Sunday musings

Democrats are accusing President Trump of stealing the election because it’s what they do. Progressives do not understand those who don’t operate the way they do.

I am convinced there is a large number of leftists in the Democrat Party and #fakenews media who want Irma to inflict maximum damage on Florida and its people in order to advance their political agenda of climate change, to give them ammunition against President Trump, and to punish Floridians for voting for Trump.

From “Nixon Volume III” by Stephen E. Ambrose: “The Democrats, justifiably outraged by the actions of Richard Nixon and his friends, made unjustified comparisons of Nixon with Hitler, talked darkly about the coming of fascism to America.” This was in 1973. Indeed, some things never change.

“I think it is time in this country to quit making national heroes out of those who steal secrets and publish them in the newspapers.” — Richard M. Nixon in 1973

Planned Parenthood is like your worst hacker film. It’s always the same plot. Two go in but only one comes out.

President Trump’s approval number — even the lowball number typically cited by #fakenews — is higher than that for Congress and the news media combined.

Donald J. Trump is one of the world’s great men before whom criticism can make but feeble show.

Today begins my second year of #boycottNFL. I honestly have not missed it. I have many interests that have rushed in to fill the void.

Liberals: “You can’t use one weather event to say climate change isn’t occurring.”
Also liberals: “See, this one hurricane is proof of climate change.”

The “dreamers” the left is wringing its hands over were unaccompanied minors imported from Central America. Thus, Obama was the one who broke up families. Also, President Obama was the one who built a sunset provision into his DACA order. But opponents of DACA are still called racist and accused of wanting to break up families.


Friday’s quick hits

Do not cast your pearls before swine, lest they be trampled on. And if you stumble upon someone else’s pearls, don’t be a swine and trample on theirs. If the best you can do is say nothing, then say nothing.

I am less beholden to the GOP at this moment than ever before. I am an American and a Trumpist.

People are complex and most everyone has a hidden story. That’s why stereotypes are such cheap caricatures.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to clear out some useless Republicans and elect a new Congress next year before the Trump agenda can really get rolling. The swamp is deep and wide and not easily moved.

Hurricane Irma will be at worst a tropical depression by the time it reaches Middle Tennessee. There will be no evacuations. Please don’t buy up all the milk and bread. And try to stay clear of #fakenews.

Congressional Republicans have the ball 1st-and-goal on the 1-yard-line. And they’re taking a knee after every snap.

The older I get, the more I realize how few are the things that require my intervention. This is actually quite liberating.

Liberals seem to confuse responsible behavior as heartless and cruel. There’s nothing generous about giving away money you have to borrow from future generations of taxpayers.

It’s astonishing the number of things that compete for one’s attention. I’ve turned off as many of life’s “notifications” as possible, and am always looking for more.

Just because I don’t get my hackles up doesn’t mean I don’t care.

“In short, the media don’t have to be convinced. They have to be outfoxed, outflanked and outperformed.” — Richard M. Nixon, January, 1989

Also this: “[T]he former POWs were anxious to tell the country how much they admired Nixon and appreciated what he had done. So much so that reporters began expressing some skepticism, even charging that the ex-POWs had been told what to say. ‘Ridiculous,’ responded a Pentagon spokesman, who added that ‘it insults the POWs’ intelligence to say that they could have been brainwashed during a 3-hour lay-over in Clark Field when the North Vietnamese couldn’t do it in seven years.’” (Excerpt from: Stephen E. Ambrose. “Nixon Volume III.”)

Sunday musings

What some people might perceive as luck is really just the result of rational decision-making. Sometimes you’ll hear a Democrat politician use the phrase “winners of life’s lottery” to describe successful individuals, usually when trying to justify soaking the rick with higher taxes. Sometimes luck really is involved. Those who win actual lotteries are the perfect example. But for the most part, what a Democrat might perceive as luck is really just the result of someone’s industriousness and preparation. Too many leftists cannot understand this. After all, one cannot expect the irrational to understand the rational. Nor should you expect the rational to entertain the irrational. They are purely separate worlds.

I am only ankle-deep in social media. I have a Twitter account and that’s it. Social media is a sewer. Even Christians can be guilty of verbal savagery on social media. Remember, you will have to give an account for every idle word. Yet the meanness and belligerence you see on social media is so prevalent that even the most innocuous, well-meaning posts are sometimes attacked with vehemence.

And whatever you do, don’t feed the trolls. Nothing is as frustrating to a troll as to be ignored.

Thursday evening, I attended a Memphis Tigers football game at the Liberty Bowl just as the remnants of Tropical Depression Harvey were sweeping across the Mid South. The weather was indeed miserable: a constant rain, windy and chilly. If the Tigers ever play a football game again in such weather, knowing what I know now, I will do everything I can to attend that football game.

You cannot truly be for women’s rights if you would deny them the right to bear arms.

You cannot truly be for women’s rights if you are an apologist for Islam & Sharia Law.

You cannot truly be for women’s rights if you believe the Clintons have been good for women.

At 87 years of age, George Soros will not be on this earth much longer. A day is coming soon when he will realize — too late — that he is not God. His $25B will be worthless at the judgment seat.

Give a liberal a fish & you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a liberal to fish & he’ll say you’re mean for expecting him to catch his own fish.

In a nutshell, President Trump is donating $1M of his own money for hurricane relief. The Clinton Crime Family Foundation profited from Haitian relief. So there.

In 8 years of Obama, the U.S. economy never achieved 3% GDP growth. After just 7 months of President Trump, we have achieved 3% GDP growth. Unemployment is down significantly, especially black unemployment. The stock market is way up and illegal border crossings are just a fraction of what they were before Trump’s inauguration. And we have Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. The Democrats are wandering in the wilderness with lunatics for leaders, the #fakenews media is cracking up and RINO’s are being put on notice. Life is grand.

Force the Democrats to own Antifa.

The people of Houston came together to help each other during a terrible natural disaster. I hate what happened there, but it is encouraging to know that Americans from different backgrounds can still unite.

Tuesday quick-hitters

Richard Nixon: “Circumstances change. In this discussion, nobody is bound by past positions.”

Richard Nixon: “Liberals have idealism, but they are pragmatic. They want to win. A conservative would rather lose than change his position.”

The Orpheum Theater in Memphis has banned future showings of Gone with the Wind. It had been a staple at the Orpheum for 34 years. This is what happens when ignorant people are elevated to positions of power and influence.

In Houston, Americans are coming together to help each other overcome a terrible natural disaster. In Berkeley, alt-left Antifa protesters are tearing people apart for no reason whatsoever. The dichotomy between mainstream America and the hate-filled left really is this stark.

“Whom the gods destroy they first make mad.”

Because I can no longer tolerate the left-wing politics of the NFL and NBA, I’m literally down to Major League Baseball, college football and college basketball. That’s all I’ve got.

Today we are one day closer to the release of iOS 11. Even Christmas will be anticlimactic.

History is filled with heroes and villains. Oddly, the ones who are determined to rid history of its villains are themselves the villains.

You literally cannot take a photograph of the Nashville skyline without a crane being in it. This is a good thing.

Imagine trying to explain to someone a generation ago the concept of playing music without a physical medium: “Oh, well, you just download or stream a song from the cloud to your smartphone via WiFi, then it goes to your headset via Bluetooth. No wires at all. Amazing.”

Five for Wednesday

I’m seeing from multiple sources this morning that ESPN is pulling an announcer named Robert Lee from a Virginia football game because his name is the same as the famous Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The Robert Lee of 2017, however, is Asian. Lee is a common Asian surname. Being given the first name “Robert” does not make the announcer a Confederate or a racist. But we can say with great clarity that whoever made this decision at ESPN is an absolute imbecile.

President Trump gave a resounding speech in front of 15,000 patriots in Phoenix last evening. I did not watch the speech, but after reading various headlines and excerpts, it appears that it was vintage Trump. He unloaded both barrels on the #fakenews media and his political opponents. Meanwhile, Soros-paid protesters got to melt in the heat outside. (It got up to 107 degrees in Phoenix yesterday.) Imagine wearing a black mask in that kind of heat. No thanks. And I love our president. I love winning. #maga

Tomorrow, we take the 19-year-old back to Memphis to begin his sophomore year of college. This time we’re sending him with a stash of Trump stickers for his car. They keep getting peeled off by Trump haters.

We’re only one week into the NFL’s preseason, and already players are taking a knee during the National Anthem. (And Colin Kaepernick still can’t find a job.) That’s fine. I’m extending my #boycottNFL into a second season. I didn’t miss it last year and can’t imagine I’ll miss it this year. Meanwhile, this will be my first season to #boycottNBA. I can’t imagine that I’ll miss that, either. The Memphis Grizzlies are in decline, and the eventual outcome is more or less a foregone conclusion. (Golden State will win the championship.) The NBA has turned itself into a bore-fest.

The thing I’ve always loved about Memphis sports is that it has been able to unite an otherwise divided city. Nothing unites the people of Memphis the way the Tigers and Grizzlies pull people together. Otherwise, Memphis — as much as I love the place — is and has long been divided racially, economically, and politically. I guess you can say this about most other large American cities. You can also say it about the nation as a whole. Unfortunately, Grizzlies’ Coach David Fizdale decided to wander away from the unity Memphis sports provides and embrace that which divides: politics. I’m not so naive to believe that his inflammatory comments about our beloved President Trump will have a serious negative impact on the fan base. There are a few like me who are completely turned off. But his comments will play well in Memphis, where the craziest people you can imagine win elections (Steve Cohen, Henri “Hank” Brooks, Willie Herenton, the entire Ford family, etc.). The politics of grievance is usually a winner in the Bluff City. And Memphis politicians know how to contrive and exploit grievances for maximum benefit. David Fizdale isn’t stupid in this regard, although he is grossly misinformed about President Trump and history in general. Most Democrats are.

Sunday musings

I have a peculiar fondnes for self-deprecating humor. It’s important to avoid taking oneself too seriously. It inhibits one’s ability to have fun. I do have fun in this life.

People who were born in 1977 are turning 40 this year.

Tomorrow, President Trump will blot out the sun in various places across the U.S. for a few minutes, just to prove he can do it.

Trump supporters are not racist bigots. We are your neighbors. We are the ones who let you go first in the parking lot and pay for the car behind us at Chick-fil-a. We coach your kids at Little League and hold the door open when your hands are full. You would like us as individuals if you could get over your rage long enough to get to know us.

Just once I wish someone at Chick-fil-a would be rude to me just to prove they are human.

I get a great deal of use out of my electronics, but I am literally always charging something.

I’m broadening last year’s #boycottNFL to #boycottNBA. I was already teetering, and David Fizdale finally pushed me over the ledge. If I can’t follow a sport without being subjected to left-wing politics & #fakenews, then I’ll find another diversion.

Last year there were a record 228 murders in Memphis. None of them were committed by a Confederate statue.

The #fakenews media, Democrats & RINO’s were shocked by Trump’s election last November. They honestly believe themselves to be erudite & sophisticated, but they are actually so dense and unwilling to alter perspective that they are setting themselves up for another great surprise in 2018.

Tuesday musings

MLB lists Ty Cobb with 4,191 career base hits. Baseball-Reference only shows him having 4,189. This casts a far-reaching discrepancy on when exactly Pete Rose broke his record.

Co-worker: "Do you ever have moments when you perceive that everyone around you is cracking up?"
Me: "Somewhat. There are times when I seem to be the most logical one in my sphere and wish everyone would just follow my lead."

Some people are good multi-taskers. I am not. I find myself far more efficient by accomplishing one task at a time, completing one before moving on to the next.

I began my senior year of high school 30 years ago this month.

I take it personally when left-wing politicians attack Wall Street. I know it's a class warfare tactic, contrasting Wall Street and Main Street. I don't know if they realize it or not, but there are a lot of middle-class employees who live on Main Street and have their retirement funds invested on Wall Street. When Wall Street "fat cats" do well, I do well. They are not my enemy. For millions of us, it isn't Wall Street or Main Street, it's Wall Street and Main Street.

Five years ago, the University of Memphis celebrated its 100th anniversary by having 100 Tiger statues produced and painted a variety of colors and designs. There are a few dozen on campus, but many of them are scattered across the city. There are Tiger statues everywhere.

Socialism is the longest road from capitalism to capitalism.

Soviet kommissar: "How is the potato crop this year?"
Russian farmer: "By the grace of God it is a bumper crop."
Kommissar: "There is no God."
Farmer: "There are no potatoes, either."

To those of you traveling to Nashville to view next Monday's solar eclipse, please go find you own eclipse.

In 1909, Ty Cobb led the American League with 9 home runs. On this, MLB and Baseball-Reference agree.

Tuesday musings

Colin Kaepernick cannot find a job, which I find absolutely hilarious. The America-hating backup quarterback hasn’t garnered a single offer, even as the NFL enters its preseason. One reason is that he just isn’t very good anymore. But I’m convinced that an equally important reason is the circus act he has created around himself. NFL ratings took a hit last year because so many players — led by Kaepernick — decided to protest the National Anthem. If Kaepernick were actually good enough to lead an offense and win games, there might be teams willing to put up with the circus act. But there are other available quarterbacks of similar talent who bring no drama and are therefore much more appealing. So unless Kaepernick finds a team in the next five weeks or so, he’ll get to spend the 2017 season the best way he knows how — by taking a knee.

The Los Angeles Dodgers recently tied a major league record by winning 43 of 50 games. The only other team to accomplish this feat is the 1912 New York Giants. Honestly, I would have thought a 43-7 record in the MLB to be impossible. It’s astonishing, really.

Those of you who believe Robert Mueller is going to ultimately deliver the goods on Democrat corruption are fooling yourselves. Mueller is part of the Establishment and has a small army of Hillary lawyers working for him. Satan cannot cast out Satan, and Mueller similarly isn’t going to cast out Democrats.

“Nothing is ever certain in politics until it happens.”

The Berlin Wall, built by Khrushchev in 1961, was the first barrier in history designed to keep people in rather than their enemies out.

“[President Truman] did not intend to be devoured; history judged the devoured too harshly.”

On General Douglas MacAurthur: “The rules made for lesser men had no relevance to himself.”

Don’t think for a second the Democrat Party is the party of the “little guy.” Right now, President Trump is single-handedly the party of the little guy. He’s doing far more for average Americans than either the Democrats or Republicans. Not only are they opposing everything President Trump is attempting to implement, the monomaniacal Democrats are simultaneously obsessed with Trump/Russia collusion that simply does not exist. This obsession does nothing for you or for me.

My debit card offers 0% APR in perpetuity. It’s better than any credit card deal out there.

It’s just as important to exercise your mind as your body.

I’m mowing my lawn today for the first time in 17 days. It hasn’t rained much until this past weekend. I’ve been spoiled by the mowing cessation.

I’ve heard good things about Atlanta’s new baseball stadium. I want to go sometime. Back when the Phillies were good, they’d give me crap for wearing my Phillies’ gear. Now we’re so bad that I’m hoping they’ll feel sorry for me and give me free stuff.

Three for Thursday (random commentary)

President Trump recently addressed the Boy Scout jamboree, and the #fakenews media was apoplectic. The scouts cheered the president and even chanted his name. President Obama was invited all 8 years of his presidency, but he never accepted. The crowd booed at the mention of his name. The left went so far as to refer to the gathering of Boy Scouts as "Hitler Youth," which tells us a great deal more about the left than the young men in the audience. (The left hates the Boy Scouts, anyway. The Boy Scouts stand for things like virtue and God.) The left criticized the president for politicizing the jamboree, which is ironic (and also an example of projection) because it is the left that politicizes literally everything and has turned public schools in many districts into indoctrination centers for progressivism.

President Trump isn't going to fire Jeff Sessions, and Jeff Sessions isn't going to resign. I personally have a great deal of respect for the Attorney General. I was disappointed that he recused himself from the Democrats' contrived Russia probe. But all these tweets President Trump is making have some objective. I'm not sure what that objective is yet, but we'll find out sooner or later. Sessions isn't going anywhere if for no other reason than it would be difficult to get another Attorney General approved by the Senate. I do hope President Trump fires Robert Mueller soon. He is up to no good. I also hope the Attorney General gets around to prosecuting all these scandal-laden liberals, because I'm tired of them getting away with their wanton lawbreaking while President Trump finds himself under fire for something he never did.

President Trump has banned transgenders from the military. The left is outraged, and when this happens, you know the president did the right thing. It amazes me that transgenders make up less than 1% of the population, yet the world seems to revolve around them. We have same-sex marriage now, so transgenders have become the left's next cause célèbre. I'm not a medical professional, but I am of the opinion that someone who wants to change his/her gender, or is confused about his/her gender is mentally ill. And I don't mean that as a put-down. These people need help. Yet the left instead seeks to normalize this sort of behavior, and even celebrate it. I submit that there are individuals who have joined the military for the sole reason of seeking a taxpayer-funded sex change. I have no proof of this. But there are young men and women who join the military for college benefits — and there's nothing wrong with this — so why would there not be young men and women who join for a sex change? If you want to do that sort of thing, that's your business, but taxpayers shouldn't be expected to pay the bill. This is not what the military is for, anyway.

So how’s your summer going?

Already we are one month into the summer of 2017, even though summer here seems to start in May. The 19-year-old has been home from Memphis for two-and-a-half months. In 5 weeks, we'll move him back into his dormitory to start his sophomore year.

For us, college football season starts the last day of next month. I am going to buy a season ticket. I have made arrangements to attend all 7 home games this season, Lord willing.

Our 23rd wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I was 24 then and have been married 23 years — almost half a lifetime.

We have entered that part of summer when there is no good time to go running. It isn't just your typical summer heat. It's excessive. As far as running outside, you get to pick your poison. It's either the heat, the humidity, or some of both. Waiting for dusk no longer pays off. The humidity is fierce. It is what it is. In a little over two months, I will commence training for the St. Jude half-marathon (December 2 in Memphis).

Today I get to break in a new lawnmower. That's small consolation for having to do yard work. The good news is that my summer projects are behind me: new light fixtures and faucets around the house. So now I'm just down to regular chores.

Trump is my president and we are literally winning daily. If you stay away from #fakenews, you'll realize that good things are happening in the country all the time. It's remarkable what one leader and a cadre of freedom-loving, no-BS Americans can accomplish.

Don't forget to be good to yourself.