A few thoughts on last night’s State-of-the-Union speech

Last evening I watched President Trump’s first State-of-the-Union address. I deliberately set my iPhone aside because I didn’t want to live tweet. I wanted no distractions. I saved everything until after the President was finished. Here’s what I had to say afterwards.

“That was quite possibly the greatest political speech I have ever heard in my life. Trump’s message was pro-freedom, pro-capitalism, pro-achievement, non-partisan, and AMERICA FIRST! #sotu”

“Not since Reagan have we had a president as positively pro-American as Trump. In my lifetime, there’s Reagan, there’s Trump, and no one else compares. #sotu”

“If you were like those dejected Democrats sitting on their hands, you were either reading #fakenews subtitles with the volume muted, or you just really enjoy losing. Trump was simply awesome! #sotu”

“President Trump didn’t criticize the Democrats a single time last night. He didn’t have to. He did something far more damaging. He exposed them right there on national TV for all to see. #sotu”

“President Trump’s #sotu was not about him. It was about us. It was about the American worker, the American hero, the American military, the American company, the American dreamer, the American brand. We are all winning and even greater things are possible.”


The motivation behind the Schumer shutdown

The Maha Rushie went into a detailed explanation on Friday’s show regarding the true motive behind the Democrats’ shutdown of the federal government, and the state of the Democrat Party’s voter base in general:

But they can vote because they can figure out how to get on a bus and be driven to where you pull a lever and then go back to the tenement where they live where they’ll probably be forgotten about ’til the next two years ’til the Democrats need ’em again! All the while, we’re told it’s the Republicans that are making ’em poor! We’re told it’s the Republicans that don’t care about ’em! In fact, it’s the Democrats who bring ’em in poor, want them poor, and keep them poor by making sure they never learn how to be self-sufficient! And that leads to an ever-enlarging government that needs to take care of all these people and an ever increasing part of the population thinks that government’s purpose is to take care of them. And right there are people like Chuck You Schumer saying, “Yep, you got it. That’s what we’re here for. Keep voting where you see that big D! In fact, you don’t even have to see the big D. We’ll tell you how to vote. We’ll show you the ballot, we’ll tell you what to do, and then we’ll get you the hell out of there and back to your hut or your tenement where you live and we’ll see you the next couple of years and do that again.” And that’s what this is. This is making sure that there’s enough poverty-stricken people who can’t get by without the government taking care of them, led by the Democrat Party. That’s what this is. An opportunity for the Democrats to blame the squalid conditions that many Democrat voters live in on the Republican Party!


Stable genius

The whole Russia collusion non-story the Democrats & #fakenews media concocted to try to get President Trump impeached not only did not succeed, but is now backfiring by pulling the curtain on the Democrats and deep state bureaucrats who really did collude with the Russians. In other words, the false Russian collusion meme was nothing more than Trump’s (and America’s) political enemies attempting to project their own crimes onto Trump.

Now that the Russia collusion lie has been thoroughly and laughably debunked, the Democrats and #fakenews media are trying to paint President Trump as mentally unstable and child-like. And now we’ve got the book to prove it! Except Donald Trump is quite possible the most sane, rational and accomplished politician in all of Washington. This is the outsider who took down the Bush and Clinton machines, the #fakenews media, election cheaters, and the deep state and won the presidency against incredible odds. The man isn’t only mentally stable. He’s also a genius.

So what we’re left with, again, is leftist projection. You see, it is the Democrat Party and #fakenews media that are cracking up mentally, completely unfit to survive in the rational world in which President Trump and we deplorables operate, and are also child-like in their unwillingness to properly cope with their candidate losing the 2016 presidential election. Once again, everything the left is accusing Trump of is mere projection.

These are the days

Last evening, my 20-year-old texted me with the pithy, but knowing phrase, “Trump’s tweet.” So I checked Trump’s latest tweet, and it was this gem:

This is exactly why I voted for The Donald. The pot-bellied dictator is a chump, and so Trump gives him treatment deserving a chump. It’s classic Trump braggadocio, and I just love this stuff.

A little while later, I received another text to check Trump’s newest offering, and I almost laughed out loud:

I told my son that President Trump is having the time of his life right now. He is who he is. The Democrats and #fakenews media are who they are. Trump’s base is still completely intact, and is probably somewhat larger than on Election Day due to all the winning. And so Trump is being himself, unfazed by it all, watching the media crack up and fall over themselves. What a great time to be alive.

Donald Trump is turning America around

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh went through a long list of accomplishments already achieved by President Trump. This has to be done regularly, because all the MSM is doing is reporting #fakenews and ignoring the real stuff. So here’s an excerpt from Rush:

Trump is, I firmly believe, on the verge here of setting up a fairly and friendly set of market forces that are going to spur innovation, entrepreneurism, and competition throughout the world with his trade deals! Despite what you and everybody else in the world is hearing from propaganda media, we are trending in all of the right directions, not just economically. In terms of the judiciary, Trump is doing the right things in the appointing of judges. Remember, the judiciary is the left’s insurance policy for losing elections. … We have a stronger and more focused military, stronger, more efficient, better trained, more focused, better funded military. We are gaining on terrorism. ISIS has been defeated. Putin is pulling troops out of Syria. ISIS has been defeated! You’re not hearing a word about it because it makes Obama look very bad and Trump very good. We are producing massive and abundant energy. We’re producing enough for the world, folks! Fracking has meant such a huge difference. We’ve got natural gas more than we know what to do with. The same thing for fossil fuels and oil. We have no threats facing us on the energy front. In fact, prices are lower — consumer prices are lower — than they’ve been in a long time, supplies are plentiful, and we keep finding more. We have become a seller nation when it comes to energy rather than dependents dependent on foreign sources, an importer.


Salem Witch Trials, 2017 – ?

We have entered a new phase of American politics with the character and political assassination of Roy Moore in Alabama. The Alabama special election has provided the prototype for what I fully expect will be more attempts by Democrats (with the complicity of establishment Republicans) to discourage and/or destroy the candidacies of perfectly viable Republican male politicians who are outsiders and deemed unacceptable to the ruling class. They will not stand for another Donald Trump to come along and win an election.

All it takes, apparently, is for a small cadre of Democrat women to come forward to make accusations of sexual impropriety against the candidates that are both unproven and unprovable. American society has unfortunately been conditioned into the mindset that female accusers are to be believed, absolutely and no matter what. According to polling data, a majority of Alabama voters actually believed the accusers more than the accused, in spite of a dearth of actual evidence and the fact that a yearbook supposedly signed by Moore decades ago that was presented as evidence was ultimately proven a forgery.

Despite the fact that the large majority of sexual misconduct has been perpetrated by liberal men — Harvey Weinstein’s outing began a remarkable domino effect that has not stopped — the entire scheme is an obvious attempt to take down President Trump. But Democrats and the #fakenews media will play this game for as long as they can get the kind of results they got in Alabama. They cannot win elections of this nature on the issues or on their own merits, so this is what they are resorting to. This is who Democrats are, and this is what they do.

Two predictions

The Alabama special election to fill their vacant Senate seat is just 13 days away. The latest poll has Roy Moore leading by 5 points.

Here are my predictions:

1. Roy Moore will win by a wider margin than whatever the polls suggest.

2. In a classic example of #fakenews hypocrisy & projection, headlines will read something like, “Moore’s victory proves Trump supporters are willing to turn a blind eye to sexual misconduct.”

How the game is played

#fakenews media: Let’s go find a highly dubious woman who is willing to fabricate a charge of some sort of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore since we’re so close the election. Republicans always fold when we do this.

Highly dubious woman: Roy Moore sexually assaulted me more than 30 years ago when I was 14.

Democrats: These are serious charges. We’re calling on the Republicans to replace Roy Moore on the ballot.

Establishment Republicans: These are serious charges. We’re calling on Roy Moore to step aside.

Roy Moore: These charges are false. I’m not stepping aside.

Deplorables: Screw every one of you. We’re too smart for this. We’re electing Roy Moore. MAGA!

Tired of playing nice

So the Robert Mueller investigation into non-existent collusion between President Trump and Russia during the 2016 election campaign has led to an indictment of Paul Manafort over offshore wire transfers he made in 2012 & 2013. What has this to do with Russia collusion in 2016? Absolutely nothing. That’s because the Mueller investigation is nothing more than a giant fishing expedition that has grown well beyond its defined purpose. This is one area where I am sorely disappointed in President Trump and his administration. They had to know what was going on and chose not to fire Mueller and his team of Clinton attorneys when they had (and have) the opportunity. Who knows where this will lead now?

Meanwhile, Obama, Hillary and all their accomplices and co-conspirators continue to evade any sort of investigation or indictment despite their obvious and rampant collusion with the Russians for years during the Obama presidency. Yet our people are the ones who are always investigated, implicated, and now indicted. I’m tired of our people — who are entirely in power over both the legislative and executive branches of government — standing by and watching it all play out and doing nothing. I’m tired of our people playing nice while the other side always gets away with the very crimes and offenses that they accuse us of.

When #fakenews is forced into reality

The Clintons/Democrats/Obama administration are so deep into Russia collusion that even the normally #fakenews Washington Post is more or less forced to take a hard look at reality.

“The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about President Trump’s connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the matter said.”