They are who we thought they were: my interview with CNN

CNN came to my church today to interview my pastor and a couple of church members, one of whom was me. Last night my pastor asked me if I could get here an hour early to participate. I told him I would because he asked me to. I wasn’t going to tell him no. He’s my pastor. But I told him I had serious misgivings about this.

In a telephone conversation with him this morning, I explained CNN’s sole mission right now is to get rid of President Trump, and the purpose of this interview would be to get a clip of evangelical Christians making disparaging remarks about the president and/or make us look like hypocrites. He agreed.

This morning at 9 a crew of 3 from CNN arrived at our church. They were very nice people and I was very nice to them. The last thing I wanted was to damage my witness by being a jerk so I made it a point to be Christ-like.

There was a sort of pre-interview in which the interviewer, Alex, asked me basic questions such as did I vote for Trump (yes), do I still support Trump (yes), do I believe Trump is a Christian, what do I think about the midterms (GOP will probably win because they have a string of meaningful accomplishments that Democrats have nothing to do with, but you can’t take anything for granted because politics is so fickle), what is Trump’s single biggest accomplishment (tax cuts & ending the ObamaCare mandate), how do I keep up with politics (don’t watch TV, read some online, listed to Rush Limbaugh regularly).

Rush Limbaugh, who has a great deal more experience with media interviews than I do, has described the pre-interview process as being misleading, where they more or less lob you softballs, and then in the real interview they try to catch you off guard by asking you more contentious questions. And so I was prepared for this, and it’s exactly what happened.

We were set up outside in front of the church, and I was paired with another member and we were asked alternating questions.

Here are the questions I was asked and my answers as best I can recollect. The exact order and sequence may be off a little, but this is the essence of the interview.

Q: Do you believe President Trump is a Christian?

A: I believe he believes in God. I believe he believes in the tenets of the Christian faith. I don’t know for sure if he is what we would call a “born again” Christian. I’ve never heard him say. He may very well be and I certainly hope he is.

Q: As a Christian, does it bother you the vicious things Trump says, like when he attacks people and calls other people names?

A: Not at all. I think it’s funny. I have a sense of humor. I think it’s funny when they make fun of Trump’s hair, too. I don’t see his tweets as attacks, however. I see them as him defending himself. He says harsh things sometimes because the world is a harsh place. He doesn’t give us meaningless platitudes. This is the man I voted for. We knew what we were getting when we elected him. This is exactly who Trump is.

Q: What about the allegations, like the porn star coming forth and accusing him?

A: I don’t believe any of it. I believe in innocent until proven guilty and there is no proof of these things.

Q: Do you see President Trump as providing the vehicle for what you want?

A: Politically? Absolutely. He’s doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

Q: Such as?

A: He cut taxes. He cut corporate taxes by 40%, which is huge. He’s cut out a bunch of Obama-era regulations. He removed the individual ObamaCare mandate. He put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. We have decimated ISIS. Unemployment is way down. Black unemployment is at an all-time low. The stock market is way up. He said we were going to start winning again and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Q: Let’s talk about the courts. You mentioned Gorsuch. What do you look for in a Justice?

A: I look for a Justice who will interpret the Constitution exactly as it’s written, not what they wish it did or didn’t say. Just interpret the law exactly as it’s written down.

Q: What did you expect of President Trump when you voted for him?

A: I expected him to unleash the beast that is the American economy that had been dormant for 8 years under Obama because of all his regulations and ObamaCare, which just killed the economy.

Q: Would you vote for Trump again today?

A: Absolutely!

Q: So things like calling Mexicans killers and rapists don’t bother you?

A: (I decided to deflect this quip by finishing my point.) I had lofty expectations for Trump and he has even exceeded those. There were some misgivings about whether or not Trump was a real conservative, but he’s been in office 13 months and has enacted more conservatism than even Reagan at this point. It’s astonishing. I couldn’t be happier with Trump so far. (I had a huge smile on my face when I said this.)

Q: Do you have any regrets so far? Is there anything he’s done so far that has disappointed you?

A: No. Not a single thing.

Q: Nothing at all? Wow!

Alex also asked me about the midterm elections in Tennessee, the Senate race, what if Corker decides to run, but this was more idle chit-chat while they were taking the cameras down.

My companion got several questions that were even more contentious that I wish I had gotten. They included:

  • Do you think it’s Christian for President Trump to say he wants to kick the DACA kids out or send the refugees back or take people’s health care away?
  • Do you think Obama is a Muslim?
  • In the wake of the Parkland shooting, do you think we need more gun control?

After the interview, Alex said they would go back and edit the video down. “You know how it works,” he said. Yeah. I know how it works.


This is why I no longer watch ESPN

I gave up watching ESPN a long time ago. And I am in my second year of boycotting the NFL. So when the NFL is on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, it earns a double-boycott. Thus, I didn’t find out about this until listening to yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh Show. ESPN has lost many viewers during the past couple or three years, owing, in large part, to its overt mixing of liberalism with its sports reporting. Yet ESPN responds by doubling-down on its liberalism. And this is what it looks like.

Fake news, language bias must be spotted and avoided – Washington Times

“But there’s another attack on our freedom to receive real information that is even more insidious than the glut of news actors spewing gossip 24/7: the changing and controlling the language itself, while making sure journalists everywhere conform to a liberal and politically correct version of events. Certain words are banned, while others which are meant to influence readers ideologically, are promoted.”

Describing the Trump/#fakenews media relationship using key words

Two days ago I posted a list of words and definitions, which I do occasionally. I collect little-used words from books I read and post them here. I’m always trying to build up my vocabulary and enjoy sharing obscure words with my readers. At any rate, when putting together my last collection, I realized that a lot of them sort of reminded me of the relationship between President Trump and the #fakenews media, and so I have undertaken a theme using all 15 words from Tuesday’s vocabulary list.

President Trump is justified to point out the enmity coming from the #fakenews media — and totally justified in defending himself. Of course, the #fakenews media lament the fact that The Donald hits them back. I am sure they reminisce about the quondam era when they could expatiate whatever #fakenews they wanted without any sort of accountability. Peradventure they should consider this before publishing their #fakenews. Despite their supercilious demeanor, #fakenews reporters are rather dense. They don’t realize that so many of us are laughing at them.

Recently, President Trump tweeted about a female #fakenews reporter who showed up at Mar-a-Lago with a cochineal appearance following a facelift. The #fakenews media considered this beneath the dignity of the office of president, then spent the rest of the day offering us their laughable, maudlin lamentations. Indeed, these Bolshies in the #fakenews media would have us believe the free press is in jeopardy, but in reality, President Trump’s aggressive response to the press reminds many of us of President Reagan, a sort of polder of Americanism we feared was lost forever.

Indeed, the #fakenews media will perorate all day on trivial things that don’t really matter, such as the occasional solecism in a Trump tweet, but really the press is forever giving us material that belongs in the loo. That The Donald discards these majordomos of the #fakenews media with such flippancy is quite delicious. He is also loathe to grant them access, a coy behavior that is blasted by journalists, but perfectly justifiable given their maltreatment of our great president. And their characterization of Trump’s behavior as rantipole is really nothing more than projection. You see, it is really the #fakenews media that are crude, crass and wholly undignified. They are getting from President Trump exactly what they deserve.

How Donald Trump threw #fakenews off the trail for an entire day

I never dreamed we’d have a president like this ever. That the #fakenews media malign, slander, and lie about the president and his family is to be expected when a Republican is in office. It’s who they are and what they do. That we have a president who returns fire and gives it right back to them is what’s so wonderful and refreshing and delicious.

Yesterday morning, President Trump sent out the following pair of tweets:

And then he went about his way like nothing ever happened. The #fakenews media and some Democrats went completely hysterical. I can’t pretend to know why President Trump chose those two PMSNBC #fakenews reporters, nor why he chose yesterday morning to drop his Twitter bomb, but I do know he’s playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers, and he stays about 10 moves ahead of his enemies.

The #fakenews media spent literally the entire day in a constant state of outrage over Trump’s tweets. I know this because I trolled several #fakenews reporters and a handful of Democrats, and their Trumped-up rage lasted well into the evening.

I do know that #fakenews personalities Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have treated President Trump with the same disdain and contempt as the rest of the #fakenews media, and have consistently called the president’s sanity into question. It’s not like they’re innocent victims.

This is the way the president and his family are treated by the #fakenews media. Because of their outrage and the laughable assertion that President Trump’s tweets were “beneath the dignity of the office of president” (as though President Obama was the archetype of presidential dignity), the #fakenews media has revealed, almost to a person, just how thin-skinned its reporters really are. They couldn’t withstand one-tenth of the abuse they dish out. Yet they seem to want to hold the President to a higher standard of behavior than themselves.

The #fakenews media have treated conservatives and Republicans this way for generations. It’s worse now than I can ever remember, but they have rarely, if ever, been called on it. President Bush, for example, was maligned with much the same vigor as President Trump, but he never fought back, which infuriated his supporters. He felt that to respond to the #fakenews would be “beneath the dignity of the office of president.” And so the Democrats and #fakenews more or less destroyed his presidency during the second term because he never defended himself. Apparently, the #fakenews media believe it is within their purview to treat Republican presidents with any manner of hostility, rudensss, crassness, etc., but the president is not allowed to hit back. Trump says “Screw that!” and punches right back.

So what happened yesterday while #fakenews was fixated on Trump’s early morning tweets?

  • The House of Representatives passed “Kate’s Law” and the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.” It might be a coincidence, or it might not be, but also yesterday Nashville Metro Council sponsors of bill that would have turned Nashville into a sanctuary city withdrew their bill. These are real-world matters with real-world consequences.
  • President Trump gave a speech on energy in which he outlined an policy that will “unlock millions and millions in jobs and trillions of dollars in wealth.” His objective is to increase energy exports and make the U.S. less dependent on foreign energy.
  • We learned that, according to Secretary of Defense “Mad Dog” Mattis, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has apparently heeded President Trump’s warning about not launching another chemical attack.
  • President Trump hosted South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House, where they discussed the very real North Korean nuclear threat.

This was all in ONE DAY of the Trump presidency. While Trump was arranging all this winning, the #fakenews media obsessed over President Trump’s tweets about Mika’s facelift. It’s sort of like busy parent with a small child. The parent has some things that need doing, so he/she gives the child some blocks or a coloring book to keep him/her occupied while the parent accomplishes a few tasks. President Trump started the morning by giving the children who occupy #fakenews something to play with all day while he went about the business of making America great again.

The funny part — actually, there are several funny parts — is that #fakenews reporters are all snobbish liberals who consider themselves educated elites, sophisticated, erudite, and worldly. Yet they are so dense they have no idea what’s happening to them. They make fun of Trump voters such as myself because they deem us gauche and uneducated (and deplorable), yet we can see exactly what they can’t. As Rush Limbaugh analogised earlier this week, Trump is the guy with a laser pointer and the #fakenews reporters are the cats chasing the red dot, running into the sofa and running into walls. They don’t realize that we’re all laughing at them. While they consider Trump mentally unstable, he’s schooling them and manipulating them at will.

The lines between jihadists and violent progressives are starting to blur

When I was initially made aware of the shooting this morning at a congressional baseball practice in Virginia, my hunch was that the victim(s) was/were Republican(s) and that the shooter was an unhinged Democrat lunatic and that this was not a jihadist attack. It turns out that I was right on both. However, the lines between unhinged Democrat lunatics and jihadists are starting to blur.

Not only do we have this morning’s shooting, but many more examples of liberal rage and violence were on display at Trump rallies during the campaign, and also continue at liberal college campuses whenever individuals with opposing views are scheduled to speak (most notably at UC-Berkeley).

I’m sure someone in the Democrat Party and/or #fakenews will try to blame President Trump for conjuring up this hatred on the left, just as they blame the victims of jihadists for enraging jihadists, but the progressive movement in the U.S. owns this completely. They are the ones creating the #fakenews, creating the hysteria, and manufacturing all the rage. The Democrat Party and its various apparatchiks represent the largest hate group in America, and today we saw that left-wing rage spill over into actual violence.

Remember, these are the ones who lecture those of us on the right that love trumps hate and “when they go low, we go high.” Dear readers, those of us on the right aren’t angry. We’re winning, and not just at the polls. We’re winning on the economy, we’re winning on healthcare, we’re winning on illegal immigration, we’re winning in the judiciary. Granted, we have disdain for #fakenews and the Democrat Party for its efforts to obstruct President Trump’s highly effective agenda of making America great again, but if you’re looking for actual hatred — unbridled, unhinged, fanatical, foaming-at-the-mouth hatred — it’s all on the left. Their leaders have stirred up this hornets nest totally apart from President Trump, the Republican Party, and those of us who support President Trump. So let them own it.

This is why we call it #fakenews

Just 8 days ago, #fakenews CNN was pushing the following headline. I made a screen capture of the headline, noting that it was either #fakenews or James Comey was preparing to perjure himself, probably the former.

Today, we learned some of what James Comey is going to actually testify tomorrow, given that he has released a statement regarding his upcoming testimony. And, lo and behold, #fakenews CNN has stepped on a rake…again. Here’s a screen capture of their “correction” this afternoon. It’s much different from the #fakenews they were pushing just last week. But those of us “in the know” knew this all along.

#fakenews sources

No doubt you’ve seen the headline somewhere that cites a “source” or “sources” to bolster some diabolical claim against Donald Trump.

Have you ever wondered who the sources are? Are they even real? Are they telling the truth? How do we know?

For example, I often imagine the following exchange taking place in some #fakenewsroom somewhere:

#fakenews “reporter” A to “reporter” B: “Do me a favor, will ya?”

#fakenews “reporter” B: “Sure. What’s up?”

#fakenews “reporter” A: “Say the following: ‘Trump tried to get Russian investigation buried.'”

#fakenews “reporter” B: “Trump tried to get Russian investigation buried.”

#fakenews “reporter” A types the following headline: “Source: Trump tried to get Russian investigation buried.”

Now I don’t know if that exchange has actually taken place, but I bet I’m not far off. Remember, the #fakenews media are made up exclusively of progressives, and what do progressives do? They lie. Some of them lie pathologically (the Clintons, for example, Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Crazy Bernie, etc.). It’s who they are and what they do. Remember back in 2012 when Dingy Harry Reid cited his imaginary friend who told him Romney didn’t pay his taxes? I’m convinced that these “sources” make things up out of thin air. Or, better yet, the “sources” cite things Democrats have actually done (Russian collusion, obstructing justice, not paying taxes) and then try to project those scandals/crimes onto Trump.

Either way, it is perfectly believable that #fakenews would conjure up fake sources, or real sources making up fake accusations.

#fakenews tells us what Democrats are guilty of

Another day, another #fakenews meme. I’m onto them and I know I’m not the only one. I don’t believe #fakenews is having much of an effect. Trump supporters generally ignore #fakenews. Trump’s loony-tunes haters believe every word. Trump Derangement Syndrome is indeed a mind-warping condition.

The way #fakenews works is simple. The media, which are driving the progressive movement at the moment, concoct a phony story with zero factual basis that is designed to damage President Trump, then the Democrats fall in behind the media with their fake outrage and fake tears. It’s also designed to take the focus off of President Trump’s numerous victories. They are getting desperate on the left because Trump is systematically unraveling Barack Hussein Obama’s string of abject failures, he’s doing it quickly, and he’s doing it bigly. They can’t win elections anymore so all they’re left with is trying to delegitimize Trump’s election.

There’s something else at work here, I have noticed. Everything #fakenews fabricates about Trump are things Democrats actually did. I’m talking about Russian collusion, leaking classified information, disregarding the rule of law, etc. (Also, yesterday’s #fakenews story regarding Trump’s sharing classified information with Russia appears to have been the media’s attempt to draw attention away from the deepening Seth Rich saga. Just look who isn’t covering it.)

Again, #fakenews is telling us how desperate they are by the length of their fabrications. So much of liberalism is projection, and the #fakenews media are simply projecting the Democrats’ scandals onto Trump. So when #fakenews accuses the president of sharing classified information with the Russians, the proper reaction isn’t “Please say it ain’t so,” but “Oh, so Obama shared classified information with the Russians.” And as #fakenews and the Democrats cling to the thoroughly discredited Russian collusion meme, the proper way to look at it is “Oh, so Obama colluded with the Russians.”

#fakenews is using a two-pronged approach: apply scandals to Trump that never occurred while simultaneously ignoring/covering up Democrat scandals that really did occur. They do this by projecting Democrat scandals onto Trump. It really is that simple. And it’s a neat trick if you can get away with it. Unfortunately for #fakenews, a large and increasing number of Americans just aren’t buying it anymore. We see all the winning and are cheering President Trump with each success. It’s too bad #fakenews and Democrats are so thoroughly invested in America’s defeat to notice the winning.

In defense of Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon has long been one of my political heroes, and it pains me that his name is routinely maligned. Rarely does anyone come to his defense.

When President Trump fired James Comey last week as FBI director, the #fakenews media & Democrats conjured up their trite comparisons the the Watergate scandal and called the maneuver “Nixonian.” But does anyone really know Richard Nixon?

President Nixon is most famous for the scandal which ultimately toppled his presidency, forcing him to resign in the second year of his second term in office.

Richard Nixon was a great American, a brilliant man who pursued communists relentlessly as a congressman. He later served as President Eisenhower’s vice-president. Nixon lost a very close election to JFK in 1960, primarily because JFK presented himself better on TV. At that point, Richard Nixon’s political career appeared over.

But it wasn’t over. He won two landslide presidential elections in 1968 and 1972. And then the bottom fell out.

I’m not making excuses for his actions in the Watergate scandal. We all have our demons, and President Nixon certainly had his. In the end, Nixon’s demons (and two busybody Washington Post reporters) got the best of him.

Watergate is regarded as the mother of all presidential scandals, at least in my lifetime. But it has been overblown. We have had two presidents since Nixon who have made the 37th president seem like a piker.

We had one president accused of rape or sexual assault by numerous women. (He and his wife were also associated with a lot of people who have died from “mysterious causes.”) Yes, President Clinton was ultimately impeached (unlike Nixon) for perjury, but Watergate is still everyone’s favorite scandal. The Clinton impeachment has been largely forgotten.

We also just had a president who corruption was big league compared to Nixon. President Obama did things Nixon could only dream about (using the IRS to harass political opponents, for example). There was also the “Fast & Furious” scandal, which more or less involved the sale of firearms to Mexican drug cartels and resulted in people losing their lives. And there’s also this matter regarding President Obama tapping the phone lines at Trump Tower last year (and sounds a lot like Watergate). Any one of these alone would have damaged, if not toppled a Republican presidency.

The #fakenews media want so badly to relive their glory days of the early 1970’s when they helped bring down a Republican president. That’s why they’re pulling out all the stops to paint the Trump administration in the same light as Nixon. But there’s one thing standing the their way: the truth. President Trump and his administration are as clean as they come. There are no actual scandals, so #fakenews and Democrats have to manufacture them instead. That’s how desperate they are. And in the process, they have become the very monster that Richard Nixon has come to symbolize to them.