has strict gun control, so you have to figure the next best means for self-defense is a knife, and they’ve banned those, too.

As a friend of mine pointed out on Twitter in response to this tweet, “You just don’t want your fellow Moslems to be faced by an armed defender when they go out to rape and pillage.” And if you think that’s a bit over the top, think again.

Who does the left aim more viciousness toward, perps or those who wish to defend themselves from the perps? If you guessed the latter, you would be correct. The mayor of London is a Muslim. There has been a spike in incidents of rape that is coincident with a marked increase in Muslims flooding the country. England isn’t the only place where this has happened, either. Yet no one can seem to figure out the cause for the rape epidemic.

So if you are a London woman who wants to carry a knife to defend yourself against a would-be rapist, sorry, but you’re the villain here. The mayor of London does not want you to be able to defend yourself. He doesn’t believe there is a reason for you to carry a knife and you will be prosecuted if you are found with one.

If there’s one thing to be learned by this, it’s if liberals were ever successful in banning firearms in the U.S., they wouldn’t stop with firearms.

Liberalism & Islam: the great contradiction

If you’ve followed the headlines coming out of Western Europe, especially Germany, Sweden and England, you know their countries are being overrun by Muslim “refugees.” Said “refugees” — the term “refuterrorists” is more accurate — aren’t content to enter these guest nations as law-abiding and productive immigrants. They have come to take over, to make demands, to literally rape and to pillage. They are doing these things with the open arms of the globalist leaders who are running these nations. American liberals would love to see the same lawlessness and chaos occur here, which is one reason why President Trump was elected.

What is the infatuation the left has with radical Islam? I mean, radical Islam has plainly said its aim is the destruction and subjugation of Western civilization. Does the left really want it’s own culture destroyed? Is there any other logical conclusion?

The left is a case study in contradictions and mind-bending illogic. They say they are for women’s rights, but you won’t find a system of thought that oppresses women more than Islam. The same can be said of gay rights. The left wants gun control to presumably curb violence, but you won’t find a more violent culture than radical Islam.

The fight to preserve Western civilization — the last, best hope against tyranny and despotism — isn’t just a fight against radical Islam. It’s also a fight against liberals and globalists who seem determined to cut their own throats.

They know not what they do

My good friend the Rifleman, who is also Brian McCann’s doppelgänger, has posted on the anti-gun protests we are seeing at schools across America. He correctly points out that a good many of the students are only protesting because the are being made to, and most of the ones who are willing participants don’t really understand what they are protesting.

Last Friday, Rush Limbaugh pointed out much the same thing. These protests are not organic. Few, if any protests by leftists are. Usually they are organized top-down with protesters often bussed in, paid for, or just flat-out coerced by the organizers. That is the case with these student protests. It really isn’t the students. They are merely pawns in the left’s anti-freedom machine. After all, when was the last time you saw genuine, bonafide protesters demanding their rights be taken away as is the case on America’s campuses these past few weeks?

I mean, do these teenagers look passionate to you? Or do they look like teenagers who are being forced to participate in something they care nothing about?

The left and gun violence

I genuinely believe that if we knew we could put an end to school shootings by allowing teachers, administrators and security personal to conceal carry guns in school, the left would shoot down the idea. That’s because the debate over guns in schools, and guns in general, has nothing to do with saving lives and everything to do with stripping Americans of the right to bear arms. I refuse to believe that a political ideology that advocates the killing of more 1 million unborn human being annually cares one whit about saving lives.

I am convinced that the left is perfectly comfortable with a certain amount of gun violence. The need this as a permanent political hot topic to help them achieve their dream of taking away our guns. Now, they will never succeed at this, but the last thing they want is a solution that does not involve gun control. It’s the same with racial agitation. Liberals genuinely do not want any sort of solution that might permanently improve the lives of Black Americans. That’s because they thrive on racial agitation. They need widespread victimhood to tap into every election cycle when it’s time to vote. They may talk about solutions, but really all they want are the same issues to run on every two or four years.

Trump Derangement as a performance art

Rush Limbaugh led off yesterday’s show describing the left’s completely irrational hatred of Donald Trump, asserting that it has devolved into a performance and really is child-like in its illogic.

Joe Concha had one of the greatest descriptions of Drive-By Media hate for Donald Trump. He says it’s now become “performance art,” meaning it’s not even real anymore. These people are just acting. The reason why I like this is because although I didn’t use that phrase, the fact that these people are acting out — and particularly as children — throughout the Drive-By Media, it’s…

Folks, it is emotionally — it is humanly — impossible to maintain real hate of this intensity this long. No human being can do it. We simply are not made that way. Now, there are exceptions of course, but there has to be something personal about it to harbor this kind of hate. This hate is not personal. This hate is institutional, and it’s born of the fact that they still do not understand this guy and he is continuing to run rings around all of them while they think and they continue to think that he’s the biggest boob that’s ever stumbled into power in Washington, D.C.


You might be a liberal if…

You might be a liberal if you prefer the economic malaise & meaningless, reality-masking platitudes of the Obama years over the economic explosion & honest truth-telling of the Trump presidency.

You might be a liberal if the politicians you empower turn everything they touch into a s***hole.

You might be a liberal if you believe it’s racist to refer to dilapidated Third World nations as s***holes, but routinely disparage the U.S., which is the wealthiest, freest and most benevolent superpower that has ever existed.

You might be a liberal if you’ve directed your #fakeoutrage at POTUS for his alleged s***hole comment, but argue that it’s cruel to send the tired, huddled masses back home because they came from s***holes.

You might be a liberal if you’ve ever threatened to leave the U.S. because your candidate lost, but s***hole countries are never potential destinations.

You might be a liberal if you pretend outrage over Trump’s alleged s***hole comment, but applauded Obama while he spent 8 years trying to turn us into one.

You might be a liberal if you believe President Trump is a racist even though the Trump economy has brought black unemployment to a 45-year low, and all you’re fixated on is s***hole.

You might be a liberal if you defend all manner of sexual perversion and advocate the mass killing of the unborn but pretend to be offended because POTUS might have referred to s***hole countries as “s***hole countries.”

You might be a liberal if you are more outraged over reports that President Trump referred to certain nations as s***holes than the fact that those nations really are s***holes.

You might be a liberal if you are engaging in faux outrage over President Trump supposedly referring to Haiti as a s***hole country but voted for the woman who helped keep it one.

Trickle-down works every time it’s tried

Wal-Mart has become the latest American corporation to announce higher wages and bonuses for its employees owing to the Trump tax cuts that were signed into law about 3 weeks ago.

The new IRS withholding tables were released yesterday, so now we can see just how much larger our paychecks will be.

Stocks continue to rise, due in large part to a 40% cut in the corporate tax rate. Those of us with 401(k)’s — and there are a lot of us — have watched our account balances soar since President Trump took office almost a year ago.

Unemployment is now the lowest it has been in 17 years, and black unemployment is at its lowest in 45 years. Fewer people are on food stamps now than when Obama was president.

You’d think Democrats would be delighted about “the little guy” getting more money in his paycheck, not to mention the fact that so many more Americans working in the first place. You would be wrong.

The mentally unstable Nancy Pelosi remarked cynically, “In terms of the bonus that corporate America receives versus the crumbs they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic.”

Remember, not a single Democrat voted for the Trump tax cuts. Not one. They don’t want more money showing up in your paycheck. They don’t want you to get a bonus. I would even go so far as to say they’d prefer you be on public assistance than working. After all, if you’re working and self-sufficient, you don’t need Democrats. Their political base has transitioned from working class Americans to illegal immigrants and refugees, those who don’t work but rely on public assistance, moochers, ingrates, and leeches. This is who they are.

The fallacy of redistributing wealth

Redistribution of wealth is a centerpiece of the leftist agenda. They attempt to achieve this mostly through onerous tax policies. In communist regimes, they seize private property. Leftists say they want equality, but what they’re really after is mere sameness. Alas, it is elusive. You see, you could take all the world’s wealth and redistribute is evenly among all the world’s people. But before long, those who were wealthy before would be wealthy again, and those who were poor before would be poor again. Liberalism is nothing more than a constant battle against human nature, biology and reality. As such, its ideas are doomed to perpetual failure. This is one reason why liberals seem so angry all the time. The only way to enforce their ideas is through tyranny, and even in tyranny, there are have’s and have not’s.

Unraveling Obama

We still aren’t a year into the Trump presidency yet, and already it seems like Barack Hussein Obama was never president. It’s as though there’s an 8-year void reaching from 2009 until a year ago. We’re winning every day. We’re winning at home and we’re winning abroad. We’re winning on the economy and we’re winning with the military. We’re winning on judges and we’re winning on taxes.

I cringe whenever I hear someone complain about Obama’s incompetence and ineptitude as a president. He was neither. Obama was and is an intelligent person. He’s also an incredibly gifted liar. He is first and foremost a statist and a committed leftist. Everything he did to wreck the U.S. economy and weaken our standing internationally was by design. He knew exactly what he was doing.

As a diehard statist and gifted liar, his goal was always (and still is) to knock America down to size. For example, the objective of ObamaCare was never to lower your health insurance premium by $2,500, nor were you going to get to keep your plan if you liked it. The objective was always to price ordinary Americans out of the market, bring about the collapse of the private sector insurance business, then move everyone to single-payer, government-run health care. That has always been the goal of the left. Obama could never say so publicly. In fact, the plan was always to blame capitalism, the insurance industry, and Republicans when these inevitabilities occurred. Projection, after all, is integral to liberalism.

So as we watch with great admiration as President Trump unravels the messes left by his predecessor, know that the messes were part of the design. Don’t ever confuse incompetence with statism. Incompetent people don’t know what they are doing. Barack Hussein Obama knew exactly what he was doing, just as Hillary Clinton knows exactly what she is doing. Her presidency would have finished us off as a superpower. This is why leftists in the Democrat Party and #fakenews media are cracking up. We are literally watching them go nuts. They were so close. And the Trump presidency is proving to be their unmasking, and their undoing.