We’re living it right now

We are watching a political realignment in our country. Some call it a civil war. It’s globalism vs. nationalism, and nationalism is winning on the basis of merit. Globalists are godless and you can tell by their behavior. It’s a beautiful thing to watch & also quite ugly. The enforcement wing of globalism is militant Islam, and also Antifa and a few other fringe groups. We nationalists have the Second Amendment. And the globalists want to take that away.


Why the Democrats are fighting so hard for illegals

The manufactured “separating children from their families” crisis is just another in a long line of attempts by the Democrats and their propaganda wing, the #fakenews media, to generate sympathy for illegal immigrants.

What we are seeing is pure desperation. From Mad Maxine Waters clamoring for more public confrontations against members of the Trump administration, to all the fake tears over the so-called “separation of children,” when no such outrage occurred when the same was being done during the Obama presidency, the Democrat Party is in a fight for mere survival.

They have already written off the white working class. And as President Trump continues to roll up success after success, not the least of which is the lowest black unemployment in history, Democrats are watching in horror as the once-automatic black vote begins to trickle over to President Trump. So the Democrats figure their votes have to come from somewhere. This is why they have become champions of illegal immigrants, including the murderous MS-13 gang.

When was the last time the Democrats took a public stand on behalf of law-abiding, productive American citizens? Exactly. They are hemorrhaging votes among actual Americans and are pulling out all the stops in trying to engineer an invasion of America by non-Americans, all for the purpose of securing a reliable voting base.

It doesn’t matter if illegal immigrants commit crimes at a higher rate than Americans. It doesn’t matter if they bankrupt state and national governments. It doesn’t matter if they have to create all manner of chaos, because the more chaos and law-breaking, the better for Democrats. This is how they have chosen to position themselves.

So the more successes that are realized by the Trump administration, the more traditional Democrat voters swing over to Trump, the more hysterical and vile the Democrats and #fakenews media will become. Prepare for it and vote accordingly.


President Trump just concluded a highly successful and historic meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore in which the North Korean dictator agreed to de-nuclearize. President Trump became the first American president to meet with a North Korean dictator.

This came right after President Trump’s summit with the G7, hereafter referred to as Trump and the G6. At this summit, President Trump announced that the U.S. is no longer going to be the world’s piggy bank. His objective is tariff-free trade because heretofore the U.S. has been on the short end of massive trade imbalances. So if countries like Canada want to continue charging tariffs on U.S. imports, then we’re going to reciprocate. But the end game is the elimination of tariffs. This is something The Donald campaigned on, when he railed against previous American leadership for making these awful trade deals and often lamenting that “their leaders are too smart for our leaders.” So we got a new leader.

Of course, while those of us who love America and are weary of being the world’s piggy bank are cheering our president, globalists both here and abroad are mortified. Here we are cheering a president who puts America first, because people my age haven’t seen this since President Reagan. Americans who are younger than me have never experienced a president who put America first to this degree. And we just witnessed the end of an eight-year presidency in which the guy Trump replaced actually undercut America at every opportunity.

There was a time when putting America first was the accepted norm. Heck, we once (twice, actually) nuked Japan because we were putting America first. But since globalism became all the rage a few decades ago, we have watched a series of presidents sell out America to some degree because we’re wealthy and “privileged” and that’s just how we assuage the guilt we’re expected to feel.

But no more. It’s 2018, Dennis Rodman is wearing a MAGA hat and praising the North Korea deal, the economy is firing on all cylinders, we’re celebrating a president for doing what all presidents should have been doing all along, and all the left has are a porn star and a washed-up actor who said “F-Trump” on TV.

The enemy of their enemy is their friend

President Trump made a remark about the murderous MS-13 gang, calling them “animals” — which was an uncalled for slam on animals — and was purposefully taken out of context by the #fakenews media so that word circulated that he had referred to immigrants in general as animals. It wasn’t an oversight. It was a deliberate attempt to besmirch the president.

As always, it backfired. The #fakenews media are like Elmer Fudd when his shotgun backfires and he ends up with gunpowder all over his face wondering what happened.

At this point, I don’t know why the #fakenews media continue with these shenanigans. Every time they pull a stunt like this on The Donald, his poll numbers go up and they remind us why they cannot be trusted to report anything honestly. Trump is going to win no matter what. It’s uncanny.

But there’s another element to the fallout from the “animals” remark that seems lost on the left. Democrats and their conspirators in the #fakenews media will oppose literally anyone and everything trumpeted by Trump, and vice versa. Since the president champions pretty much everything that is wholesome and good and American, the Democrats, by virtue of their uncontrollable Trump Derangement Syndrome, have sidled up to some really unsavory characters.

The result of the “animals” remark backfiring was a significant number of Democrats and reporters aligning themselves with the MS-13 gang. You remember MS-13. That’s the gang who murdered those two black teenage girls in Long Island whose parents were guests at the State of the Union in January. (And we’re told that black lives matter.) And you remember the State of the Union. That’s the night Democrats told us who their enemies were by what they sat for.

Not only has MS-13 found a friend in the Democrat Party, consider who else the left has championed by virtue of their TDS and oppose-everything-Trump-is-for mentality. They have sidled up to the potbellied dictator in North Korea. (Believe me when I tell you they hated it when he released our hostages.) They have a porn star as their virtual mascot. They have sidled up to a despotic Iranian regime. If you’re a lawbreaker, a thug, a despot, a pervert, a moocher, and/or an America-hater, the Democrats will roll out the red carpet to make you feel at home.

So who are the Democrats’ sworn enemies? Aside from President Trump, there’s the unborn, law-abiding gunowners, productive American laborers, the military, free-thinking minorities who don’t vote Democrat, and us deplorables.

This is the sad state of the Democrat Party in 2018. Judge them by their failed ideas. Judge them by their friends. Judge them by their enemies. No matter how you judge them, they’re losers, they hate freedom, and the must be defeated at every opportunity.

Wanted: an activist right-wing judge

I’m tired of the GOP winning elections only to watch the Democrats have their way despite being the minority party. I’m tired of playing nice and living by the rules while the other side does whatever it wants without repercussion.

If an activist left-wing judge can suspend President Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban,” which really isn’t a Muslim ban, why can’t an activist right-wing judge suspend the farcical Mueller investigation into Trump’s phantom Russia collusion, which has morphed into an overall political witch hunt?

I know, I know. There’s no such thing as an activist right-wing judge. We play by the rules and stick to the letter of the Constitution and complain when activist left-wing judges flaunt the Constitution to implement their own political ideology.

Yes, I’m advocating playing this game on the Democrats’ turf and doing what we have to do to win. The world’s last, best hope is at stake and we can no longer assuage our losses by placating ourselves with the self-assurance that, hey, at least we didn’t cheat. So let’s do what the left does and cheat. Let’s finally have some judicial overreach on our side and find a federal judge willing to slap down the Mueller investigation.

But Lefty, we can’t just break the rules like that. Rules? Folks, this Mueller investigation is already way past the rules. The entire premise of the investigation is a farce, no crime has ever been identified, and innocent people are being harassed and prosecuted while the ones who actually did the colluding — the Democrats — are laughing themselves silly.

Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser. I’m tired of my side winning elections but still acting like losers. It’s time to act like winners, and if we have to do what the Democrats do, then let’s level the playing field and do what the Democrats do.

Don’t fire, pardon

Since Robert Mueller’s wretched team of investigators raided the home of President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, there have been increased demands that President Trump fire the special prosecutor. This is the worst thing The Donald could do. Rush Limbaugh pointed out both Tuesday and again yesterday that the #fakenews media have been goading Trump into doing just that. It is important to know that firing Mueller wouldn’t end this farcical investigation. There would only be a new special prosecutor appointed. The only two individuals who can formally end the investigation are Robert Mueller himself or Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy AG (since Mr. Magoo, Jeff Sessions, recused himself).

What can the president do? Again, Rush points out that President Trump could simply pardon everyone who is being or has been investigated, including himself. There is precedent for this and he also has constitutional authority. This would effectively end the special investigation, because no one would be prosecutable.

And even if it were against the rules, Rush stated on Tuesday, “Trump and his people and by extension those of you who voted for Trump are up against people who aren’t playing by any rules. There’s no reason you should, either, then. There aren’t any rules governing what’s happening here.”

Also Rush on Tuesday, “We’ve already gone way past the rules here, folks. We’re now at survival. … You don’t have to fire anybody. Just grant everybody pardons.”


No longer all Americans

There used to be a time when, despite our political difference, we were all still Americans. That time is past. Our passports might all say United States of America, but the love of country we all once shared is no longer there. Granted, a lot of us do still love the country — most of us, even. But there is a large cadre of Americans who have been misinformed and brainwashed into believing the U.S. is a source of evil and greed and racism and oppression and the cause of so much suffering in other parts of the world. Of course, the opposite is true. The U.S. is and has always been a source of much good, benevolence, generosity, and the last, best hope of mankind in his perpetual struggle against tyranny and despotism. We see this dichotomy play out in the case of President Trump, a pro-America leader who unabashedly puts America first. He is generally loved (or at least liked) by patriots and universally reviled by those who have been taught to hate the country. I don’t understand this hatred for the United States, but I’m not a liberal, either. I don’t understand this determination by the left to transform the last, best hope into just another socialist Third World banana republic (all the while couched in terms of compassion). There is no compromise with these people. There is no common ground, after all. We don’t ever apologize to them. We make no attempt to reason with the unreasonable. We don’t apply logic to the illogical. We do not suffer fools. We have to simply defeat them and their candidates every time there is an election.

I wish President Trump hadn’t signed the omnibus bill, but I’m not about to turn on him

On Friday, President Trump signed a $1.3T omnibus bill to fund the federal government the rest of the fiscal year. I wish he hadn’t, because the bill was loaded with Democrat pet causes and puts very little toward construction of the border wall. The bill does give President Trump everything he wanted for the military, and then some, and I figure that’s why he signed it. He did promise to rebuild our military, so this at least fulfills that campaign pledge. He had earlier threatened to veto the bill and said he was signing it with misgivings, but he signed it, nonetheless.

If you are a Trump voter who now wants to jump off the train since he didn’t do what you wanted this one time, please grow up and realize what’s going on.

This omnibus bill was not Trump’s budget. True, he signed it and so he owns it, too, but this was the swamps’s bill. The Republican establishment is every bit the swamp that the Democrat establishment is, and it’s the GOP that I’m most angry with. Their objective was to send the president an omnibus bill loaded with military appropriations, but otherwise so putrid that the Trump base would be angry enough to turn on him. So if you’re turning on Trump because of this omnibus bill, then congratulate yourself because you just got played by the swamp.

When President Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, a lot of us thought he’d show up with a broom, sweep away all the muck and the corruption and that would be the end of the swamp. How wrong we were. The swamp is deep and vast and very powerful. They also aren’t going to relinquish that power easily. Pretty much all of Washington is the swamp. It’s President Trump and handful of close insiders, a few loyal members of Congress, and us. Draining the swamp is going to be a multi-year, multi-election process that will never be entirely complete. But we’re going to get rid of as much of the swamp as we can in the time that’s allotted to us. So if you’re turning your back now, then you never really began to fight for your republic in the first place.

What can we do? Keep supporting President Trump, no matter what. Yes, we lost Friday. Dust yourself off and be ready to go again tomorrow. The fact that we Trump supporters keep supporting our president no matter what angers the #fakenews media. Believe me. Everything they do is geared toward separating us from Trump. They can bring out their parade of porn stars and fake collusion charges and whatever other #fakenews they can conjure up, and it amounts to nothing. My resolve has only strengthened. Be sure to show up to your primary election and vote for new conservative blood to replace these swamp creatures.

Also, show up and keep the GOP in power in Washington. You may ask what good that does if all they do is give the Democrats whatever they want. It’s a good question. However, if the Democrats win the House — and it is possible — they will impeach President Trump. Granted, the Senate would never vote for a conviction and removal from office, but do you really want the president and the country to have to go through an impeachment?

President Trump has already given us so much in his 14 months in office. He has already accomplished about two-thirds of his agenda, including the tax cuts, creating private sector jobs, turning the economy around, and now rebuilding the military. He gave us Neil Gorsuch. He has projected strength and leadership internationally; he even has Rocket Man wanting to negotiate. And you want to turn your back on him over an omnibus bill that funds the government for a whopping six months? Get over yourself and stay on this train. We’re going places.

Do they actually think Trump is a dictator?

With liberals, you just have to shake your head. How many times have you heard them refer to President Trump as a dictator or that he’s “undermining democracy?” Do they even know what these words mean? What about Trump makes them think he’s a dictator? What exactly has he done to undermine democracy? I guess it’s a combination of things. First, this may be part of the Russia hoax, where Democrats have accused Trump of doing the things they actually did. Second, liberals project, and their own leaders are much closer to dictatorial than President Trump. But also, liberals have a habit of assigning labels to those with whom they disagree: racist, misogynist, Islamophobe, homophobe, transphobe, dictator. None of these words means anything when used by a liberal, because they are so universally misapplied. President Trump is as far from being a dictator as any president during my lifetime. President Trump wants you to keep more of your own money. He wants you to keep your guns. And he fixed it so we are no longer forced to purchase healthcare — a mandate that was handed to us by Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats, who are far more dictatorial than the one they call a dictator. At any rate, if President Trump really were a dictator, if he really is “undermining democracy,” why is it that the left wants to take away everyone’s guns? Don’t they know an armed populace is the most effective antidote to tyranny?

A few thoughts on last night’s State-of-the-Union speech

Last evening I watched President Trump’s first State-of-the-Union address. I deliberately set my iPhone aside because I didn’t want to live tweet. I wanted no distractions. I saved everything until after the President was finished. Here’s what I had to say afterwards.

“That was quite possibly the greatest political speech I have ever heard in my life. Trump’s message was pro-freedom, pro-capitalism, pro-achievement, non-partisan, and AMERICA FIRST! #sotu”

“Not since Reagan have we had a president as positively pro-American as Trump. In my lifetime, there’s Reagan, there’s Trump, and no one else compares. #sotu”

“If you were like those dejected Democrats sitting on their hands, you were either reading #fakenews subtitles with the volume muted, or you just really enjoy losing. Trump was simply awesome! #sotu”

“President Trump didn’t criticize the Democrats a single time last night. He didn’t have to. He did something far more damaging. He exposed them right there on national TV for all to see. #sotu”

“President Trump’s #sotu was not about him. It was about us. It was about the American worker, the American hero, the American military, the American company, the American dreamer, the American brand. We are all winning and even greater things are possible.”