Republicans, what are they good for?

It appears that Senate Republicans no longer have the votes to repeal & replace ObamaCare. It might change. President Trump has a way of willing things to happen.

This is infuriating, because the Republicans routinely sent repeal bills over to Obama when he was president, so why can't they just send over the same bill now?

After nearly 7 years of promising us they'd repeal ObamaCare if given the chance, they still can't get it done.

In 2010, we gave them the House. They said they needed the Senate. So in 2014, we gave them the Senate. They said they needed the White House. We gave them that. And they still can't muster the will to repeal ObamaCare? (Forget the repeal & replace mantra, just repeal the behemoth and let's go back to the way it was before ObamaCare, back when Americans could still afford their insurance.)

If they fail now, it's totally on the GOP. President Trump campaigned on and won an election promising to repeal & replace. Clearly, this is something the voters want. ObamaCare has never been popular with the ones who actually have to pay for it. But too many Republicans are aligned with the establishment instead of the voters & taxpayers.

The only solution at this point is to primary these limp-wristed, spineless politicians next summer and do our part to drain the swamp. Replace these establishment-types with conservatives who will support the Trump agenda. Trump is our president and he's doing a fantastic job, but he still needs our help. Our work is not done.

How Donald Trump threw #fakenews off the trail for an entire day

I never dreamed we’d have a president like this ever. That the #fakenews media malign, slander, and lie about the president and his family is to be expected when a Republican is in office. It’s who they are and what they do. That we have a president who returns fire and gives it right back to them is what’s so wonderful and refreshing and delicious.

Yesterday morning, President Trump sent out the following pair of tweets:

And then he went about his way like nothing ever happened. The #fakenews media and some Democrats went completely hysterical. I can’t pretend to know why President Trump chose those two PMSNBC #fakenews reporters, nor why he chose yesterday morning to drop his Twitter bomb, but I do know he’s playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers, and he stays about 10 moves ahead of his enemies.

The #fakenews media spent literally the entire day in a constant state of outrage over Trump’s tweets. I know this because I trolled several #fakenews reporters and a handful of Democrats, and their Trumped-up rage lasted well into the evening.

I do know that #fakenews personalities Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have treated President Trump with the same disdain and contempt as the rest of the #fakenews media, and have consistently called the president’s sanity into question. It’s not like they’re innocent victims.

This is the way the president and his family are treated by the #fakenews media. Because of their outrage and the laughable assertion that President Trump’s tweets were “beneath the dignity of the office of president” (as though President Obama was the archetype of presidential dignity), the #fakenews media has revealed, almost to a person, just how thin-skinned its reporters really are. They couldn’t withstand one-tenth of the abuse they dish out. Yet they seem to want to hold the President to a higher standard of behavior than themselves.

The #fakenews media have treated conservatives and Republicans this way for generations. It’s worse now than I can ever remember, but they have rarely, if ever, been called on it. President Bush, for example, was maligned with much the same vigor as President Trump, but he never fought back, which infuriated his supporters. He felt that to respond to the #fakenews would be “beneath the dignity of the office of president.” And so the Democrats and #fakenews more or less destroyed his presidency during the second term because he never defended himself. Apparently, the #fakenews media believe it is within their purview to treat Republican presidents with any manner of hostility, rudensss, crassness, etc., but the president is not allowed to hit back. Trump says “Screw that!” and punches right back.

So what happened yesterday while #fakenews was fixated on Trump’s early morning tweets?

  • The House of Representatives passed “Kate’s Law” and the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.” It might be a coincidence, or it might not be, but also yesterday Nashville Metro Council sponsors of bill that would have turned Nashville into a sanctuary city withdrew their bill. These are real-world matters with real-world consequences.
  • President Trump gave a speech on energy in which he outlined an policy that will “unlock millions and millions in jobs and trillions of dollars in wealth.” His objective is to increase energy exports and make the U.S. less dependent on foreign energy.
  • We learned that, according to Secretary of Defense “Mad Dog” Mattis, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has apparently heeded President Trump’s warning about not launching another chemical attack.
  • President Trump hosted South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House, where they discussed the very real North Korean nuclear threat.

This was all in ONE DAY of the Trump presidency. While Trump was arranging all this winning, the #fakenews media obsessed over President Trump’s tweets about Mika’s facelift. It’s sort of like busy parent with a small child. The parent has some things that need doing, so he/she gives the child some blocks or a coloring book to keep him/her occupied while the parent accomplishes a few tasks. President Trump started the morning by giving the children who occupy #fakenews something to play with all day while he went about the business of making America great again.

The funny part — actually, there are several funny parts — is that #fakenews reporters are all snobbish liberals who consider themselves educated elites, sophisticated, erudite, and worldly. Yet they are so dense they have no idea what’s happening to them. They make fun of Trump voters such as myself because they deem us gauche and uneducated (and deplorable), yet we can see exactly what they can’t. As Rush Limbaugh analogised earlier this week, Trump is the guy with a laser pointer and the #fakenews reporters are the cats chasing the red dot, running into the sofa and running into walls. They don’t realize that we’re all laughing at them. While they consider Trump mentally unstable, he’s schooling them and manipulating them at will.

A winning strategy

It used to aggravate me that the #fakenews media and Democrats persisted with their #fakememe regarding Russian interference & collusion. The intent is and has always been to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump. I wanted them to let go of the #fakememe and get on with the business of the country.

It used to aggravate me, but it no longer does. I used to want them to drop the #fakememe, but I no longer do. Three days ago, the Democrats lost another special election. Actually, they lost two, but the race for Georgia-6 was overhyped, oversold, and all the #fakenews and all the #fakepolls and all that outside money could not produce a Democrat win. And believe me when I tell you the Democrats and #fakenews threw everything they had at this congressional seat. They are devastated.

The Democrats spent six times what the average congressional campaign costs. In other words, they could have funded six individual House races in 2018 with the money they wasted on Tuesday’s election. This is a very good thing.

I don’t want the Democrats to drop the #fakenews and #fakememe because the more they double-down, the more they lose. They are like a football team that goes into halftime losing and refuses to make any changes to the strategy. They just double-down on what clearly isn’t working, and the best thing they can do for the country is to keep doing what doesn’t work for their party.

The Democrats and #fakenews are wandering in the wilderness. They have no idea where they are going, and their leaders are incompetent. They are completely out of touch with average Americans (at least the productive ones). President Trump and the American people are winning daily, winning bigly, winning on all fronts. And the Democrats have attempted to block every success. The American people see this.

The Democrats have no viable ideas. They cannot win in the intellectual arena. Literally the only thing they have is the fake Russia meme. And they are so invested in their #fakememe that there’s no turning back. They have strung their fruitcake voters along to the point that they are being driven insane, some of them even driven to violence.

In other words, the world is passing the Democrats by, and they are willfully stuck on stupid. And the funniest part is that they’re doing it to themselves. The more insane they become the more they lose, and the more they lose the more insane they become.

So instead of wishing the left would drop the fake Russia meme, I want them to stick with it right through the 2018 election. I want Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters and Bernie Sanders to continue as the voice of the Democrat Party. I want the media to keep producing #fakenews and #fakepolls. I want them to keep lying to themselves and denying reality. Because as long as they are willing to inhabit this alternate reality bubble, the more they keep losing, and when Democrats lose, the country wins.

This is a great political ad

I heard the audio to this on yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh Show, and the video is even better. This is being run in Georgia’s special election today on behalf of the GOP candidate, Karen Handel. I’d like to see this repeated in other districts next year, especially if progressive terrorists continue their violence.

The lines between jihadists and violent progressives are starting to blur

When I was initially made aware of the shooting this morning at a congressional baseball practice in Virginia, my hunch was that the victim(s) was/were Republican(s) and that the shooter was an unhinged Democrat lunatic and that this was not a jihadist attack. It turns out that I was right on both. However, the lines between unhinged Democrat lunatics and jihadists are starting to blur.

Not only do we have this morning’s shooting, but many more examples of liberal rage and violence were on display at Trump rallies during the campaign, and also continue at liberal college campuses whenever individuals with opposing views are scheduled to speak (most notably at UC-Berkeley).

I’m sure someone in the Democrat Party and/or #fakenews will try to blame President Trump for conjuring up this hatred on the left, just as they blame the victims of jihadists for enraging jihadists, but the progressive movement in the U.S. owns this completely. They are the ones creating the #fakenews, creating the hysteria, and manufacturing all the rage. The Democrat Party and its various apparatchiks represent the largest hate group in America, and today we saw that left-wing rage spill over into actual violence.

Remember, these are the ones who lecture those of us on the right that love trumps hate and “when they go low, we go high.” Dear readers, those of us on the right aren’t angry. We’re winning, and not just at the polls. We’re winning on the economy, we’re winning on healthcare, we’re winning on illegal immigration, we’re winning in the judiciary. Granted, we have disdain for #fakenews and the Democrat Party for its efforts to obstruct President Trump’s highly effective agenda of making America great again, but if you’re looking for actual hatred — unbridled, unhinged, fanatical, foaming-at-the-mouth hatred — it’s all on the left. Their leaders have stirred up this hornets nest totally apart from President Trump, the Republican Party, and those of us who support President Trump. So let them own it.

Various thoughts about today’s James Comey hearing

  • It’s hard to decide who the biggest loser was today. Was it #fakenews? The Democrat Party? The Obama administration (Loretta Lynch especially)? Or was it James Comey himself? Tough one.
  • We learned many things today, none of which were about Donald Trump. He is not and never has been a target in the Russian collusion investigation. We already knew that. He never attempted to interfere with or impede any FBI investigation. We already knew that, too. All accusations against President Trump were purely products of #fakenews. We’ve always known that.
  • James Comey is a wuss. The man is 6’8″ and used to be the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation — the position once held by a man named J. Edgar Hoover (who was scared of no one), yet Comey was afraid to be in the same room alone with a 70-year-old man? He might be the tallest beta male in Washington.
  • So much for the FBI director being “above politics.” James Comey revealed himself to be a partisan hack, just like so many poeople in Washington and in #fakenews.
  • If there was any obstruction of justice — and there very well may have been — it was committed by at least one member of the Obama administration. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who met with Bill Clinton on a tarmac right before the 2016 election to talk about the “grandkids,” instructed James Comey, who was then the director of the FBI, to refer to his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server as a “matter” and not an investigation. Who knows what else might have gone on during that time?
  • Here’s the real kicker as far as I’m concerned. James Comey admitted today that he shared a memorandum regarding a meeting he had with President Trump to a friend to leak to the media in order to instigate a special counsel investigation. (The friend turned out to be Columbia law professor Daniel Richman.) This angers me more than anything else today. Again, James Comey is no more than a political hack and had no business running the FBI. He doesn’t have the character for that kind of responsibility.
  • My only criticism of Donald Trump is that it took him so long to fire James Comey.
  • #fakenews is going to keep producing #fakenews. The fake narrative of Russian collusion is dead. They’ll create another fake meme or amend the current one to run with. They are too deep into their fantasy world to turn back now.
  • A few Democrats here and there will probably keep muttering something about impeachment even though President Trump has committed no impeachable offenses. The obstruction of justice charge is dead. They’ll fabricate another one. They have to. They have convinced their lunatic, raving mad supporters that an impeachment is forthcoming. Imagine what would happen if their had to tell these deranged Trump haters that it was all a ruse? Like #fakenews, Democrats are in so deep they can’t turn back now.
  • James Comey may need a lawyer.
  • The great irony here is that everything Donald Trump has been accused of are things Democrats are actually guilty of themselves. It is the ultimate sort of projection by a political party and its propaganda apparatchiks that are already famous for projection (accusing others of what you yourself are guilty of).
  • Political junkies in Washington crowded into bars to watch the Comey hearing as though it were game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals. So they got to watch their team get routed and humiliated.
  • It was funny watching #fakenews and Democrats work themselves into lather over what they just knew was going to be the smoking gun on Donald Trump they have all been salivating over. Those of us who live in Realville and pay no attention to #fakenews knew they were setting themselves up for long, hard fall. Indeed, the smoking gun never materialized. There wasn’t even so much as a squirt from a water gun. It was, as the cliche goes, a big, fat nothing burger. Democrat Senator Mark Warner wanted so badly to get the goods on Donald Trump. His facial expression at the end of the day speaks for all of those on the left who saw the Comey hearing blow up in their faces. This is the expression of a loser.

#fakenews is literally making liberals insane

You might say that liberals were already insane before. Maybe, maybe not. They’ve always had a screw or two loose. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be liberals. But progressives in the Era of Trump are absolutely insane, and it’s the constant barrage of #fakenews, on top of the fact that they already have a screw or two lose, that is creating the insanity.

Yesterday, I actually listened to Rush Limbaugh’s show live while driving home from Charlottesville, Virginia. I rarely listen live (always the podcast), but this time I had nothing else to do, so I found a radio station that carried the program (not hard to find) and tuned in.

At any rate, the Maha Rushie at one point took a call from a “reformed liberal” who noted the following about #fakenews:

CALLER: It’s sick. I no longer listen to anything and I think that there’s a lot of people like that and —

RUSH: I think there are too. I keep — you know, it’s all anecdotal, but I hear from quite a few people when I observe it, I’m not watching it either.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And I think it’s wise. I think it’s good for your mental health to stay away from some of this crap. It’s so intense, it’s never ending, it’s always there and they’re always trying to add to it. I think you’re wise to ignore most of it.

CALLER: It’s painful to listen to it. It’s also depressing to feel like this guy can’t get a fair shot. Anyways, my last point I was gonna say is that I think that the best thing personally for Trump to do at this point is just to keep on plugging away at accomplishing his agenda.

Rush went on to discuss how #fakenews and Democrats have created a monster that they may soon regret. Their insane followers fully believe Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 election — just as they believe the climate change hook, line & sinker — and now they are fully expecting an impeachment. The trouble is that there are no impeachable offenses. A year’s worth of investigating has produced nothing. So #fakenews & Democrats have built up expectations with their false narrative and built up expectations that are not going to materialize. The insane progressives are going to go postal when no impeachment occurs and no evidence is ever discovered, so now the Democrats — some of them, anyway — are quietly beginning to walk back the impeachment narrative.

So there are some literally dangerously imbalanced leftists who are already protesting and causing threats and riots at town halls. … The Democrat Party, the American media, has literally created an insane asylum that has no walls. And the people in this insane asylum, who are genuinely, truly unbalanced, have been made this way by having been fed a diet of raw hatred for the last nine months.

Now, of course they’ve been fed this raw hatred for decades. But in the intense specifics of this election and the collusion with the Russians, they have been fed lies and distortions and rumors as fact. They have created a brimming, a burgeoning, an effervescing, raw hatred that has yet had no outlet for expression. It’s bubbling up and it’s waiting to explode.

And the Democrats are scared to death of the day they have to make it official: There was no collusion, there was no evidence, there will be no impeachment. That’s why they’re trying to walk back impeachment, ’cause they’re scared to death of what they’ve created. They can’t control it. It is an uncorralled monster of genuine insane lunatics that is the Democrat base.

Three battleground states kept us from socialism, and the swamp isn’t going away quietly

Why do they do this? You may be asking yourself this. Why does the left keep up this charade of Russian tampering? (And, by the way, it is now public knowledge that the Clinton campaign fabricated the fake Russia meme less than 24 hours after the election.)

You have to realize something. We were one election away from transforming this country into a socialist/globalist swamp, just like your average Western European nation. Everything else was in place. The only missing ingredient was Hillary Clinton’s election. And it didn’t materialize. Thank God! The formerly blue states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin made sure of it.

When Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp, he didn’t realize how broad, how deep and how tenacious the swamp truly is. None of us did. Progressives are by their nature despotic, and power is everything to despots. When they are deprived of it, or it is taken away, well, just look at the Democrat Party and #fakenews media, and you see what they become.

ObamaCare was the vehicle. We were on our way to a single-payer system, which means we were on our way to government-controlled healthcare. A lot of Americans were priced out of the market. A lot of insurance companies had already bailed on ObamaCare. This was by design. The plan was to create a system in which insurance companies could not possibly compete due to the unrealistic demands placed on them by government. And then the plan was to blame the insurance companies and their “greed” for dropping customers. (Liberals never take responsibility for the failure of their disastrous policies.) This, in turn, would lead to an eventual system where the federal government became the insurance company (with no competitors). The federal government would control the healthcare system. And when government controls healthcare, government controls you.

It wasn’t enough to create a pool just to cover the uninsured/uninsurable and leave the existing system intact. It was never about the 30,000,000 or 40,000,000 uninsured, or whatever the number was. It was about transforming the entire healthcare industry for all of us. Now the Republicans are in the process of undoing ObamaCare, or at least much of it. This is why the Democrats react to the AHCA like Dracula to the cross. They know Americans could not longer afford their ObamaCare premiums. They know the ObamaCare system, as it was originally constructed, was doomed to fail. It was designed to. Yet Democrats lie and continue to lie about ObamaCare, because that’s what Democrats do.

Progressives aren’t going away anytime soon. Do you remember the end of the second debate when each candidate was asked to name one good quality about his/her opponent? Donald Trump said the one thing he admired about Hillary Clinton was that she is not a quitter. And he’s right. Progressives don’t quit. The lust for political power (and often wealth to match) is the fuel that drives them. They don’t just pick themselves up after they lose and go do something else. There is no something else to them.

Let me share a tweet with you I saw last night.

There is one distinct feature of American culture that sets us apart from all the rest: the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment makes all the others possible. Those aren’t just words on a bumper sticker, either. Every despotic, totalitarian regime you can think of got that way because its populace was unarmed. The fact that we are armed to the teeth makes us like no other nation, past or present. Progressives despise the Second Amendment for this reason. They hate it more than all the rest. They may hate it more than all the rest combined. The Second Amendment may be the only thing standing in the way of the complete future subjugation of the American people.

The left would do away with the Second Amendment today if they could. But even if they did, most Americans would not willingly part with their firearms. There are on the order of 300 million guns in America, or very nearly one per person. If progressives want our guns, they will literally have to take them away, and taking away that many guns is a mighty tall order. If they ever tried it, there probably would be civil war.

I don’t know if some form of civil war is inevitable or not. I’m not predicting that level of violence. I don’t hope for it. I don’t advocate it. But I’m not entirely discounting the idea, either.

But I do know this: the American people awakened last November. Donald Trump literally tapped into and motivated a literal sleeping giant. The American ideal wasn’t dead, after all. (I knew it wasn’t.) If he succeeds the way I think he will — and I am predicting he will be a two-term president — it will take progressives decades to get back to where they were before Hillary Clinton was defeated. He will undo — and already has undone — a great deal of damage wrought by Barack Hussein Obama. He will appoint — and already has appointed — Constitutionalists to the federal courts.

The bad news is, get used to the daily barrage of #fakenews. To the left, Donald Trump’s election was illegitimate. It’s not illegitimate because he colluded with Russia to rig the election. It’s illegitimate simply because the Democrats lost, and they lost to a complete outsider who exposed them for the thugs and despots that they are. They’ve been pushing the climate change hoax for 30+ years, so don’t expect them to give up on the Russia hoax as long as they think they can get political mileage out of it.

The ironic part about the #fakenews barrage is that the #fakenews media and Democrats are falsely accusing President Trump of the corruption that they themselves are actually guilty of. They have accused President Trump of colluding with the Russians when they themselves are the ones who have colluded with Russia. It’s insidious, but it’s who progressives are. So we’re going to have to daily beat back the barrage of #fakenews while President Trump deconstructs the Obama presidency.

What can you do? Don’t watch #fakenews. And if you do happen to catch a sound bite by accident, immediately discount it. This is my default reaction to everything I hear from #fakenews.

Be the “go-to” person in your sphere of influence. Be the person your friends and family go to for political advice. Be able to explain these things to them. Just because you don’t have a TV show or a newspaper column doesn’t mean you don’t have influence.

Stay informed using sources other than #fakenews. As for me, I listen to the Rush Limbaugh Show daily. And I follow a handful of trusted conservatives on Twitter. I also read history. Lots of it. I do this because I love history, but also because progressives try to rewrite history. The more we learn and understand history, the harder it will be for progressives to rewrite it.

Be the kind of citizen and the kind of voter Democrats and #fakenews cannot lie to. If they cannot manipulate you, then you immediately become their enemy. This is why Hillary called us “deplorables” — and meant it.

Never vote Democrat. There are no good Democrats. Not a single one. And if you have the opportunity to support a conservative Republican against an establishment RINO (Senator Corker), then support him. Establishment RINO’s are part of the swamp, too.

Electing President Trump wasn’t the end. It was only the beginning. The swamp is deep and wide and locked in for battle. President Trump has a lot of resources at his disposal, but he still needs us. We are all he has. The entire Democrat Party is aligned against him. The entire #fakenews media is attempting to do to President Trump what it did to Richard Nixon (a great American). (The media won’t succeed with Trump, though.) Unfortunately, some establishment Republicans are against President Trump, as well. All President Trump has are the American people who voted for him. That’s me. I’m with Trump, and I’m not going away.

Supernatural acts of Congress

Last week the House of Representatives passed the AHCA, which would go a long way toward undoing the damage wrought by ObamaCare. It’s not a complete repeal, but it does unravel the individual mandate and cuts out some of the ObamaCare taxes. Naturally, various Democrat congressmen and media types are lamenting that thousands/millions (pull any random number out of thin air) will die as a result of this bill.

In other words, the political hyperbole predictably is over the top on the AHCA. There are two primary root causes for the left’s outrage. First, it defunds Planned Parenthood. Second, we were well on our way toward the single-payer system that has been the dream of leftists. Insurance companies were fleeing from ObamaCare like the plague it was — which was exactly what was intended, by the way — and the GOP is undoing all that.

Aside from the hyperbole, I honestly believe there are some –not all, but some — congressmen who genuinely believe they are omnipotent to the point that they can overcome death and change the climate just by passing legislation. The implication, by asserting that thousands/millions will die as a result of the AHCA, is that ObamaCare somehow overcame death. We were all going to die before ObamaCare, and then the Democrats defeated death by virtue of passing the Affordable Care Act, and now that Republicans are unraveling the ACA with the AHCA, death is back on the table.

Also, the latest jobs report shows that the U.S. economy created 211,000 jobs in April. This is great news for the private sector, bad news for Democrats. Nancy Pelosi continues to lament that we have yet to see a single jobs bill from Trump. She is ignorant of the fact that the economy is creating jobs all by itself as a result of economic growth. No jobs bill is needed. But Pelosi and a lot of Democrats (and probably some Republicans, too) believe that nothing positive came come about in America anymore unless Congress first passes a bill mandating it. This is the God-complex a lot of politicians have given themselves. Americans are simply unable to produce anything unless Congress first tells us how and when and why.

Don’t back down

Both the #fakenews media and Democrat Party continue to attack President Trump and his administration daily without relent. Just resign yourself to the fact that it’s going to be this way for 8 years. Despite the incredible success and effectiveness of his presidency these first two months, the left would have you believe that the Trump administration has been a scandal-plagued, bumbling mess. The opposite is actually true.

But #fakenews and Democrats don’t just despise Trump. They despise us, too, the deplorables. It was us, and not the Russians, who conspired to put him in the White House. They can’t do anything to us, but what they can do is try to separate us from our president. Don’t let them. They’re telling us that his approval rating is 37%. This is a farce. I always add 20% to whatever they tell us, because in a typical poll, the #fakenews media will way over-sample Democrats, so I’ve got his approval at 57%. This sounds about right. After all, why would his approval rating be so low? He got elected on a very specific campaign platform, he has perfectly executed that platform without wavering or deviating. Even the left is amazed that he’s done what he said he was going to do. So why wold his approval numbers suffer for that?

This is a page right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. “‘Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.’ Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.” This is what they’re trying to do to President Trump. They are trying to isolated him by cutting us off. Don’t let them. Don’t back down. We are all President Trump has. He needs us. America (and the rest of the free world) needs him.