Trump Derangement as a performance art

Rush Limbaugh led off yesterday’s show describing the left’s completely irrational hatred of Donald Trump, asserting that it has devolved into a performance and really is child-like in its illogic.

Joe Concha had one of the greatest descriptions of Drive-By Media hate for Donald Trump. He says it’s now become “performance art,” meaning it’s not even real anymore. These people are just acting. The reason why I like this is because although I didn’t use that phrase, the fact that these people are acting out — and particularly as children — throughout the Drive-By Media, it’s…

Folks, it is emotionally — it is humanly — impossible to maintain real hate of this intensity this long. No human being can do it. We simply are not made that way. Now, there are exceptions of course, but there has to be something personal about it to harbor this kind of hate. This hate is not personal. This hate is institutional, and it’s born of the fact that they still do not understand this guy and he is continuing to run rings around all of them while they think and they continue to think that he’s the biggest boob that’s ever stumbled into power in Washington, D.C.



You might be a liberal if…

You might be a liberal if you prefer the economic malaise & meaningless, reality-masking platitudes of the Obama years over the economic explosion & honest truth-telling of the Trump presidency.

You might be a liberal if the politicians you empower turn everything they touch into a s***hole.

You might be a liberal if you believe it’s racist to refer to dilapidated Third World nations as s***holes, but routinely disparage the U.S., which is the wealthiest, freest and most benevolent superpower that has ever existed.

You might be a liberal if you’ve directed your #fakeoutrage at POTUS for his alleged s***hole comment, but argue that it’s cruel to send the tired, huddled masses back home because they came from s***holes.

You might be a liberal if you’ve ever threatened to leave the U.S. because your candidate lost, but s***hole countries are never potential destinations.

You might be a liberal if you pretend outrage over Trump’s alleged s***hole comment, but applauded Obama while he spent 8 years trying to turn us into one.

You might be a liberal if you believe President Trump is a racist even though the Trump economy has brought black unemployment to a 45-year low, and all you’re fixated on is s***hole.

You might be a liberal if you defend all manner of sexual perversion and advocate the mass killing of the unborn but pretend to be offended because POTUS might have referred to s***hole countries as “s***hole countries.”

You might be a liberal if you are more outraged over reports that President Trump referred to certain nations as s***holes than the fact that those nations really are s***holes.

You might be a liberal if you are engaging in faux outrage over President Trump supposedly referring to Haiti as a s***hole country but voted for the woman who helped keep it one.

Trickle-down works every time it’s tried

Wal-Mart has become the latest American corporation to announce higher wages and bonuses for its employees owing to the Trump tax cuts that were signed into law about 3 weeks ago.

The new IRS withholding tables were released yesterday, so now we can see just how much larger our paychecks will be.

Stocks continue to rise, due in large part to a 40% cut in the corporate tax rate. Those of us with 401(k)’s — and there are a lot of us — have watched our account balances soar since President Trump took office almost a year ago.

Unemployment is now the lowest it has been in 17 years, and black unemployment is at its lowest in 45 years. Fewer people are on food stamps now than when Obama was president.

You’d think Democrats would be delighted about “the little guy” getting more money in his paycheck, not to mention the fact that so many more Americans working in the first place. You would be wrong.

The mentally unstable Nancy Pelosi remarked cynically, “In terms of the bonus that corporate America receives versus the crumbs they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic.”

Remember, not a single Democrat voted for the Trump tax cuts. Not one. They don’t want more money showing up in your paycheck. They don’t want you to get a bonus. I would even go so far as to say they’d prefer you be on public assistance than working. After all, if you’re working and self-sufficient, you don’t need Democrats. Their political base has transitioned from working class Americans to illegal immigrants and refugees, those who don’t work but rely on public assistance, moochers, ingrates, and leeches. This is who they are.

The fallacy of redistributing wealth

Redistribution of wealth is a centerpiece of the leftist agenda. They attempt to achieve this mostly through onerous tax policies. In communist regimes, they seize private property. Leftists say they want equality, but what they’re really after is mere sameness. Alas, it is elusive. You see, you could take all the world’s wealth and redistribute is evenly among all the world’s people. But before long, those who were wealthy before would be wealthy again, and those who were poor before would be poor again. Liberalism is nothing more than a constant battle against human nature, biology and reality. As such, its ideas are doomed to perpetual failure. This is one reason why liberals seem so angry all the time. The only way to enforce their ideas is through tyranny, and even in tyranny, there are have’s and have not’s.

Unraveling Obama

We still aren’t a year into the Trump presidency yet, and already it seems like Barack Hussein Obama was never president. It’s as though there’s an 8-year void reaching from 2009 until a year ago. We’re winning every day. We’re winning at home and we’re winning abroad. We’re winning on the economy and we’re winning with the military. We’re winning on judges and we’re winning on taxes.

I cringe whenever I hear someone complain about Obama’s incompetence and ineptitude as a president. He was neither. Obama was and is an intelligent person. He’s also an incredibly gifted liar. He is first and foremost a statist and a committed leftist. Everything he did to wreck the U.S. economy and weaken our standing internationally was by design. He knew exactly what he was doing.

As a diehard statist and gifted liar, his goal was always (and still is) to knock America down to size. For example, the objective of ObamaCare was never to lower your health insurance premium by $2,500, nor were you going to get to keep your plan if you liked it. The objective was always to price ordinary Americans out of the market, bring about the collapse of the private sector insurance business, then move everyone to single-payer, government-run health care. That has always been the goal of the left. Obama could never say so publicly. In fact, the plan was always to blame capitalism, the insurance industry, and Republicans when these inevitabilities occurred. Projection, after all, is integral to liberalism.

So as we watch with great admiration as President Trump unravels the messes left by his predecessor, know that the messes were part of the design. Don’t ever confuse incompetence with statism. Incompetent people don’t know what they are doing. Barack Hussein Obama knew exactly what he was doing, just as Hillary Clinton knows exactly what she is doing. Her presidency would have finished us off as a superpower. This is why leftists in the Democrat Party and #fakenews media are cracking up. We are literally watching them go nuts. They were so close. And the Trump presidency is proving to be their unmasking, and their undoing.

Does Obama want certain people to be victims of genocide?

Barack Obama is an angry person. He is aggrieved, vengeful, and diabolical to his core. He used the power granted to him by the American people and turned it against us for 8 years, all the while pretending to be compassionate and concerned.

The fact that Obama is watching President Trump unravel his miserable presidency while leading America to economic success we have not known in decades must further enrage the Obamessiah.

In Chicago just recently, Obama engaged in a bit of demagoguery that Adolph Hitler would have admired.

Obama said the danger is “grow(ing) complacent, we have to tend to this garden of democracy or else things could fall apart quickly.”

American democracy is fragile, and unless care is taken it could follow the path of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, he warned.

The article was written for Crain’s by political blogger, Greg Hinz.

“Sixty million people died…” he reports Obama said. “So, you’ve got to pay attention. And vote.”

On Twitter, Hinz called Obama’s comments “remarkable.”

Obama ended by telling Americans to disarm. He said that his greatest “regret and disappointment” was the failure to enact strict gun control.

In reality, Obama and the Democrats resemble Hitler and the Nazis far more closely than President Trump. The Nazi Party was socialist. Its objectives included universal healthcare, a disarmed populace, and eugenics/genocide. So what we have here is a classic case of Obama engaging in liberal projection.

But think about this. If Obama genuinely believes we are on our way to some sort of genocide under President Trump — a statement which has about as much validity as “if you like your plan, you get to keep your plan” — he doesn’t want potential genocide victims to be able to defend themselves. His desire is that of most every liberal Democrat, and also the Nazis during Hitler. He wants us disarmed. One can only conclude that he wants whatever genocide we have coming to be successful.

The church of liberalism

I just love it when liberals lecture us evangelicals on mixing our faith with conservatism. To be fair, I’ve never been inside a liberal church and have no intention to, so I’m not sure exactly what goes on there, but I suspect they’re guilty of what they accuse of us of doing: using religion to support a political ideology, or, more bluntly, trying to force our religion onto everyone else.

Honestly, how often have you heard liberal politicians attempt to use Scripture to justify their liberal ideology? Indeed, from their radical environmental policy, to socialism, higher taxes, even same-sex marriage, the left has no problem reducing Christ to a social justice warrior to fit their politics.

In the last few days, I’ve had a couple of such tweets pop up in my timeline (retweeted by someone I follow) that have reminded me that very ones who attempt to use “separation of church and state” as a ramrod to silence evangelicals & conservatives have no problem whatsoever politicizing Christianity in the interest of liberalism/socialism.

A dozen examples of liberal projection

When progressives accuse the right of waging a war on women, it is obviously projection. The real war on women is being waged by Hollywood leftists and Democrat politicians.

When progressives accuse capitalists of greed, it is obviously projection. Progressives wage entire political campaigns on their desire to take from one group and give to another. Their pet issues center around money. Plus, Bernie owns three houses.

When progressives accuse Republicans of not accepting election results, it is obviously projection. They did their best to steal the 2000 election from George W. Bush, and they have obsessed over non-existent Russian meddling in the 2016 election to the point that it’s a form of neurosis.

When progressives accuse conservatives of racism, it is obviously projection. The history of the Democrat Party is racism. And in 2017, try telling a progressive that all lives matter and see what kind of reaction you get.

When progressives accuse President Trump of Nazism, it is obviously projection. The tactics of today’s leftists very closely resemble the tactics of the Nazis (desire to disarm the public, censorship, media propaganda, physical intimidation at leftist college campuses, eugenics).

When progressives accuse Second Amendment advocates of supporting mass killings, it is obviously projection. Progressives support abortion with no restraints, endeavor to import jihadists under the guise of refugees from war-torn regions, and some even shoot Republicans and police officers for sport. Plus, the Clintons know a lot of people who are now dead.

When progressives accuse President Trump of trying to destroy the American healthcare system, it is obviously projection. They’ve already tried to do that with ObamaCare.

When progressives accuse President Trump of trying to take away rights, it is obviously projection. It is the left that is trying to overturn the Second Amendment.

Democrats and the #fakenews media tried so hard to turn Puerto Rico into Trump’s Katrina. But it was just projection. It has become apparent that the leftist San Juan mayor sabotaged relief efforts in her own city in an effort to undermine the Trump administration.

Progressives and some establishment Republicans warned that the stock market was going to crash after we elected Donald Trump. But it was just projection. They wanted the stock market to crash and American investors to suffer so they would blame Trump, but the stock market has soared and investors have enjoyed a bounty.

When progressives accuse the Trump White House of chaos and disarray, it is obviously projection. It is the Democrats and #fakenews media that are in disarray. In fact, they are proving Trump Derangement Syndrome to be a form of neurosis.

When progressives accuse the right of intolerance, it is obviously projection. A certain number of them believe violence is justifiable when faced with dissenting points of view.

Thoughts on the Las Vegas shooting

There are 59 people dead for no good reason. Try not to lose sight of this.

As my pastor says, apart from God, man is capable of any sort of atrocity.

Predictably, the left has shown us who they are. Democrats and the #fakenews media immediately politicized the event. One CBS executive went so far as to suggest that since the shooter opened fire on a country music concert, and most country music fans are Republicans, the victims don’t deserve sympathy. (She was fired.) And there were worse things said by progressives. This sort of thinking seems to be pervasive on the left. It illustrates how soulless and godless progressives can be. What is obvious is that there is a pronounced lack of humanity on the left.

And then there are the calls for gun control. Unfortunately, facts don’t matter to liberals. Everything the shooter did was against the law. So what new law would have prevented the shooting?

Gun control only punishes law-abiding citizens, who by nature and definition are not the problem. Criminals don’t obey the law, so how are gun laws going to stop criminals? Gun control only serves to prevent citizens from defending themselves.

The left really doesn’t care about saving lives. Anyone who fervently supports Roe v. Wade cannot possibly be motivated by a desire to save lives.

Places like Chicago, where they already have gun control, are plagued by some of the highest gun-related crime rates in the country. Gun control contributes to greater crime, not the opposite.

The “blood is on their hands” argument applied to run-rights supporters like the NRA doesn’t hold water. The blood is on the hands of the shooter. Blood is also on the hands (literally) of abortionists, who are enthusiastically supported by Democrats.

Since liberals really don’t care about saving lives, per se, what is the motivation for demanding gun control? Following the modus operandi of never letting a crisis go to waste, the left is politicizing the event to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. It’s part of their playbook. An armed citizenry is anathema to government totalitarianism. If you look back at history’s totalitarian governments, you will find an unarmed citizenry in every single case. In short, the Second Amendment makes all the others possible. The left doesn’t oppose gun rights because they want to save lives. They oppose gun rights because they oppose unfettered individual liberty.

We know the shooter wasn’t involved with militant Islam. We were told this within hours of the shooting. We can also be assured that he wasn’t a right-wing nut job, because the #fakenews media would have exposed this already. That leaves us with two options that I can think of. Either he was an enraged left-wing nut job or mentally ill. (No, they are not the same. Mental illness is treatable and liberalism isn’t.)

We are told that police and first-responders ran toward the threat, initially not knowing where the shooting was coming from. These are the same police that NFL players and BLM are protesting.

Hillary Clinton tweeted that “Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.” First, the NRA wasn’t involved in the shooting. Second it is not necessary to stand up to the NRA. The NRA exists to stand up to government. The NRA can’t take away anyone’s rights. Government can. And what is the NRA, anyway? It’s just a group of like-minded citizens who have banded together to protect their Second Amendment rights. The NRA isn’t the enemy. Politicians like Hillary Clinton are the enemy.

Many of the prominent liberal politicians and entertainers who make emotional pleas for ”getting rid of guns” are themselves are protected by guns.

There is no concern on the left for your constitutional rights. Don’t ever forget this, and don’t let some emotional, tear-filled plea by some liberal talk you out of your rights. The answer to stopping crimes and killings is NOT taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens. If you are a law-abiding citizen, the left wants to punish YOU for atrocities perpetrated by evil people.

Good grief, I was just kidding!

On August 19, I tweeted the following:

Three days later, the following headline showed up: New York City ‘Symbols Of Hate’ Purge Could Target Columbus Statue, Grant’s Tomb

This just goes to show you that when you make a joke about the absurdity of liberals, it may not just be a joke. For with liberals, the absurd often comes true.