Quote du jour (why leftists oppose Kavanaugh)

Once again, it’s the Maha Rushie on yesterday’s five-star show, this one regarding the nature of the left’s opposition to Brett Kavanaugh:

“The thing you need to understand about that, among all other things, the left is not opposed to Justice Kavanaugh. They are opposed to the Constitution. It’s the Constitution that scares them. It is the Constitution that threatens them. That’s the nature of their opposition. So Kavanaugh is somebody who believes in the enforcement of it and the construction of the Constitution as a means of judging statutes and law, then he’s a threat. But it’s not him per se; it’s anybody who reveres the Constitution that they have a problem with or object to.”



Quote du jour (Trump & NATO)

President Trump has more or less turned NATO on its ear (along with the #fakenews media) by directly confronting the leaders of European leaders over their lack of financial support which they have pledged. Of course, the media are mortified that the American president is wreaking havoc and turning our allies against us, but what President Trump is doing is what he has always pledged to do; he’s putting America first.

Here’s how Rush Limbaugh described President Trump at NATO yesterday:

“What we have here is real world common sense meeting a bunch of academic, overeducated eggheads with no practical, real life experience, up against somebody with nothing but that. And it’s difficult to find the overlap because the overeducated egghead academics who have this basic attitude of arrogant condescension simply cannot relate to working people.”


Quotes du jour (SCOTUS)

The Maha Rushie, Rush Limbaugh, spent a lot of time talking about the retirement of Anthony Kennedy, the left’s reaction to it, and the Supreme Court in general. The news of Kennedy’s retirement broke on Wednesday afternoon, between hours 2 and 3 of Rush’s program, and he dropped everything for awhile to talk about that. But his coverage on Thursday was a lot more thorough. I’ve gone through the transcript and pulled out what I think are the most salient points. If you want to read further, there’s a link at the bottom.

“We have a population of 300-some-odd million, and one 82-year-old has announced that he is retiring and heading off to that great cloakroom, wherever he goes after he retires. And look! Look at the absolute meltdown that has taken place over a single individual saying he’s leaving.”

“Change is supposed to occur at a snail’s pace in this country, as designed by our brilliant founders, for the express purpose of taking emotional reactions out of everything. But yet that’s all we’re dealing with now. The left has entirely gone every day… How much emotion is left in their reservoir? Do you realize every day is a panic and a crisis to everybody on the left? Every day!”

“If I were a member of Congress today, a member of the House or Senate, and one judge announces he’s quitting and everybody acts like it’s the end of whatever they believe in, I’d be asking myself, ‘Well, what am I, chopped liver here? Is the Congress chopped liver? Is everything deferred to the Supreme Court?’ And, yes, it is! And the reason for that is the left. I mean, you can go back to Marbury v. Madison where the Supreme Court said, ‘You know what? We are going to decide what’s constitutional or not.'”

“This was never what the Supreme Court was intended to be, the final authority. But the left insisted on it because the judiciary is their backup for losing elections. … How has it happened that a Supreme Court justice — one — is so powerful, when all they are supposed to do is to decide the law, whether a law is constitutional, whether the cases that come before them…”

“But we have invested in the Supreme Court as the final authority. … The left did that. When the Supreme Court trends to not giving them the final result they want, you think they’re just gonna sit there and accept it? They don’t accept anywhere else in our society where they lose. You think they’re just gonna sit there and accept if they lose it the Supreme Court? That’s not who they are. They will continue to agitate and try for more and more upheaval.”

“But what it really means is that the executive order branch and legislative branch have kind of ceded power. They’ve let it happen. They’ve let it happen that nine people in robes have the final authority on all of this, when they not supposed to do that, because they’re not elected. They’re not representatives of the people. They are appointed by the president, confirmed by the people in the Senate and so forth, but they are not elected, and therefore they have no direct link to the people.”

“Our country is a representative republic, and the people that we elect to the House and the Senate are there to represent us. I know judges are supposed to be totally free of bias and all that. Of course, that’s a myth as well. I just find it fascinating to watch the reaction when one judge decides to retire and what it says about what has happened to our country and where it’s going.”


Quote du jour (Trump’s re-election)

Rush Limbaugh, on Tuesday, in the aftermath of the North Korea summit, predicted President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 if he wants it.

I’ll make a prediction right now, sitting here in the Golden EIB Microphone official broadcast chair on June 12th, 2018, I will predict not only that Donald Trump will win reelection if he runs, but one of the main reasons why will be the very much increased percentage of the African-American vote he’s going to get. There will be other reasons, of course, but that will be one of the noteworthy reasons that he’ll be reelected.


Quote du jour

Rush Limbaugh leading off yesterday’s program:

No, it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I think just let the Democrats keep going with this. I think it’s fabulous. You know their new mascot is becoming a porn star walking a runway in a G-string with a bunch of dollar bills stuff into it. What could be a better modern-day mascot for the Democrat Party than Stormy Daniels barely wearing anything with dollar bills stuffed into it while prancing around a bunch of drunk guys next to a pole in a place like the Bada Bing? If that’s not the perfect mascot image for the Democrat Party. Let ’em own it!


A long walk as a plot

From the book Wanderlust by Rebecca Solnit:

Part of what makes roads, trails, and paths so unique as built structures is that they cannot be perceived as a whole all at once by a sedentary onlooker. They unfold in time as one travels along them, just as a story does as one listens or reads, and a hairpin turn is like a plot twist, a steep ascent a building of suspense to the view at the summit, a fork in the road an introduction of a new storyline, arrival the end of the story. Just as writing allows one to read the words of someone who is absent, so roads make it possible to trace the route of the absent.

Democrats are outing themselves

I often post snippets from the Rush Limbaugh Show on this blog because he articulates better than I do. I can be thinking something and he puts it into words much more succinctly. Yesterday was another instance, where Rush discussed liberals and Democrats finally taking off their masks — they cannot help themselves — and telling us what they really believe. When they do this, it’s detrimental to their cause.

[Liberals & Democrats are] not interested in having people think that they’re temperate, that they’re mainstream, that they’re centrist, that they’re moderates. They are all-in for — that’s why Stevens, Justice John Paul Stevens jumping into this fray is actually a godsend for us. Because there is no way that anywhere near a majority in this country want to get rid of the Second Amendment, and there isn’t gonna be.

But the point is, they are now publicly, without me having to tell you or anybody else, they are demonstrating who they really are, and not just on this issue. They’re demonstrating who they really are on immigration. For the longest time they’ve gotten away with convincing a lot of people that it’s not about voter registration, that it’s not about having more people vote Democrat, that it’s not about having more dependents on federal government. It’s about compassion.

This debate ensuing here on the census question about requiring everybody to record their citizenship status, look at how they’re having a cow over that. We’re flushing ’em out! We’re flushing them out. No more camouflage. No more masks. They are revealing themselves for who they really are. I, for one, am confident they are not the majority. I know they’re not on the Second Amendment. And I know they’re not on immigration. They certainly are not on amnesty.

Link: https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2018/03/28/parkland-kids-hate-marco-rubio/

Quote du jour

The following is an excerpt of an exchange that took place between a caller and Rush Limbaugh during his show yesterday. The caller’s sentiment is exactly my sentiment, and I absolutely love Rush’s answer.

CALLER: I’m an evangelical, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a very well educated female, and I love President Trump. And I wanted to express to you that a lot of my fellow evangelicals support him not because he has the sterling character that one would think evangelicals would go for because of course Mitt Romney had all those characteristics and evangelicals did not support him. However, I think what has happened is we’ve been forced into social and political debates and situations, and we’re just fed up with it, and we want a CEO. We want somebody who can run the country, who can look at the situation both economically and socially … I realize it’s not gonna stop, and I know that the mainstream and the deep state and everybody is out to get him, but practically what are things that we can do, the people who support Trump because we know he’s doing a good job.

RUSH: Just keep supporting him. I’m telling you, you may think that’s not enough, but I can’t tell you how huge it is. You keep supporting him and you tell everybody every chance you get that you’re supporting him. And when the name Stormy Daniels comes up, you go (raspberry), “I don’t care.” And they say, “But you’re an evangelical.” “Well, that’s her problem the way she lives, not mine. I’m not gonna let you or anybody else tell me that I supported the wrong guy. You throw Stormy Daniels at me, you can throw anything you want and it doesn’t matter, I support Trump.” And every one of you that voted for him, I’m telling you, you have to remain in his camp, you have to be as energetic and vocal for him today as you were during the campaign because that’s pretty much all we’ve got. They’re never gonna stop using the Stormy Danielses and the Stormy Danielses, they’re never gonna stop popping up. And Robert Mueller is not gonna go away. And the Drive-By Media isn’t gonna go away. … But your loyalty to Trump, your unwavering support, I can’t tell you how that irritates and angers the media. You keep it up and you’ll never see evidence of it, but you’re driving them crazy that they cannot change your mind.


Select quotes from John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charlie”

I recently finished John Steinbeck’s non-fiction work Travels with Charlie, which he penned after a cross-country trip he took in a pickup truck with his dog. I enjoy Steinbeck, even though this was just my third Steinbeck novel. He is the consummate storyteller, no flowery language, just pages filled with wisdom and keen observation.

“The memory is at best a faulty, warp reservoir.”

“The mountains of things we throw away are much greater than the things we use.”

“I like weather rather than climate.”

“What good is warmth without cold to give it sweetness?”

“She said the autumn never failed to amaze her; to elate. ‘It is glory,’ she said, ‘and can’t be remembered, so that it always comes as a surprise.'”

“He handed me companionship, and the tea was wonderful because of it.”

“A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ.”

“…a kind of end run, a small triumph over geography.”

“Everyone is descended from everyone.”

“There seemed to be no cure for loneliness save only being alone.”

“If manners maketh man, then manner and grooming maketh poodle.”

“The night was loaded with omens.”

“Many people conceal experiences for fear of ridicule.”

“The night was friendlier than the day.”

“I wonder why we think the thoughts and emotions of animals are simple.”

“I wonder why progress looks so much like destruction.”

“When a city begins to grow and spread outward, from the edges, the center which was once its glory is in a sense abandoned to time. … And then one day perhaps the city returns and rips out the sore and builds a monument to its past.”

“That ancient law went into effect which says that when you need towns they are very far apart.”

“There was a great man named Thomas Wolfe and he wrote a book called ‘You Can’t Go Home Again.’ And that is true. … You can’t go home again because home has ceased to exist except in the mothballs of memory.”

“The American identity is an exact and provable thing.”

“Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word.”

Quote du jour

I saw this on Twitter just now and want to immortalize the quote. I’ve had this same thought but have never been able to put it into words quite like this:

We should never change things to suit deluded and ignorant people. We should work to educate them instead. If they don’t want to be educated, there’s nothing that we can do about them. They will have to live with their phantom fear. @WGMontgomery