A dozen examples of liberal projection

When progressives accuse the right of waging a war on women, it is obviously projection. The real war on women is being waged by Hollywood leftists and Democrat politicians.

When progressives accuse capitalists of greed, it is obviously projection. Progressives wage entire political campaigns on their desire to take from one group and give to another. Their pet issues center around money. Plus, Bernie owns three houses.

When progressives accuse Republicans of not accepting election results, it is obviously projection. They did their best to steal the 2000 election from George W. Bush, and they have obsessed over non-existent Russian meddling in the 2016 election to the point that it’s a form of neurosis.

When progressives accuse conservatives of racism, it is obviously projection. The history of the Democrat Party is racism. And in 2017, try telling a progressive that all lives matter and see what kind of reaction you get.

When progressives accuse President Trump of Nazism, it is obviously projection. The tactics of today’s leftists very closely resemble the tactics of the Nazis (desire to disarm the public, censorship, media propaganda, physical intimidation at leftist college campuses, eugenics).

When progressives accuse Second Amendment advocates of supporting mass killings, it is obviously projection. Progressives support abortion with no restraints, endeavor to import jihadists under the guise of refugees from war-torn regions, and some even shoot Republicans and police officers for sport. Plus, the Clintons know a lot of people who are now dead.

When progressives accuse President Trump of trying to destroy the American healthcare system, it is obviously projection. They’ve already tried to do that with ObamaCare.

When progressives accuse President Trump of trying to take away rights, it is obviously projection. It is the left that is trying to overturn the Second Amendment.

Democrats and the #fakenews media tried so hard to turn Puerto Rico into Trump’s Katrina. But it was just projection. It has become apparent that the leftist San Juan mayor sabotaged relief efforts in her own city in an effort to undermine the Trump administration.

Progressives and some establishment Republicans warned that the stock market was going to crash after we elected Donald Trump. But it was just projection. They wanted the stock market to crash and American investors to suffer so they would blame Trump, but the stock market has soared and investors have enjoyed a bounty.

When progressives accuse the Trump White House of chaos and disarray, it is obviously projection. It is the Democrats and #fakenews media that are in disarray. In fact, they are proving Trump Derangement Syndrome to be a form of neurosis.

When progressives accuse the right of intolerance, it is obviously projection. A certain number of them believe violence is justifiable when faced with dissenting points of view.


Thoughts on the Las Vegas shooting

There are 59 people dead for no good reason. Try not to lose sight of this.

As my pastor says, apart from God, man is capable of any sort of atrocity.

Predictably, the left has shown us who they are. Democrats and the #fakenews media immediately politicized the event. One CBS executive went so far as to suggest that since the shooter opened fire on a country music concert, and most country music fans are Republicans, the victims don’t deserve sympathy. (She was fired.) And there were worse things said by progressives. This sort of thinking seems to be pervasive on the left. It illustrates how soulless and godless progressives can be. What is obvious is that there is a pronounced lack of humanity on the left.

And then there are the calls for gun control. Unfortunately, facts don’t matter to liberals. Everything the shooter did was against the law. So what new law would have prevented the shooting?

Gun control only punishes law-abiding citizens, who by nature and definition are not the problem. Criminals don’t obey the law, so how are gun laws going to stop criminals? Gun control only serves to prevent citizens from defending themselves.

The left really doesn’t care about saving lives. Anyone who fervently supports Roe v. Wade cannot possibly be motivated by a desire to save lives.

Places like Chicago, where they already have gun control, are plagued by some of the highest gun-related crime rates in the country. Gun control contributes to greater crime, not the opposite.

The “blood is on their hands” argument applied to run-rights supporters like the NRA doesn’t hold water. The blood is on the hands of the shooter. Blood is also on the hands (literally) of abortionists, who are enthusiastically supported by Democrats.

Since liberals really don’t care about saving lives, per se, what is the motivation for demanding gun control? Following the modus operandi of never letting a crisis go to waste, the left is politicizing the event to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. It’s part of their playbook. An armed citizenry is anathema to government totalitarianism. If you look back at history’s totalitarian governments, you will find an unarmed citizenry in every single case. In short, the Second Amendment makes all the others possible. The left doesn’t oppose gun rights because they want to save lives. They oppose gun rights because they oppose unfettered individual liberty.

We know the shooter wasn’t involved with militant Islam. We were told this within hours of the shooting. We can also be assured that he wasn’t a right-wing nut job, because the #fakenews media would have exposed this already. That leaves us with two options that I can think of. Either he was an enraged left-wing nut job or mentally ill. (No, they are not the same. Mental illness is treatable and liberalism isn’t.)

We are told that police and first-responders ran toward the threat, initially not knowing where the shooting was coming from. These are the same police that NFL players and BLM are protesting.

Hillary Clinton tweeted that “Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.” First, the NRA wasn’t involved in the shooting. Second it is not necessary to stand up to the NRA. The NRA exists to stand up to government. The NRA can’t take away anyone’s rights. Government can. And what is the NRA, anyway? It’s just a group of like-minded citizens who have banded together to protect their Second Amendment rights. The NRA isn’t the enemy. Politicians like Hillary Clinton are the enemy.

Many of the prominent liberal politicians and entertainers who make emotional pleas for ”getting rid of guns” are themselves are protected by guns.

There is no concern on the left for your constitutional rights. Don’t ever forget this, and don’t let some emotional, tear-filled plea by some liberal talk you out of your rights. The answer to stopping crimes and killings is NOT taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens. If you are a law-abiding citizen, the left wants to punish YOU for atrocities perpetrated by evil people.

Good grief, I was just kidding!

On August 19, I tweeted the following:

Three days later, the following headline showed up: New York City ‘Symbols Of Hate’ Purge Could Target Columbus Statue, Grant’s Tomb

This just goes to show you that when you make a joke about the absurdity of liberals, it may not just be a joke. For with liberals, the absurd often comes true.

The meaninglessness and irony of progressive protests

The political left has reached a state of anarchy, which is something I’ve never before seen in this country. The election of Donald Trump has quite literally pushed them over the edge psychologically. They can no longer contain their rage, their anger, their hatred. It’s on full display.

What exactly is the left protesting? Do they even know? Often, I submit to you, they do not. So many of them are paid to protest and create mayhem and violence that I’m not sure they even understand the ideology behind the protests or even who is responsible for what.

Last year, they protested President Trump’s campaign appearances and committed acts of violence against Trump supporters in order for Trump to get the blame for inciting violence. The Democrats and #fakenews media played right along.

Before that, there was (and is) Black Lives Matter, where they protest the handful of blacks killed by police officers, often based on a false narrative. (For example, “hands up don’t shoot” never actually happened.) Ironically, they ignore the epidemic of blacks murdered by other blacks. So black lives really don’t matter when it doesn’t fit the political narrative.

Then there are the masked anti-fascists (Antifa) who are committing wanton violence in a number of cities, all the while resembling a cross between the KKK and actual fascists.

You have the Women’s March, where liberal feminists protest for rights they already have.

There was the March for Science where they protested on behalf of the hoax known as “climate change.”

Then you had snowflakes on college campuses in the wake of Trump’s election who were protesting because their candidate lost, and also protesting because they have to hear viewpoints different than their own.

Oh, and there was the gay BLT crowd protesting because some states required people to use public restrooms consistent with their biology. (And they accuse the right of being anti-science.)

Now we have protests where leftists are pulling down or threatening to pull down statues of confederate leaders (who were all Democrats).

None of these protests have any real-world consequences. They are meaningless, just leftists protesting because it gives them an excuse to engage in violence and law-breaking (and also maybe get on some #fakenews program), which is what the left has become anymore.

I am not against political protests — as long as those protesting do not break the law. I’ve engaged in a political protest — or a series of them — myself. Back in the early 2000’s, I joined other protesters at the State Capitol in Nashville to oppose the imposition of a state income tax. This was a protest with real-world consequences. Had the income tax passed, it would have had a far-reaching impact on our paychecks, on the economy, and the size of state government. In other words, we affected actual policy. We won. And then we went home.

Because the left consistently projects, they have become the beast that they accuse President Trump and his supporters of being. To paraphrase something a friend of mine put on Twitter yesterday, if you want to know what the left is guilty of, then search their hashtag du jour, and see what they are accusing us of. Because they accuse the right of the things that they themselves are actually guilty of.

In the wake of Charlottesville, they are accusing President Trump and his supporters of being Nazis and fascists. I know both ideologies are typically applied to the far right, but if you dig a little deeper into what Nazis and fascists actually believed, you will find liberalism/socialism written all over them. Also the tactics used by Nazis and fascists are eerily similar to the tactics of the left and also the #fakenews media.

The left accuses us of being intolerant, but they have cornered the market on intolerance.

They accuse us of hate, but nothing screams hate like an enraged leftist.

They accuse us of racism, but it was the Democrat Party who gave us the KKK, gave us lynchings, gave us Jim Crow.

They criticized Trump for not accepting the election results (when they were sure HRC was going to win), but who is it now that cannot come to terms with the election results?

The left and all their protest groups are the KKK. They are the Nazis. They are the fascists. They are everything they accuse the right of being.

If they were productive members of society, progressive protesters would be at work just like Trump supporters. Instead, their energies are bent toward destroying things other people have built up, pulling down statues of old soldiers, and committing violence against anyone who disagrees with their perverted, godless ideology.

No one ever said draining the swamp was going to be easy.



I'm sure you heard there was a protest and violence this past weekend in Charlottsville, Virginia. It began when city officials decided to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from a public park and to also rename the park. This prompted a protest by what are described as "white nationalists" or "white supremacists." I wasn't there. I haven't followed the actual events very closely. I'm more attuned to the (predictable) political fallout.

It is my understanding that the "white nationalists" had a permit to protest, and that their protest was peaceful until members of left-wing hate groups Antifa and BLM showed up. Then it turned violent.

Of course, all the onus is being heaped on the right, especially President Trump, to condemn and assume responsibility for the violence. This is how it always plays out. Republicans and conservatives are always pressured to condemn their extremists while the left's extremists — of which there are far more — are never hung around the necks of Democrats. In fact, even the George Soros-paid protesters who showed up at Trump rallies during last year's campaign were often blamed on Trump and his (peaceful) supporters.

Therefore, I neither condone nor condemn the actions of the "white nationalists" who protested in Charlottsville. I've come to the conclusion that those on the left or the right who gather peacefully to protest don't always have to be condoned or condemned as long as they don't break any laws, don't engage in violence, and don't damage or destroy property. Left-wing protesters are far more guilty of these activities than those on the right.

President Trump has condemned extremists on both sides. Of course, this isn't good enough for the #fakenews media and Democrats, who have perpetuated the lie that Trump has refused to condemn the violence. That fact that he has blamed both sides for their actions has progressives further tied in knots.

Of course, President Obama was NEVER pressured to condemn the actions of Antifa and BLM, even when BLM was murdering police officers and Antifa was (and is) assaulting people and destroying property. It is never incumbent on the left to denounce its maniacs. I'm tired of the dichotomy.

This is why I refuse to condemn the actions of the "white nationalists." I'm tired of our side always being expected to fall on the sword. I won't do it anymore. I neither condone nor condemn their actions. As always seems to be the case, the left can get away with literal murder with no political implications, while the right consistently finds itself on the hot seat for no greater "crime" than disagreeing with liberals.

I wish these things weren't so. I wish there weren't such divisions. I largely blame the left for this. This is the result of decades of using the education system and media to spread misinformation and political hoaxes. This is the result of the Democrat Party becoming the largest hate group in America. The election of Donald Trump didn't suddenly result in these divisions, but was the result, in part, of these divisions, which already existed and were exploited by the previous administration. So don't go blaming Donald Trump. (Besides, it was the Democrat Party that gave us the first white nationalists/supremacists — the KKK.)

Remember this the next time Antifa and BLM gather and instigate violence. The #fakenews media and Democrats won't condemn, but will somehow instead blame the right. Remember this the next time a radical Islamic jihadist wages a terrorist attack on innocent Westerners. The #fakenews media and Democrats won't condemn, but will somehow instead blame the right, or America in general, or President Trump specifically.

This is the America in which we now live. This is who progressives are. This is why you can never compromise or "work with" them. All we can do is ignore the #fakenews media, point out their lies, and vote against their candidates. The only solution is their defeat politically, and to also prosecute them for their violence and political scandals. I'm tired of them getting away with all manner of law-breaking, while our people are persecuted for merely disagreeing with them.

Progressives and false teachers

Yesterday, my pastor discussed false teachers, relying on text from 2 Peter 2:1-2. Among his many points was the following:

The purpose of false teachers:

  • Dilute the word
  • Destroy the church
  • Divide the sheep
  • Deceive the weak
  • Damage the message

As he was explaining the above list item-by-item, I realized he could have very well been describing progressives. Their purpose follows the same methods.

  • Dilute Americanism, the founding documents, and our history
  • Destroy the ideas and institutions that made us great
  • Divide Americans
  • Deceive the ignorant (aka “low-information voter”)
  • Damage the message (i.e., #fakenews)

Thus progressives are false teachers. It is not mere coincidence that those who pervert the gospel are also often aligned with the left politically.

The left’s fakery

Literally everything coming from the Democrat Party and the mainstream press anymore is fake. It’s either a lie or a hoax or projection. There’s nothing about the left you can trust as being real or factual.

For example, everything — and I do mean everything — coming from the mainstream media is fake news. They also simultaneously cover up the things that are real.

Climate change is a hoax, a fake crisis.

The Trump/Russia collusion meme is a fake scandal. More accurately, it’s the left’s projection of what is really a Democrat/Russia scandal.

Any poll showing Trump’s approval rating under 50% is a fake poll. Polls routinely oversample Democrats by a large margin.

The Clinton Foundation is a fake charity.

Elizabeth Warren is a fake Indian.

Barack Obama is a false messiah.

Al Gore is a false prophet.

Islam is a false religion.

“Give me your huddled masses” is fake excuse for providing sanctuary for illegal immigrants. “Give me your would-be Democrat voters” would be a more accurate tag line.

ObamaCare is fake medical coverage. Just ask the productive Americans forced to purchase ObamaCare who can’t afford the premiums and can’t use the “benefits” because the deductibles are too high.

Compassion for the poor and downtrodden is a fake excuse for the Democrats’ social programs. The Democrats do not have compassion for ordinary Americans. They only want votes to keep them in power.

Trump stealing the election is a fake excuse for the Democrats’ rejection by voters. It’s also projection. It is the Democrats who endeavored to steal the election. And they’re still trying to!

Liberalism’s war on masculinity rolls on (and the quote du jour)

Rush Limbaugh led off hour two of yesterday's program with the news that Princeton University has hired a "men's engagement manager" to help combat aggressive masculinity. According to the university, the men's engagement manager focuses on "promoting an environment for healthy male social development by challenging belief systems and social constructs that contribute to violence." In other words, they want to make men more like women, because emasculation of men has long been the objective of liberal feminism. At any rate, Rush offered the following commentary:

Militant feminism — which is what feminism is. There is no moderate strain of it. Militant feminism is essentially a War on Men and the way men naturally are because that is seen as the reason or the explanation for women being unhappy. So the effort of militant feminists has been actually multifaceted. I mean, they're trying to change basic human nature, largely because it was so unkind to many of them and because they think that this basic human nature has resulted in them being powerless and discriminated against and 'objectified.' All the things that nature makes happen, they are offended by and outraged by — and it manifests itself in screwy ways. You're not supposed to notice how attractive a woman is. If you do that, and depending on how vociferous you are about it, you are at the very least a sexist — and at worst, you're a predator who doesn't care about anything else about a woman.

Liberal feminists are a genuinely unhappy bunch. You could say this about liberals in general, because they seem to be in a state of perpetual outrage. These are not happy people. But liberal feminists are for the most part unhappy because they are at war with biology and human nature, and you can't make this your life's purpose and truly be happy with the outcome. You can try to artificially re-wire the male brain, and there are plenty of limp-wristed liberal beta males who will willingly acquiesce, but then they wonder where all the real men have gone. Those of us who take pride in our masculinity (and know our rightful place) won't have any of this nonsense. Biology and human nature are what they are by design, and we're happy being who were are. You can ignore liberal feminists, or you can make fun of them, but if you take them seriously, it is to your own detriment.

The real party of death

The Republican Party is remarkably close to passing a repeal and replace of ObamaCare. It’s not a perfect bill, but anything that removes the individual mandate is a significant improvement on the disaster that is/was ObamaCare.

Naturally, the Democrats are in full-scale meltdown. (It doesn’t take much these days.) The standard party line is that the AHCA is “mean.” They are saying people will die as a result, as though sick people will drop dead the moment President Trump signs the bill into law. Some are even citing actual numbers of Americans who could die as a result of repealing ObamaCare.

This is standard fare for the Democrats. We heard the same thing when President Trump pulled us out of the Paris climate agreement. If liberal policies are repealed, then people will die. They can’t possibly be getting any mileage out of this, because Democrats keep losing elections, but I suppose it does assuage their fruitcake voters and #fakenews apparatchiks.

I submit to you that not a single person will die as a result of the AHCA. I also submit to you that not a single life would be saved if ObamaCare were left in place. It’s just words that liberal politicians use when they have no actual ideas.

The irony is that the Democrats’ attempt to portray the GOP as the party of death is yet another example of projection. You see, the Democrats are the actual party of death. They lament that “children will suffer” if the AHCA passes, yet completely ignore the irony that it is they who support the wanton killing of more than 1M unborn human beings every year. They are the ones whose followers have taken to violence, portraying President Trump’s beheading or actually using GOP congressmen as target practice.

So when you hear a Democrat accuse the GOP of wanting to kill Americans, just write it off as one more example of liberal projection.

Similarities between jihadists and radical leftists

I have made the point here in the past that the left has elevated jihadists & rank-and-file Muslims to the very top of their list of protected groups. And it has always baffled me, because the Muslim faith stands in opposition to so much of what the left says it believes. For example, liberals say they are champions of women’s and gay BLT rights, yet this is anathema to Islam, which relegates women to second-class status and executes homosexuals.

Also, you will find no greater apologists for radical Muslim terrorism outside the Muslim faith than progressives. Why?

Yesterday, after the shooting in Virginia, it finally occurred to me that I’ve been looking at the relationship between progressives and jihadists/Muslims the wrong way. I’ve been focused on their differences. But now I’ve started to look at radical leftists and jihadists according to their similarities. And there are some remarkable similarities. Thus, this strange relationship is starting to make sense.

I haven’t spent a great deal of time on this, but I have come up with several points of similarity between jihadists and radical leftists.

  • Disregard for human life
  • Hatred of America
  • Jihadists are radicalized by their imams, radical leftists are radicalized by the “imams” in the Democrat Party, #fakenews media and their fruitcake entertainers
  • Jihadists target religious infidels, radical leftists target political infidels
  • Jihadists use Sharia Law to discriminate, radical leftists use political correctness to discriminate
  • Overt intolerance toward those who hold different beliefs
  • Hatred of Christians and Israel