Tuesday quick-hitters

The #fakenews media’s infatuation with North Korea at the Winter Olympics is astonishing but not surprising, Apparently, they are operating from the belief that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Since they have made President Trump their enemy, guess who their friends are? They are so deranged by their own hate that they would trade the world’s last best hope for a Communist dictator who starves his own people and threatens the world with nukes.

If you are constantly seeking victim status, then a victim is all you’ll ever be. And what a waste of talent that is.

Baseball is the perfect drama. The script is being written while the game unfolds. No one knows how it will end. It is not choreographed or staged. There is no clock. Anyone can become the hero; anyone can play the goat.

When Obama lies, is it considered tawriya?

Memphis basketball seems to do best with a crook as head coach. So can we just go out and hire a crook who knows how to win and ride the wave until the NCAA catches up with us?

Liberalism corrupts everything it touches. It’s the Midas touch in reverse.

If you vote Democrat and live in a city and/or state that is run by Democrats, and all you ever do is complain about victimhood, why are you still voting Democrat? At some point, don’t you have to make the logical connection between Democrats and dysfunction?

Given the revelation that Hollywood is filled with debauchery and degeneracy, and given that their awards shows are just Trump bashes, I can never again watch a movie the same way I used to.

I love the people of Memphis. They are always very kind to me. But they elect literal clowns to political office and I want to grab their shoulders and shake them and ask what on earth are they thinking?

I used to think Don Quixote was Donkey Otey. So if I ever end up with a pet donkey, I will name him Otey, which seems the perfect name for a donkey anyway.

Every atoll is an island, but not ever island is an atoll.


Five for Tuesday

I keep thinking today is Monday, but it’s Tuesday. I’m coming out of an upper respiratory infection, I’m heavily medicated, and the past 3 days are like a fog.

Tonight is President Trump’s first State-of-the-Union Address. I’m sure it’s going to be great, the best ever, and we’re all going to love it. Unless you prefer losing, then you’re not going to like it very much. I can’t remember the last SOTU I watched. I think I only saw one of Obama’s, but I can’t remember which one.

The best summary I’ve ever seen of the fake Russian dossier scandal came in a tweet earlier today: “Clinton hired Fusion who hired Steele, who gets played by Putin disinfo. FBI used this disinfo in part to gain FISA. Rogue Obama officials use phony FISA to unmask Trump officials. Schiff and Dems leak to media operatives, who build a narrative. And Trump colluded?” If heads don’t roll after this, then we can no longer call ourselves a nation of laws.

The day after tomorrow is February 1. It’s the last month of the meteorological winter. Thank God. Spring cannot get here soon enough.

Apparently, the Grammy Awards were what all awards shows have turned into: a Trump bash. It was the least-watched Grammy Awards ever. If we actually cared what entertainers think about anything, Hillary would have won.

Five for Tuesday

Whatever happened to embryonic stem-cell research? This used to be all the rage on the left. It was going to cure Parkinson’s and cause the lame to walk. But nothing ever came of it.

I don’t buy into the notion of “tanking.” This is an argument being made by a faction of Memphis Grizzlies’ fans, that the team should literally play to lose so as to achieve as high a draft pick as possible. They aren’t going to the playoffs this year, and seem to have nothing to gain by trying to win. This goes against everything I believe in. That the Grizzlies aren’t very good this year is no surprise. They are a team in decline, and have been for a couple of years. But you owe it to yourselves and your fans to do your best to win every time you play. Historically, the Grizzlies have not drafted well, so what’s a high draft pick going to guarantee? If your argument for losing now is so you can win later, why not just try to win now?

According to the Democrat Party, illegal immigrants are dreamers and American citizens are deplorables.

Yesterday was the first time I can ever remember the Republicans winning a budget showdown against the Democrats.

I am ending my NFL boycott long enough to point out that the place kickers for both teams in the Super Bowl played for Memphis. And now I will resume my boycott of the NFL.

Friday quick-hitters

Just because you want something to be true doesn’t make it true. And just because you don’t want something to be true doesn’t mean it’s not. Skepticism is healthy. If you are to err, err toward leniency. Rumors are just hearsay. The more a rumor is told, the more likely it has been altered from its original form.

Be cordial toward children. Someday they will grow into adults and will remember how you treated them when they were growing up.

If you are a Christian, it is important to treat those who live unbiblically with dignity. When Christ commanded us to love one another, He listed no exclusions.

Snow takes an incredibly long time to melt.

Don’t ridicule the work of others (as long as it’s legal & ethical). Just because it doesn’t seem important to you doesn’t mean it isn’t important to the other person.

Perhaps the most dastardly element of progressivism is that progressives more or less advocate stealing from other people’s labor. To me, there are few actions lower than confiscating hours from a person’s life. This is why I prefer consumption-based taxes in favor of income taxes.

If the Democrats force a government shutdown over DACA, I have calculated that 19,374 Americans will die every day of the shutdown. This is in addition to the deaths that have already occurred because of the Trump tax cuts, overturning net neutrality, and pulling out of the Paris climate accord. However, this does not include the number of deaths that have occurred by women obtaining “health care services” at Planned Parenthood.

We do not yet fully understand the level of corruption that occurred during the Obama presidency. I would say that nothing about Democrats can shock me anymore, but I do believe we would be shocked.

It is not an understatement to assert that liberals care more about foreign-born residents who come here illegally than native-born and naturalized citizens, care more about those who don’t earn a paycheck than those who do, care more about Muslim jihadists than peaceful Christians, care more about criminals than law-abiding citizens, and care more about National Anthem protesters than those who stand. I could go further, but you get the point.

It is your job to invest in your own retirement. The earlier you get started, the better. If you’re banking on Social Security to get you through, you’re going to be thoroughly disappointed, and by then it will be too late. Don’t just depend on government.

Quick hitters

Sometimes my typos are more accurate than what I actually meant to type.

Good things happen when you stop taking yourself so seriously.

Most every weatherman has a smart-aleck bubbling just underneath. Most of us are able to keep it contained most of the time.

Just once I would like to experience a hurricane.

The 20-year-old went back to Memphis today to begin the spring semester. So now we’re back to an empty nest until May.

Rush is right. We have to redefine “smart.” There are too many people considered smart who are really just imbeciles.

Thirty years ago this year I graduated from high school, went through basic training, and somehow found myself in Naples, Italy.

People, please, put away your car flags.

Pitchers and catchers report in about six weeks.

I never mention the people I am ignoring, because if I did, I wouldn’t be ignoring them.

Random thoughts on the first day of 2018

Those who were born in 1978 will turn 40 this year. Those who were born in 1969 will turn 50 next year.

“Don’t give what is holy to dogs or toss your pearls before pigs, or they will trample them with their feet, turn, and tear you to pieces.”

In the grand scheme of things, many of the things I concern myself with are quite meaningless.

Why can’t there be one universal password for everything that you are never required to change?

This morning, my wife and I enjoyed breakfast at Cracker Barrel — did you know their servers now take your order using an iPad? — went grocery shopping, then we took down Christmas decorations. I never turned my iPhone on in earnest until after 3 p.m. I answered a text from my brother, another from a friend, and used my Wal-Mart Pay app for the groceries. And that was it. I really didn’t miss anything, either. Perhaps I should make this more of a habit.

I went to the walk-in clinic in November, and again in December, basically with the same set of symptoms. In December, the doctor, in addition to a prescription, suggested I try green tea with a honey drop. So about every day I’ve been drinking green tea with a Ricola lemon-honey drop. I’m not suggesting that by itself is the reason why I’ve been well ever since, but I have been well ever since.

It goes without saying that I’m not doing any resolutions for 2018. I never do New Year’s resolutions. If a resolution is seriously needed, I’ll make it right there on the spot.

I’m convinced that I am being trolled and/or stalked by the song “Sweet Caroline.” It’s more than just coincidence now. It is everywhere I go. No place is safe. Nothing is immune.

This morning while walking the dog in 9° air, I noticed tiny ice crystals, almost like glitter, floating in the air. It wasn’t snow. The sky was clear. It was the result of a process called “sublimation,” where water vapor in the atmosphere changes state directly to ice, thereby skipping the liquid phase altogether. It’s a rarity. It has to be really, really cold to do this.

Christmas was very good to me. I was able to visit with a lot of family and most of my close friends.

I’ve run a total of six 5K’s since the St. Jude half-marathon 30 days ago. Other than last February, when I was recovering from a torn calf muscle, it has been many years since I’ve run so little. Part of it was a self-imposed break after the December 2 race, but also I’ve dealt with the aforementioned illness, and it’s otherwise just too cold for me to run. And I can run even when it’s in the 20’s (as long as it’s sunny with no wind). I’m going stir crazy, but still refuse to run on a treadmill. I just can’t make myself do it. I suppose it’s meant for me to take a bit of a break. After all, I start training for my next half-marathon in just two months. And I’m not exactly getting any younger. I’ll get back to normal running as soon as it gets a little warmer. There is a season for everything.

Saturday ramblings

Barack Hussein Obama was my president for 8 years. I will not reiterate my disdain for the man. I’m over it. I voted for two bums in 2008 and 2012 in order to keep Obama out of office, but to no avail. Nonetheless, I was perfectly happy during the 8 years of 2009-2017. I have too many things going for me to let a socialist steal my joy. I got through the Obama presidency in good order. I never fantasized about his assassination, nor did I ever wake up wondering if that day would be the day of his impeachment. That progressives are so emotionally distraught and so hate-filled toward President Trump says a great deal more about them than The Donald. It’s going to be along 8 years for them. They’d be much happier if they practiced gratitude and found more constructive things to do, but liberalism strips a person of all logic and fills him with irrational hate and fear.

Nikki Haley has more male anatomy than most liberal men.

Rush Limbaugh is taking off the next two weeks. I never miss a single minute of the Rush Limbaugh Show. (I listen to the podcast.) He helps keep me informed, gives me optimism, and provides unique ways to look at things that no one else does. I never listen to the guest hosts who run the show when he’s absent. It’s not that they aren’t good. They just aren’t Rush. Honestly, I’m looking forward to a diversion from politics these next two weeks. So I’m taking a break, too.

The term “major flash flooding” has been greatly watered down. Some people think of major flash flooding as rivulets running through their yards or across their driveways. To me, major flash flooding means cars floating down the street.

We are coming up on the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration (seven more to go!). This has been the greatest single year of any presidency during my lifetime, including Ronald Reagan.

I am convinced that liberals would rather pay more in taxes just to keep a rich person from paying less. You can accuse them of many things. Rationality is not one of them.

It’s getting to the point that I have to pause and do the math before I can tell you how old I am.

I trust big corporations before I trust government.

My pastor is convinced that the one-world government under antichrist will be an amalgam of Islam and Catholicism. I read the headlines, too, and become more convinced of this myself every day.

I enjoy college sports as much as anyone, but college sports isn’t worth abusing people over. It’s just college sports, and nothing more.

I’m looking forward to having more money in my pocket starting next year, but I’m also keenly interested in the long-term impact on my 401(k) that will result from cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%.

American exceptionalism is most evident when Americans put America first.

Quick hits (a handful of my tweets from the past 72 hours)

Either #fakenews is deliberately fake or grossly incompetent. And I don’t know which is worse.

Dear supporters, advocates & donors of @PPact, President Trump isn’t the one leading us toward genocide. You’ve already done that yourselves.

You might be a liberal if you believe letting Americans keep more of what they earn is evil, but the wanton killing of the unborn is just dandy.

You might be a liberal if you support wide-open abortion rights, but your response to every single piece of GOP legislation is, “People will die.”

I know “eta” is an acronym used in travel, but I always think of the Greek alphabet first. It goes back to Dynamic Meteorology in college, where equations are all Greek letters instead of actual numbers.

Saturday I had the pleasure of watching a college basketball game and the Army-Navy game back-to-back. The latter gave us a heavy dose of unfettered patriotism and a mighty good football game. The NFL cannot compete with this, so the TV was off Sunday.

Conservative ideology is rooted in the rights to life, liberty & pursuit of happiness. Yet our political opponents say we lack compassion. But conservatism is the very embodiment of compassion, because the opposite is death, bondage & despair.

Peter asked Jesus, “Where are we going to go?” He didn’t ask this because he lacked direction. He asked this because he knew we only have one option.

Isn’t it ironic that there is still so much racial agitation even after 8 years of the first black president? It’s almost as if reconciliation isn’t the objective. All they ever want is to be permanently outraged.

We have come half-circle. The supposed purveyors of civil rights have become the narrow-minded bigots previous generations of activists sought emancipation from. A complete reversal of roles.

Trump has already done more economically for persons of color than Obama ever hoped to.

A lot of Memphis fans are upset with Tubby & the program. I have no doubt he’s coaching the best he can. A lot of players transferred out after last season so he had to get players from somewhere. So this is what we are this year. Deal with it.

Wednesday quick hits

Table salt is made up of sodium and chlorine. Yet we always refer to it as “sodium.” How come we never refer to salt content as “high chlorine” or “low chlorine?”

While running in Memphis on Saturday, I passed the Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest statues, both currently embattled. I very discreetly waved to both.

The University of Memphis has signed football coach Mike Norvell to a 5-year, $13M contract extension that will pay him an average of $2.6M annually. I don’t know that he’ll still be here in 5 years, but it is a relief and a bit of a surprise that he’ll at least be back in 2018. Of course, this is by far the most we’ve ever paid a football coach. It may translate to higher ticket prices next season, which is fine. Success does come at a price. So be it.

Democrats are literally saying that GOP tax reform will result in people dying. This is how desperate they are to prevent you and me from keeping more of our own money.

People born in 1958 will turn 60 next year.

The Mueller investigation is unconstitutional in every way. It is nothing more than the swamp trying to overturn an election with which it does not agree. It’s about us as much as it’s about President Trump. After all, we’re the ones who elected him.

The best proposal I’ve come across for an 8-team college football playoff goes like this: all 5 power conference champions get in, plus the highest-ranked non-power 5 school, plus two wild cards. The lower seeds play at the home of the higher seeds in mid-December.

Is there anyone in the entertainment industry who is not a pervert, an adulterer, and/or a pedophile? Do you not laugh when they lecture us about morality?

According to Wikipedia, the largest city in the world is Chongqing, China, with a population of 30,165,000.

The full gay BLT acronym is now “LGBTQQIP2SAA.” It reminds me of a remark you can sometimes find in an official weather observation, which is “LGTICCCCG.” It stands for “lighting in cloud, cloud to cloud, cloud to ground.”

Monday musings

I don’t get into all this class warfare nonsense. I have great admiration for rich people and corporations. Thank goodness for the wealth creators in society. Also, I love Wall Street. Wall Street is not the enemy. Most of my retirement is being funded by investments in American corporations and Wall Street. Cut their taxes. End the immoral estate tax. Stop making rich people and corporations the fall guy for failed liberal policies. Let’s stop attacking the producers and rewarding the moochers. It’s completely backwards.

The senior class on the University of Memphis football team is the winningest class of all-time — currently 37-13, with two games left to play. I’ve been to 22 of the 26 home games the last 4 years. They are 19-3 in those 22 games. I never expected to see anything like this in Memphis.

It’s really not for me to say what someone else should have done or should not have done never having walked a mile in that person’s shoes. How easy it is for us to pontificate on matters in which we do not have a vested interest.

The mute feature on Twitter is awesome! I have stopped blocking foolish people and started muting them instead. That way they can prattle on for as long as they want and I never see a word of it.

After an impressive start to the season, the Memphis Grizzlies have imploded. I’m not surprised. They are a team in decline. And I don’t care one whit. As long as David Fizdale is the coach, I can’t muster even the slightest interest. I’m not blaming him for the decline. They’d be losing regardless of the coach. But David Fizdale has made a crusade out of ridding Memphis of its Confederate statues. And I’m tired of race and politics being dragged into everything. So go ahead and take down the statues. And when no one’s life gets any better, then what? Indeed, liberals are famous for solving problems that don’t exist and ignoring ones that do.

If you are an atheist or other non-believer, I really couldn’t care less what you think about the Christian faith.


Whatever the mainstream media says about anything, believe the opposite. Better yet, ignore the mainstream media.

I have literally just learned that the Grizzlies have fired David Fizdale. I can now be a Grizzlies’ fan again, even though they are a team in decline.