Three for Thursday (random commentary)

President Trump recently addressed the Boy Scout jamboree, and the #fakenews media was apoplectic. The scouts cheered the president and even chanted his name. President Obama was invited all 8 years of his presidency, but he never accepted. The crowd booed at the mention of his name. The left went so far as to refer to the gathering of Boy Scouts as "Hitler Youth," which tells us a great deal more about the left than the young men in the audience. (The left hates the Boy Scouts, anyway. The Boy Scouts stand for things like virtue and God.) The left criticized the president for politicizing the jamboree, which is ironic (and also an example of projection) because it is the left that politicizes literally everything and has turned public schools in many districts into indoctrination centers for progressivism.

President Trump isn't going to fire Jeff Sessions, and Jeff Sessions isn't going to resign. I personally have a great deal of respect for the Attorney General. I was disappointed that he recused himself from the Democrats' contrived Russia probe. But all these tweets President Trump is making have some objective. I'm not sure what that objective is yet, but we'll find out sooner or later. Sessions isn't going anywhere if for no other reason than it would be difficult to get another Attorney General approved by the Senate. I do hope President Trump fires Robert Mueller soon. He is up to no good. I also hope the Attorney General gets around to prosecuting all these scandal-laden liberals, because I'm tired of them getting away with their wanton lawbreaking while President Trump finds himself under fire for something he never did.

President Trump has banned transgenders from the military. The left is outraged, and when this happens, you know the president did the right thing. It amazes me that transgenders make up less than 1% of the population, yet the world seems to revolve around them. We have same-sex marriage now, so transgenders have become the left's next cause célèbre. I'm not a medical professional, but I am of the opinion that someone who wants to change his/her gender, or is confused about his/her gender is mentally ill. And I don't mean that as a put-down. These people need help. Yet the left instead seeks to normalize this sort of behavior, and even celebrate it. I submit that there are individuals who have joined the military for the sole reason of seeking a taxpayer-funded sex change. I have no proof of this. But there are young men and women who join the military for college benefits — and there's nothing wrong with this — so why would there not be young men and women who join for a sex change? If you want to do that sort of thing, that's your business, but taxpayers shouldn't be expected to pay the bill. This is not what the military is for, anyway.

So how’s your summer going?

Already we are one month into the summer of 2017, even though summer here seems to start in May. The 19-year-old has been home from Memphis for two-and-a-half months. In 5 weeks, we'll move him back into his dormitory to start his sophomore year.

For us, college football season starts the last day of next month. I am going to buy a season ticket. I have made arrangements to attend all 7 home games this season, Lord willing.

Our 23rd wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I was 24 then and have been married 23 years — almost half a lifetime.

We have entered that part of summer when there is no good time to go running. It isn't just your typical summer heat. It's excessive. As far as running outside, you get to pick your poison. It's either the heat, the humidity, or some of both. Waiting for dusk no longer pays off. The humidity is fierce. It is what it is. In a little over two months, I will commence training for the St. Jude half-marathon (December 2 in Memphis).

Today I get to break in a new lawnmower. That's small consolation for having to do yard work. The good news is that my summer projects are behind me: new light fixtures and faucets around the house. So now I'm just down to regular chores.

Trump is my president and we are literally winning daily. If you stay away from #fakenews, you'll realize that good things are happening in the country all the time. It's remarkable what one leader and a cadre of freedom-loving, no-BS Americans can accomplish.

Don't forget to be good to yourself.

Wednesday musings

"Noble defeat is not a winning strategy."

I finally broke down yesterday afternoon and went to the doctor about my 3-day "stomach bug." Finally, I'm almost over it.

I applaud Al Sharpton's effort to lose weight. Except now he looks like a walking, talking, race-baiting cadaver.

Al Gore keeps getting nuttier and nuttier. I don't know if its his age or the result of watching decades of catastrophic climate predictions fail to materialize. You can be sure of one thing. His next prediction, whatever it is, will be nuttier than the last.

More people die from cold than heat. Yet climate change hucksters want to make it colder in order to save lives.

The only way to defeat Donald Trump is to separate him from his base. That's the primary reason for all the #fakenews. And the #fakenews media have failed spectacularly. Like Al Gore, the more they fail, the nuttier they get. We're literally watching the #fakenews media drive themselves insane, with a little help from Mr. Trump, of course.

This would have been the year for a new Rush album. Their last 3 studio albums were released in 2002, 2007 and 2012. So 2017 was to be the next. Alas, there is no forthcoming Rush album. We have likely seen the last.

Whoever would have thought that Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary would be the new European hotspots? Honestly, I wouldn't mind going there myself. I'd love to see Warsaw, Prague and Budapest.

Have you ever noticed that when Democrats talk about human suffering in the wake of an ObamaCare repeal, it's only about the ones getting it for free? It's never about the families who can no longer afford to buy, can't afford to use or never wanted to buy health insurance in the first place.

President Trump says screw it, we're just going to let ObamaCare fail since the Senate doesn't want to repeal it. And the Democrats are squealing like stuck pigs. It's their baby, yet the onus is on President Trump to fix it? Nobody can fix ObamaCare. It was designed to fail.


It’s not that people can’t read. It’s just that some choose not to.

I’m always wary of those who find a certain nobility in always speaking their minds. If your mind is full of foolishness, then you’ll reveal yourself to be a fool.

Some individuals just seem unable to make a point without being belligerent.

If you feel an inclination to invite yourself, please understand there is a reason you weren’t invited. It’s likely not an oversight.

Don’t presume to know the truth about someone or some circumstance. Truth is often a difficult thing to know. Sometimes the truth is simply unknowable.

It’s okay to walk in through the out door. You don’t have to march to an arbitrary beat.

I try my best to avoid beginning with sentences with the words, “You should.”

“I don’t want to” is a legitimate reason. We tend to make up excuses rather than just saying “no.”

It is still perfectly acceptable in 2017 to live your life in private. You don’t have to vomit every aspect of your life on social media. A little mystery is a good thing. A lot of mystery is even better.

There is a reason why some couples don’t have children. It is not your duty to pry. The truth might be incredibly painful.

Don’t be so quick to put down other people’s work. Maybe it’s not important to you, but it sure might be important to that person.

There is a better-than-average chance that the person you think is well off is actually up to his eyeballs in debt. The ability to swipe a credit card should never be mistaken for affluence.

Just once, I’d like to hear someone say, “Of course it’s about the money.”

Maybe your best isn’t very good by the world’s standards. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m not that interested in hearing your telephone conversation.

I grew up listening to 80’s music. But as a general rule, I have found 90’s music to be superior. Something seems to have gone wrong in the 80’s.

Bill Clinton’s single greatest act of diplomacy was convincing Fleetwood Mac to reunite for the 1992 Democrat convention.

Monday musings

We just got Windows 10 on our PC’s at work. I think this was supposed to excite us. I’m not impressed at all. Windows 10 is still Windows. It is beneath me.

I’m thinking of going for a run during the solar eclipse next month.

The mighty Phillies are on pace to finish the 2017 season with a 54-108 record.

The Memphis Tigers’ first football game is August 31, which is next month.

I am currently reading the first of a three-volume biography of Richard Nixon by Stephen Ambrose. It is a fabulous read.

Honestly, I am enjoying not going anywhere this summer. I’ve had a splendid time just working and being at home. The trick is to create a life for yourself that you don’t need to escape from.

A co-worker will sometimes bring donuts to the office. I don’t partake. When asked, I tell them I only eat donuts from Gibson’s. They ask where that is. It’s in Memphis.

My old dormitory at the University of Memphis is now a parking lot. The parking lot of my old dormitory is now a new dormitory.

Being a bandwagon fan has to be expensive, always having to buy new gear to support the latest champion.

I love summer, but summer is not the time you want to be breaking record high temperatures. That’s what you want to be doing in winter.

Friday’s random musings

There is folly even among the learned.

I think we are seeing #fakenews CNN in its death throes. They will remain defiant right to the end.

I guess we can now add the CNN logo to the left’s protected class of minority victims.

Now that the fake Russia meme is dead, the next fake meme is Trump’s mental health. This is ironic, because his accusers happen to be the most unhinged of all.

The Democrats & #fakenews thought they could destroy Trump’s presidency the way they did Bush 43’s. But reality has not been kind to progressives. They simply can’t beat The Donald.

Mortality rate before ObamaCare: 100%
Mortality rate during ObamaCare: 100%
Mortality rate after ObamaCare: 100%

What establishment politicians don’t understand is that industrious Americans typically don’t look to Washington to make their lives better. Moochers do that.

The older I get, the fewer things there are that I actually care about. And by that, I mean there are fewer and fewer things that I am willing to get upset over. I care a great deal about a few things, and don’t really care about the rest.

Who would have ever thought that Poland would represent the de facto capital of Free Europe? No wonder they love President Trump over there.

It has rained at my house literally every day in July. I haven’t been in my hammock for over a week because of this.

You might be a liberal if…

You believe President Trump is obligated to turn over his tax returns but states shouldn’t have to turn over their voting records.

Maxine Waters makes sense to you.

You believe President Trump defending himself on Twitter threatens our free press.

You believe President Trump is inciting conservatives to violence even though all the violence is being committed by leftists.

President Trump’s tweets have you so tied up in knots that you ignore all that is being accomplished economically.

You believe a $15/hour minimum wage is actually good for low-wage employees.

You believe the First Amendment grants the press immunity from criticism and also requires POTUS to grant access to reporters.

You believe Bernie Sanders is a man of the people.

You believe women should be treated like men but express outrage over Trump’s treatment of some women.

You believe illegal immigrants don’t vote.

You believe illegal immigrants do vote, and have no problem with this as long as they vote Democrat.

You would let someone deny you a second scoop of ice cream.

You complain that President Trump is denying the #fakenews media their First Amendment rights but also believe he should give up his First Amendment rights and stop tweeting.

You advocate all manner of crass treatment of POTUS and his family, but then complain that his tweets are “beneath the dignity of the presidency.”

You still cannot accept the election results — except the Democrat primary, which we all know was rigged for Hillary.

You would abolish the Second Amendment tomorrow if you could and take away everyone’s guns, but applaud a Bernie supporter who used a gathering of GOP congressmen and staffers as target practice.

You wasted an entire day trying to figure out the meaning of “covfefe,” but aren’t the least bit curious about what happened to Seth Rich.

Sunday musings

July 4th is the day after tomorrow. (Note to liberals: Cinco de Mayo is NOT the national holiday here in the U.S.) This July 4th seems so much more meaningful now that President Trump is in the White House and not that Hussein fellow.

Liberal feminists (both females and beta males) are so funny. They say they want to be treated like men. But when President Trump treats a woman like a man, they say it’s shameful how he treats women.

When leftists malign, lie about and belittle President Trump, his family and other conservatives, it’s called journalism or art. When The Donald hits back, it’s called bullying.

Democrats act as though repealing ObamaCare will mean and end to health care in the U.S. Their assertion that Republicans want to throw 22 million people off their health care and that thousands or tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands or millions wil die is just your typical, meaningless drivel from Democrats. It’s all they have. They are a party that is entirely bankrupt of both morals and ideas. In truth, a repeal of ObamaCare would merely take us back to what we enjoyed before ObamaCare, when the large majority of us already had medical coverage, could keep our doctors, and enjoyed lower premiums.

I don’t use SD cards anymore, but did you know they now make SD cards that hold 512GB of data? They aren’t cheap, but still. These things are only a little larger than your average postage stamp. How is this even possible?

My wife and I finally broke down and bought a new MacBook Air. I don’t really use a laptop anymore, but she still does and our years-old PC that ran Windows 10 at a snail’s pace had devolved to such a state of decrepitude that it was hardly usable anymore. So now our home has been entirely purged of all things Windows. Apple simply makes incredible products that cannot be beat.

Monday morning musings

I wonder how much longer George Soros is going to keep funding all these Republican election victories?

When Democrats talk about resisting, what is it they want to resist? More jobs? Fewer jihadists in the country? Americans no longer forced to buy medical insurance?

Donna Brazile recently tweeted “We need help in promoting the most progressive platform ever in the history of American politics. #Grateful @TheDemocrats.” Good. This is exactly what we want them to do. Double-down on what doesn’t work.

“The flat earth society has members all around the globe.”

Here’s a complete list of things taxpayers owe non-taxpayers:

“Radical Muslims are snakes. Moderate Muslims are the grass they hide in.”

How can the AHCA be a transfer of wealth from poor to rich? When did the poor get all this money?

Planned Parenthood poured $734,000 into Jon Ossoff’s campaign in Georgia-6. Since they receive several hundred million dollars from us taxpayers, isn’t this money laundering?

Liberals will always tell you their intentions because it’s what they accuse the opposition of doing.

According to Terry McAuliffe, 93 million Americans are killed every day by guns.

When was the last time you heard any Democrat attempt to inspire someone to greatness? They never lift up their victims. That’s because their victims must remain victims in order to be useful to Democrats.

All this talk of Democrats winning “moral victories” is ludicrous. Democrats have no morals, so there are no moral victories.

Short bursts (Sunday musings)

Republicans are apparently the only ones who have to follow the law anymore.

Truth is the worst thing that can happen to the Democrats.

The iOS 11 is coming this fall. These are always bigger than Christmas for me.

If you have to tell us you’re #realnews, it’s because you’re actually #fakenews.

“The Democrat Party finds a way to be critical of most everything in life that increases the enjoyment of life.” — Rush Limbaugh

“The position of Inventor is a hard and thankless one. The more fame a man gets from an invention, the more does he become a target for the world to shoot at — while no one seems to think the inventor deserving of pecuniary assistance.” — Alexander Graham Bell

“[Government] interference with marriage might only prompt immorality.” — Alexander Graham Bell on the topic of marriage of deaf persons

“Correspondence between distant places will in future be carried on electrically instead of by mail.” — Alexander Graham Bell in December, 1891

“In scientific experiments, there are no unsuccessful experiments. Every experiment contains a lesson.” — Alexander Graham Bell

The Democrat Party has a long history of domestic terrorism: slavery, KKK, lynchings, Jim Crow, Weathermen, Black Lives Matter, Antifa.

Not every MLB team deserves an All-Star selection. My beloved Phillies are evidence of this.

For all intents and purposes, the political left and civil rights activists have abandoned MLK’s dream of a color-blind society.