The lines between jihadists and violent progressives are starting to blur

When I was initially made aware of the shooting this morning at a congressional baseball practice in Virginia, my hunch was that the victim(s) was/were Republican(s) and that the shooter was an unhinged Democrat lunatic and that this was not a jihadist attack. It turns out that I was right on both. However, the lines between unhinged Democrat lunatics and jihadists are starting to blur.

Not only do we have this morning’s shooting, but many more examples of liberal rage and violence were on display at Trump rallies during the campaign, and also continue at liberal college campuses whenever individuals with opposing views are scheduled to speak (most notably at UC-Berkeley).

I’m sure someone in the Democrat Party and/or #fakenews will try to blame President Trump for conjuring up this hatred on the left, just as they blame the victims of jihadists for enraging jihadists, but the progressive movement in the U.S. owns this completely. They are the ones creating the #fakenews, creating the hysteria, and manufacturing all the rage. The Democrat Party and its various apparatchiks represent the largest hate group in America, and today we saw that left-wing rage spill over into actual violence.

Remember, these are the ones who lecture those of us on the right that love trumps hate and “when they go low, we go high.” Dear readers, those of us on the right aren’t angry. We’re winning, and not just at the polls. We’re winning on the economy, we’re winning on healthcare, we’re winning on illegal immigration, we’re winning in the judiciary. Granted, we have disdain for #fakenews and the Democrat Party for its efforts to obstruct President Trump’s highly effective agenda of making America great again, but if you’re looking for actual hatred — unbridled, unhinged, fanatical, foaming-at-the-mouth hatred — it’s all on the left. Their leaders have stirred up this hornets nest totally apart from President Trump, the Republican Party, and those of us who support President Trump. So let them own it.

This is why we call it #fakenews

Just 8 days ago, #fakenews CNN was pushing the following headline. I made a screen capture of the headline, noting that it was either #fakenews or James Comey was preparing to perjure himself, probably the former.

Today, we learned some of what James Comey is going to actually testify tomorrow, given that he has released a statement regarding his upcoming testimony. And, lo and behold, #fakenews CNN has stepped on a rake…again. Here’s a screen capture of their “correction” this afternoon. It’s much different from the #fakenews they were pushing just last week. But those of us “in the know” knew this all along.

#fakenews sources

No doubt you’ve seen the headline somewhere that cites a “source” or “sources” to bolster some diabolical claim against Donald Trump.

Have you ever wondered who the sources are? Are they even real? Are they telling the truth? How do we know?

For example, I often imagine the following exchange taking place in some #fakenewsroom somewhere:

#fakenews “reporter” A to “reporter” B: “Do me a favor, will ya?”

#fakenews “reporter” B: “Sure. What’s up?”

#fakenews “reporter” A: “Say the following: ‘Trump tried to get Russian investigation buried.'”

#fakenews “reporter” B: “Trump tried to get Russian investigation buried.”

#fakenews “reporter” A types the following headline: “Source: Trump tried to get Russian investigation buried.”

Now I don’t know if that exchange has actually taken place, but I bet I’m not far off. Remember, the #fakenews media are made up exclusively of progressives, and what do progressives do? They lie. Some of them lie pathologically (the Clintons, for example, Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Crazy Bernie, etc.). It’s who they are and what they do. Remember back in 2012 when Dingy Harry Reid cited his imaginary friend who told him Romney didn’t pay his taxes? I’m convinced that these “sources” make things up out of thin air. Or, better yet, the “sources” cite things Democrats have actually done (Russian collusion, obstructing justice, not paying taxes) and then try to project those scandals/crimes onto Trump.

Either way, it is perfectly believable that #fakenews would conjure up fake sources, or real sources making up fake accusations.

#fakenews tells us what Democrats are guilty of

Another day, another #fakenews meme. I’m onto them and I know I’m not the only one. I don’t believe #fakenews is having much of an effect. Trump supporters generally ignore #fakenews. Trump’s loony-tunes haters believe every word. Trump Derangement Syndrome is indeed a mind-warping condition.

The way #fakenews works is simple. The media, which are driving the progressive movement at the moment, concoct a phony story with zero factual basis that is designed to damage President Trump, then the Democrats fall in behind the media with their fake outrage and fake tears. It’s also designed to take the focus off of President Trump’s numerous victories. They are getting desperate on the left because Trump is systematically unraveling Barack Hussein Obama’s string of abject failures, he’s doing it quickly, and he’s doing it bigly. They can’t win elections anymore so all they’re left with is trying to delegitimize Trump’s election.

There’s something else at work here, I have noticed. Everything #fakenews fabricates about Trump are things Democrats actually did. I’m talking about Russian collusion, leaking classified information, disregarding the rule of law, etc. (Also, yesterday’s #fakenews story regarding Trump’s sharing classified information with Russia appears to have been the media’s attempt to draw attention away from the deepening Seth Rich saga. Just look who isn’t covering it.)

Again, #fakenews is telling us how desperate they are by the length of their fabrications. So much of liberalism is projection, and the #fakenews media are simply projecting the Democrats’ scandals onto Trump. So when #fakenews accuses the president of sharing classified information with the Russians, the proper reaction isn’t “Please say it ain’t so,” but “Oh, so Obama shared classified information with the Russians.” And as #fakenews and the Democrats cling to the thoroughly discredited Russian collusion meme, the proper way to look at it is “Oh, so Obama colluded with the Russians.”

#fakenews is using a two-pronged approach: apply scandals to Trump that never occurred while simultaneously ignoring/covering up Democrat scandals that really did occur. They do this by projecting Democrat scandals onto Trump. It really is that simple. And it’s a neat trick if you can get away with it. Unfortunately for #fakenews, a large and increasing number of Americans just aren’t buying it anymore. We see all the winning and are cheering President Trump with each success. It’s too bad #fakenews and Democrats are so thoroughly invested in America’s defeat to notice the winning.

In defense of Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon has long been one of my political heroes, and it pains me that his name is routinely maligned. Rarely does anyone come to his defense.

When President Trump fired James Comey last week as FBI director, the #fakenews media & Democrats conjured up their trite comparisons the the Watergate scandal and called the maneuver “Nixonian.” But does anyone really know Richard Nixon?

President Nixon is most famous for the scandal which ultimately toppled his presidency, forcing him to resign in the second year of his second term in office.

Richard Nixon was a great American, a brilliant man who pursued communists relentlessly as a congressman. He later served as President Eisenhower’s vice-president. Nixon lost a very close election to JFK in 1960, primarily because JFK presented himself better on TV. At that point, Richard Nixon’s political career appeared over.

But it wasn’t over. He won two landslide presidential elections in 1968 and 1972. And then the bottom fell out.

I’m not making excuses for his actions in the Watergate scandal. We all have our demons, and President Nixon certainly had his. In the end, Nixon’s demons (and two busybody Washington Post reporters) got the best of him.

Watergate is regarded as the mother of all presidential scandals, at least in my lifetime. But it has been overblown. We have had two presidents since Nixon who have made the 37th president seem like a piker.

We had one president accused of rape or sexual assault by numerous women. (He and his wife were also associated with a lot of people who have died from “mysterious causes.”) Yes, President Clinton was ultimately impeached (unlike Nixon) for perjury, but Watergate is still everyone’s favorite scandal. The Clinton impeachment has been largely forgotten.

We also just had a president who corruption was big league compared to Nixon. President Obama did things Nixon could only dream about (using the IRS to harass political opponents, for example). There was also the “Fast & Furious” scandal, which more or less involved the sale of firearms to Mexican drug cartels and resulted in people losing their lives. And there’s also this matter regarding President Obama tapping the phone lines at Trump Tower last year (and sounds a lot like Watergate). Any one of these alone would have damaged, if not toppled a Republican presidency.

The #fakenews media want so badly to relive their glory days of the early 1970’s when they helped bring down a Republican president. That’s why they’re pulling out all the stops to paint the Trump administration in the same light as Nixon. But there’s one thing standing the their way: the truth. President Trump and his administration are as clean as they come. There are no actual scandals, so #fakenews and Democrats have to manufacture them instead. That’s how desperate they are. And in the process, they have become the very monster that Richard Nixon has come to symbolize to them.

The media’s first 100 days

I guess it depends on one’s perspective. From my perspective, the mainstream press gets a big fat “F” for its mishandling of President Trump’s spectacularly successful first 100 days. They have done nothing but malign, misrepresent, lie, fabricate, and produce #fakenews in their coverage of a presidency that has thus far been winning at every level. They have also been the accomplices of the Democrat Party, which is the poster child of failure, false hysteria, lies, projection and deceit.

If one’s perspective is that the job of the mainstream press is to attempt to destroy the most effective U.S. presidency at least since Ronald Reagan’s, while also propping up a political party — the Democrat Party — which is actively plotting against the U.S. and the productive citizens who make it work, then the media get an “A.”

ESPN denial

ESPN has today announced they are laying off more than 100 on-air staffers. No, I’m not gloating about people losing their jobs. The only people I like to see unemployed are Democrat politicians and RINO’s. Still, I have to say that a lot of us saw this coming. ESPN has been headed down the rathole of progressive politics for years. They were top-notch when they just did sports. It’s when they began injecting politics into their programming (Bruce Jenner, Michael Sam, “hands up, don’t shoot”) that viewers began to lose interest.

There are, as you can imagine, a lot of media types in denial. The meme I’m seeing online thus far is that ESPN is losing subscribers only because people are cutting cable. A couple of media figures I’ve seen on Twitter today claim…

And then there are the idiots saying this is happening because ESPN is political. It is happening because people are unplugging cable.


Reading Twitter responses about ESPN layoffs, it occurs to me a lot of sports fans really don’t like anyone who stands up for civil rights.

So you see, it’s our fault. Either we’re cutting cable for economic reasons, or we’re racists — and who didn’t see that coming? — and it has nothing to do with ESPN. I have no doubt that some people are cutting cable. This is true. Some people are cutting cable and going to streaming services like Sling TV or Hulu, or some other alternative that’s less expensive. Perhaps some sports enthusiasts are cutting cable because they are tired of getting politics from ESPN.

Then there are people like me. We haven’t cut cable — yet. But I have stopped watching ESPN altogether, except in the rare case they happen to be showing a game I want to see, like the Grizzlies/Spurs game Saturday night, for example. Otherwise, I do not watch SportsCenter, or any other show on ESPN where there are talking heads. I do not watch because ESPN inserts politics into their shows. They don’t understand, and even in the wake of a mass defection of subscribers/viewers they won’t understand, that sports fans tune into sports stations for sports. If I want politics, I’ll find a political channel. I don’t want politics mixed in with sports. I need a break from it sometimes, and sports has always been that perfect getaway.

ESPN will not change their content. Even if customers tell them to their face to please stop mixing politics with sports and stop using sports to project a social justice platform, ESPN will not reform. ESPN is run by progressives, and they can’t help themselves. They are like the rest of the media. They don’t dabble in real-world consequences. Just as the Democrats and #fakenews media blamed Trump’s election on the Russians, so will ESPN and other sports media figures blame ESPN’s layoffs on something other than the real reason.

Lefty sports reporter laments politics in sports

But it’s not for the same reason the rest of us lament politics in sports. I guess it’s all in how you define “politics.” A baseball reporter for NBC, Craig Calcaterra, was offended by the display of an oversized American flag at an Atlanta Braves game on Sunday and tweeted, “Will you keep politics out of sports, please. We like sports to be politics-free.”

I wonder how Mr. Calcaterra feels about athletes kneeling during the National Anthem, or when a group of St. Louis Rams injected the false “Hands up, don’t shoot” meme into their on-field antics? I guess it’s okay when left-wing politics invades sports, but not patriotism.

Honestly, I’ve never viewed the American flag and other displays of American patriotism as politics. It used to be that love of country transcended politics. It’s something we all shared regardless of political affiliation. But during the last couple of decades, an anti-American fervor has taken over the American left so that patriotism, to them, is political. This is simply who they are now.

Politicizing comedy

The left has managed to politicize just about everything, from the weather, to sports, gender & bathrooms, what we drive, and now comedy skits on Saturday Night Live.

SNL has been parodying our presidents since Gerald Ford. They have parodied every president for 42 years now, both Democrat and Republican. Some have been realistic impersonations. Others have been lampoons. But they’ve all received the same treatment. But now, with Alec Baldwin doing the Trump impersonations on SNL, which I have not watched, our good friends at #fakenews CNN are finding it newsworthy. That’s right, whenever Baldwin shows up on SNL to parody Trump, CNN does a news story about it. That’s how seriously they take politics. They can’t just let comedy be comedy. They have to politicize it. Again, this is not a criticism of SNL. They’ve always done presidential parodies. This is a criticism of CNN for politicizing comedy. This newsworthy topic is right there in the @CNN Twitter feed.

This is not the first time the #fakenews media has found an SNL presidential parody to be newsworthy. In late 2014, the Washington Post found it necessary to “fact-check” a skit parodying President Obama. Yes, they actually fact-checked a comedy skit. That’s how thin-skinned they are.

#fakenews CNN’s interview with Syrian man backfires bigly

Over the weekend, #fakenews CNN interviewed a Syrian man who survived a chemical attack there back in 2013. According to the banner at the bottom of the screen, the Syrian gentleman had a message for President Trump. Did he ever! I’m sure CNN put him on the air because they thought he was going to trash the president in the wake of his tomahawking of Syrian military targets late last week. Instead, the interviewee had nothing but praise for President Trump and flummoxed the #fakenews reporter by insisting that Syrians don’t want to be refugees. They don’t want to come to the U.S. They want our president to help them stay in Syria, since that’s their home. She tried to cut him off several times and couldn’t get him off the air fast enough. But by then, the damage to #fakenews was done.

What this exchange illustrates is that American liberals, who insist on an unfettered influx of Syrian refugees, don’t really care about the refugees as human beings. You see, the flow of refugees from Syria to the U.S. is merely a vehicle for importing terrorists. Second, Trump’s hard line against accepting more refugees simply gives the left fodder for bashing Trump as a heartless monster who doesn’t care about the downtrodden. In fact, it is the left who doesn’t care about the plight of Syrian refugees, but only as political props and pawns.