Friday musings

We have a VP whom the left criticizes because he won’t be alone with another woman. He replaced a VP who has been caught on video numerous times touching other women & young girls inappropriately. Of course, the left is fine with this.

The $500M Museum of the Bible opens tomorrow in Washington, D.C. I very much want to see this.

Q: What is Al Franken’s obligation to the Democrat Party now?
Me: Run for President in 2020.

If Roy Moore is forced out of his senate race, political power will forever shift from the voters to a small cadre of unscrupulous women willing to make false charges of sexual misconduct to scuttle whatever GOP candidates they don’t like.

Don’t think for a second that your average liberal feels genuine outrage over sexual maltreatment of women. The left is made up of miscreants who embrace all manner of perversion, debauchery, and sexual deviancy. The only thing they find immoral is morality itself.


Thursday’s things

One week from today is America’s first Trumpsgiving. The first Thanksgiving happened when the Pilgrims made nice with the Indians and had a feast. The first Trumpsgiving follows President Trump making nice with the Chinese, and I’d be perfectly content to feast on egg rolls and General Tso’s chicken. And maybe some pumpkin pie.

Someone at work had the audacity to ask me if I’m going to the Memphis-SMU game Saurday given the threat of storms. Of course I’m going. I have to go. I haven’t missed a single minute of a single game yet this season. The Tigers are 5-0 with me there. I. Have. To. Be. There.

Two weeks from Saturday, Lord willing, I will run my first St. Jude half-marathon in Memphis. It will be my 5th half-marathon overall. Monday is my final planned long run before the actual race.

So many great things are happening in America right now that it’s seemed like Christmas ever since January 20. Indeed, Trump Claus has been delivering good tidings to the American people at a frantic pace. Even if you’re naughty liberal or #fakenews reporter, good things are still happening in your country.

I am convinced that the allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore are fabricated. This is the establishment’s way of putting outsiders on notice. “If you challenge our power, this is what you can expect.” This is why it’s so important to drain the swamp.

I am also convinced that the GOP establishment was happier with Barack Obama in the White House than Donald Trump.

The last time I shaved was 3 weeks ago today.

College students go through a lot of money. If you think your pre-teen is expensive, just wait.

I do not miss watching the NBA this year. Too much pop culture and politics and not enough diversion. The art of competition should not come with such extraneous baggage.

I’ve always loved The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again for the closing line, “Meet the new boss/Same as the old boss.” But now the line, “And the beards have all grown longer overnight” carries a very special meaning, too.

Five for Tuesday

Roy Moore is going to win that senate seat in Alabama, and it won’t even be close. I am so thankful he didn’t cave to the pressure of dropping out of the race because of what I am convinced is a false charge of sexual misconduct. Democrats cannot win elections (except in a few diehard liberal enclaves) on ideas alone, so they have to resort to these sorts of tactics. And the establishment Republicans are right there with them. But what establishment Republicans don’t understand is that Democrats are not their friends. If the Democrats were successful in eliminating Roy Moore on trumped-up charges, then it would prove to them that they could rid the playing field of any Republican just by finding some woman to make a false charge of sexual misconduct. In other words, Democrats would hold Republicans to account for the things Democrat men actually do but area rarely held accountable for. Fortunately, the Deplorables have grown too wise to the way the game is played. We are numerous enough to swing elections when given the right candidate to support. These old political tricks don’t work anymore. The irony is that the political establishment and #fakenews media write us off as backwards hayseeds, but we’re the ones using smartphones while they’re stuck on two tin cans and string.

Liberalism corrupts everything it touches. Keurig is the most recent example. The NFL and ESPN are other examples. Just look at the declining fan base and shrinking viewership. It’s purely the result of liberalism.

Yesterday morning I went to the walk-in clinic with what I assumed was sinusitis. I typically get this in the fall and in the spring. Sometimes I can fight it off with OTC nose spray and Mucinex. But not this time. I assumed I’d walk out with an antibiotic prescription, and maybe even enjoy a steroid shot while I was there. Instead, the doctor said it was viral and prescribed a cough suppressant, steroid pack, steroid-based nose spray, and kept me on Mucinex. I had my doubts. But I had a good night’s sleep last night and right now I’m close to 100% recovered. I even ran a 5K a little while ago. And so maybe all I have is the common cold. I mean, does anyone even get colds anymore? It seems like we always chalk it up to sinusitis, but maybe we get colds more often than we think.

President Trump’s multi-national trip to Asia has been a smashing success. It’s perhaps the most successful foreign escapade by a POTUS since Reagan. The mainstream media has hardly covered it. They’ve been too consumed by #fakenews regarding Roy Moore. The reception President Trump gets at every stop illustrates how much he is respected internationally. He has made a number of trade deals that will no doubt benefit the U.S. Remember his complaint on the campaign trail that “their leaders are too smart for our leaders?” Indeed, the era of American incompetence on trade is now over. The last 10 months have likely been the most successful 10 months of any presidency in my lifetime.

Every year our Christmas list shrinks a little. Already my wife and I have finished more than half of our shopping, and it seems as though we haven’t hardly done anything. Every year, the material lure of Christmas becomes less and less. And I certainly don’t understand accruing debt just to buy Christmas gifts.

Quips I’ve seen on Twitter the past 48 hours

“Nice to see celebrities taking time off from raping each other to condemn prayer”

“Tell me how within 24 hrs we have suspect, motive, identified each weapon recovered in TX shooting but a month after Vegas we know nothing”

“Deranged, violent ppl cannot be given the power to strip law-abiding ppl of the right to protect themselves, but that’s what the Left wants.”

“Terrorists don’t just come from other countries. They don’t just come from ISIS. Sometimes terrorists come straight from the American left.”

“Liberals are more dangerous than guns.”

“There are only two nearly universal characteristics of those who stop mass shooters: They’re men and they use guns.”

“Rush: Question: How many of these mass murderers have been members of the NRA? Answer: Zip, zilch, zero, nada!”

“Shooter apparently hated Republicans and Christians and so left blames Republicans and Christians for his rampage. Now that’s leftist logic.”

“In what world would you try to put General Michael Flynn in jail, but let Bowe Bergdahl off? #wtf #Insanity”

“Mocking good hard working & God fearing Americans for praying probably isn’t the best strategy for smug Dems, but they can’t help themselves”

“27 Kids & Adults are killed while attending Church; the Democrat Party is racked w/ Scandal… the Media wants to talk about Feeding Fish 🐠”

“Hillary and Bill take millions from Russia and then buy the DNC. So was the DNC financed by Russia?”

“Secret Service: Man who reportedly traveled to DC to kill ‘all white police’ at White House arrested.”

“Planned Parenthood tells black women it’s safer to kill their unborn babies than protect them. #prolife”

“The NFL is getting to the point where they may never recover from this protest. And what did it achieve? Nothing.”

Thursday’s things

Congratulations to the Houston Astros and their long-suffering fan base on finally winning a championship after 56 years. If my own team can’t win, then I usually prefer to watch a team win that has never won before. And so the number of MLB teams that have never won a World Series has decreased from 8 to 7.

Once again, baseball season bled over into November. I’m not complaining about this. It just seems unnatural.

Today is no shave day 7. Soon is will be time to start grooming the beard.

It’s funny watching Democrats and the #fakenews media complain about President Trump’s politicization of the latest NYC terrorist attack, while also complaining about his reaction to it contrasted with his reaction to the Las Vegas shooting. In truth, this is projection. It is the left who ALWAYS politicizes these things. And it is also the the left that wants to ban guns but not terrorists. Trump’s reaction to the two events was much more consistent.

Rush Limbaugh yesterday: “It is Sharia Law supremacy that produces ISIS.”

As seen on Twitter two days ago: “Liberals create political ad of man running down people in a truck, yet won’t back travel ban to stop man running down people with a truck.”

I turn 48 in 15 days.

As soon as the calendar flips to November, it’s as though it’s Christmas already. I enjoy Christmas, but I also enjoy the autumn too much to let it go after Halloween. Right now, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. Let it be Thanksgiving season. Christmas will be here soon. It isn’t time for that yet.

According to Wikipedia, three of the four largest cities in the world are in China.

College basketball starts now. I have no idea what to expect from Memphis this year. I’m only familiar with a couple of players on the team because there has been so much turnover. I’ll enjoy it if we’re good, and I’ll try not to obsess over it too much if we’re not.

Tuesday’s thoughts

The difference between joy and pleasure is that pleasure is fleeting. Joy is long-term.

If you have a gift such as art or music, don’t take it for granted. There are many who long to be so blessed.

Sexual harassment claims are surfacing exponentially since the Harvey Weinstein story broke a few weeks ago. It seems that the accused are all on the same side politically that accuses its opponents of waging a war on women.

For the first time I can remember, we have a pair of 100-game winners facing off in the World Series. The Houston Astros have never won a Fall Classic, and it is for this reason I am in their corner.

Finally, more than a month since the autumnal equinox, we have bonafide chilly fall weather. And I am loving it.

Senator Bob Corker is upset by his own irrelevancy. That’s why he’s behaving like a spoiled child.

Never Trumpers are not wrangling with the problems that are actually plaguing the country. To them, Trump is the problem. But all Trump is doing is fixing the things the political establishment has broken in the first place.

I never thought I’d see the day when Jimmy Carter would be on our side. But here we are.

I and a lot of others are now convinced that the Robert Mueller investigation of Trump’s non-collusion with Russia is in reality an effort to cover-up and erase evidence of the Obama administration’s actual collusion with Russia. This is quite possibly the deepest political scandal at least during my lifetime.

If a Republican candidate for Congress is not 100% on board with the Trump agenda, he/she is not worthy of our votes. This is the only qualifier that matters.

Four for Thursday

We already knew about Hillary’s sale of uranium to Russia back when she was Secretary of State. But now we’re learning about the Obama administration’s cover-up and also that Robert Mueller, who is presumably investigating President Trump’s collusion with Russia, was also a player. The depths of the Obama/Hillary ring of corruption appears to be limitless. Also, what is Jeff Sessions and the DOJ going to do about any of this? Are we just going to have to watch liberal Democrats walk away from their crimes without any sort of prosecution like always? Or is Sessions finally going to put justice back in the Department of Justice?

“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.” Of course, Paul wrote this during the 1st century A.D. You might say humanity has changed since then. We’ve gotten smarter, right? Don’t fool yourself. The wise King Solomon wrote about 3,000 years ago, “There is nothing new under the sun.” That’s still applicable today. We haven’t thought of anything new. Man’s depravity is what it has always been. True, we have better technology now, but all that enables us to do is broadcast our foolishness much quicker and to more people. But it hasn’t made us any less depraved.

Ever since Harvey Weinstein’s long and prolific harassment of women became public knowledge just a couple of weeks ago, Hollywood has entertained us with a parade of accusers and accused. (You have to wonder if someone is eventually going to make a movie about all this.) These are the feminists, you know, women’s rights and all. These are the ones who pretend to be outraged over something Donald Trump said on tape several years ago. Well, Weinstein, and apparently many others, actually did those things. I do enjoy watching liberals eat their own. The only thing left now is to take down the “HOLLYWOOD” sign, since it has become a symbol of female oppression and objectification.

The NBA regular season began the evening before last, and I couldn’t care less. It has become as meaningless as the NFL. Fortunately, Adam Silver got a handle on any potential National Anthem protests before they got started. It was a smart move. But you’ve still got coaches spouting off their liberalism and LeBron James whining about racial oppression. In truth, I had already been losing interest in the NBA before now. With the emergence of a handful of “super teams,” there really isn’t any suspense left. The first two rounds of the playoffs are just a formality to sell more tickets and TV rights. David Fizdale’s comments a couple of months ago, where he called us Trump defenders “sick or just plain stupid” finally sent me over the edge. It’s not that I’m boycotting like the NFL. It’s that I just don’t care anymore. The NBA is no longer a worthwhile diversion, so I’m seeking other diversions. I’m a man of many and varied interests. I’ll find something.

Sunday musings (unfettered liberal bashing)

The liberal mind is programmed to turn every crisis — both real and imaginary — into a scheme to usurp our individual liberties and expand government power (gun control, climate change, ObamaCare).

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have introduced a slave reparations bill. I really do wish the Democrats would make this a prominant campaign issue for next year’s mid-term election.

You remember in the Old Testament when Israelites worshipped idols & sacrificed children? God called it “detestable.” That’s the Democrats.

The left embraces literally every form of perversion & abomination known to man. What offends them are God, guns & nuclear families.

Just within the past couple of days, the state of California has: 1) ended lifetime registration for some sex offenders, 2) de-criminalized knowingly infecting someone with HIV under the ridiculous moniker #HIVIsNotACrime, 3) made itself a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants and 4) passed a bill that criminalizes the misuse of gender pronouns. I really do wish the Democrats would make these prominant campaign issues for next year’s mid-term election.

Seen on Twitter: “So HIV coated bullets get immunity.”

From a friend on Twitter: “The funny thing about #HandsOffMyBC is that Trump’s order does exactly that.” In truth, presidential action was required to prevent the authoritarian and anti-Christian left from forcing Christians to pay for birth control. No one’s birth control is being taken away or banned. It just means that some Americans will now have to pay for their own birth control out-of-pocket. Birth control is not very expensive. And, unlike guns, birth control is not a Constitutional right.

Adapted from something written by the same friend on Twitter: “The NRA gets blamed for things it doesn’t do. Planned Parenthood and jihadists escape blame for things they actually do.”

Also seen on Twitter:
“Feminists: I want the government to stay out of my uterus!
Also Feminists: I want the government to pay for my birth control!”

“Leftists: ‘Trump is a fascist!’
Also Leftists: ‘I DEMAND that Trump take away our inalienable Second Amendment rights, NOW!’”

Defending the Second Amendment is a never-ending endeavor against genuinely ignorant people.

Liberals have the hardest time differentiating between legal immigration and illegal immigration.

Leftists continue to feign outrage over something boorish President Trump said several years ago that was caught on tape. They also apparently ignored and covered up Harvey Weinstein’s rampant sexual misconduct for decades. But Weinstein is a Democrat-in-good-standing. I mean, can you really blame liberal feminists for their contempt for men? After all, look at the men Democrat women are surrounded by: Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, the list is a long one. They don’t typically run in the same circles as God-fearing, family-type, monogamous men. When the only men you can attract are perverts, then your general view of men is going to be perverted.

We have just learned that the NFL Players’ Union teamed up with George Soros to fund leftist advocacy groups. And I am totally not surprised.

From a different friend on Twitter: “I’m gonna trust the framers of our Constitution over a bunch of [individuals] that were born with [male anatomy] yet somehow think they are female.”

Every time Republicans introduce something that isn’t socialist, Bernie Sanders immediately starts blathering that people are going to die. (However, I’m beginning to perceive this as an actual threat and not just some crackpot prediction.)

Whenever the real news doesn’t fit the left’s narrative — and it rarely does — they simply change the news to fit the narrative. That, in a nutshell, is how we get #fakenews.

Liberals are so cute when they throw around gun lingo like “bump stock.”

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers came under intense fire from the sports media (both female reporters and their beta male counterparts) after he responded to a female reporter’s question with the remark, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.” Newton was more or less shamed into an apology, and this wasn’t just an apology. It was groveling. The irony here is that we have been heretofore told that we can’t criticize NFL players for exercising their Constitutional right to free speech. We simply cannot tell them what to do. They can disrespect the American flag and all that it stands for all they want. But apparently they are not allowed to state the obvious if it involves female reporters.

The genius of the Founding Fathers is illustrated every single day, usually by liberals.

The left routinely compares President Trump with Hitler and the Nazis. But they do this with a lot of Republicans. The irony is that Hitler advocated things like socialized medicine and gun control.

Tomorrow is Columbus Day. Christopher Columbus is one of my all-time heroes, almost up there with Richard Nixon. I do enjoy lionizing historical figures the left despises.

Friday musings

I suppose that even the best places to work have a malcontent here and there, someone who just isn’t going to be happy no matter what and complains about office morale. My experience with these people is that their complaints about office morale are just projection. They are projecting their own poor morale onto the rest of the office, when everyone else’s morale may be just fine. Ironically, the malcontents tend to be the single biggest drain on morale in the workplace, and not their perceived slights.

Even though the number of publicly-funded health departments far outweighs the volume of Planned Parenthood clinics, progressives assert that ending federal funding for Planned Parenthood will render health care unobtainable for a large number of low income women. It’s as if only men will have access to health care. They must think we live under Sharia Law or something.

David Bowie is one of my top 5 favorite musicians. I have developed a particular fondness for his “Berlin trilogy” (1977-1979). No matter which Bowie album I happen to be listening to, every once in a while I’ll come across a part and think, ”Whoa, that’s kinda strange.”

The Memphis Grizzlies lost $40M last year. But let’s go ahead and get political and alienate part of the fan base.

Total revenues to the University of Memphis athletic department last year were slightly in excess of $50M. I didn’t realize it was that much. I’m impressed, given that we don’t receive Power 5 television revenue.

Today is the first day of autumn, normally an absolutely glorious day, except it has felt like summer for the past week. Soon we will commence the search for cool October.

Training for my next half-marathon begins a week from Sunday. As always, I’m partly excited, partly intimidated, partly optimistic, partly doubtful. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Rhys Hoskins, a Phillies’ rookie, has 45 runs batted in with only 140 at bats.

The Democrats are on their heels and the #fakenews media are in disarray, yet the Trump administration is being falsely portrayed as chaotic. The Obama administration was corrupt to a degree that one can only imagine, yet Trump is the one under investigation. Who can know how many crimes are being ignored on the left while Robert Muller continues his fishing expedition into Trump’s past, where no charges have even been made? All we can do is press forward and help drain the swamp.

I’m still learning the ropes of iOS 11, but, like all other previous versions of iOS, I’m amazed by what these devices can do.

Sunday musings

Democrats are accusing President Trump of stealing the election because it’s what they do. Progressives do not understand those who don’t operate the way they do.

I am convinced there is a large number of leftists in the Democrat Party and #fakenews media who want Irma to inflict maximum damage on Florida and its people in order to advance their political agenda of climate change, to give them ammunition against President Trump, and to punish Floridians for voting for Trump.

From “Nixon Volume III” by Stephen E. Ambrose: “The Democrats, justifiably outraged by the actions of Richard Nixon and his friends, made unjustified comparisons of Nixon with Hitler, talked darkly about the coming of fascism to America.” This was in 1973. Indeed, some things never change.

“I think it is time in this country to quit making national heroes out of those who steal secrets and publish them in the newspapers.” — Richard M. Nixon in 1973

Planned Parenthood is like your worst hacker film. It’s always the same plot. Two go in but only one comes out.

President Trump’s approval number — even the lowball number typically cited by #fakenews — is higher than that for Congress and the news media combined.

Donald J. Trump is one of the world’s great men before whom criticism can make but feeble show.

Today begins my second year of #boycottNFL. I honestly have not missed it. I have many interests that have rushed in to fill the void.

Liberals: “You can’t use one weather event to say climate change isn’t occurring.”
Also liberals: “See, this one hurricane is proof of climate change.”

The “dreamers” the left is wringing its hands over were unaccompanied minors imported from Central America. Thus, Obama was the one who broke up families. Also, President Obama was the one who built a sunset provision into his DACA order. But opponents of DACA are still called racist and accused of wanting to break up families.