How the game is played

#fakenews media: Let’s go find a highly dubious woman who is willing to fabricate a charge of some sort of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore since we’re so close the election. Republicans always fold when we do this.

Highly dubious woman: Roy Moore sexually assaulted me more than 30 years ago when I was 14.

Democrats: These are serious charges. We’re calling on the Republicans to replace Roy Moore on the ballot.

Establishment Republicans: These are serious charges. We’re calling on Roy Moore to step aside.

Roy Moore: These charges are false. I’m not stepping aside.

Deplorables: Screw every one of you. We’re too smart for this. We’re electing Roy Moore. MAGA!


Tired of playing nice

So the Robert Mueller investigation into non-existent collusion between President Trump and Russia during the 2016 election campaign has led to an indictment of Paul Manafort over offshore wire transfers he made in 2012 & 2013. What has this to do with Russia collusion in 2016? Absolutely nothing. That’s because the Mueller investigation is nothing more than a giant fishing expedition that has grown well beyond its defined purpose. This is one area where I am sorely disappointed in President Trump and his administration. They had to know what was going on and chose not to fire Mueller and his team of Clinton attorneys when they had (and have) the opportunity. Who knows where this will lead now?

Meanwhile, Obama, Hillary and all their accomplices and co-conspirators continue to evade any sort of investigation or indictment despite their obvious and rampant collusion with the Russians for years during the Obama presidency. Yet our people are the ones who are always investigated, implicated, and now indicted. I’m tired of our people — who are entirely in power over both the legislative and executive branches of government — standing by and watching it all play out and doing nothing. I’m tired of our people playing nice while the other side always gets away with the very crimes and offenses that they accuse us of.

When #fakenews is forced into reality

The Clintons/Democrats/Obama administration are so deep into Russia collusion that even the normally #fakenews Washington Post is more or less forced to take a hard look at reality.

“The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about President Trump’s connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the matter said.”

When I defended Dubya

I’m not surprised that former President George W. Bush has disparaged President Trump and us Trump supporters. I really don’t have any feeling at all. I just shrugged. All this does is prove a point.

It’s no longer Republican vs. Democrat. It’s globalist vs. nationalist and establishment vs. outsider. George W. Bush is part of the establishment. President Trump is not. (Plus, it’s is probably a little bit personal, too. After all, the former president’s brother was destroyed by Trump in the GOP debates.)

For 8 years, George W. Bush was routinely disparaged by the Democrat Party and mainstream press. He never defended himself, and as a result his opponents neutered his presidency during the second term. Those of us who voted for and supported “Bush 43” did defend him and wondered why he never would. Dubya also never spoke out against anything Barack Obama did during his two terms in office, even when Obama blamed everything on Bush. So now Bush decides to speak out since an outsider who puts America first is in the White House.

Furthermore, we on the right also voted for and defended (to an extent) John McCain and Mitt Romney. All three establishment Republicans have since turned on us. This is why I no longer identify so much as a Republican. I am a Trumpist.

Re-thinking the political spectrum

My friend the rifleman wrote something this morning that falls right into some thoughts I’ve been having about American politics and whether President Trump’s election was the cause or the effect of a realignment that has taken place in our political spectrum.

Does the traditional concept of left and right still apply? Perhaps not.

Writes my friend, “[I]t’s not right vs left anymore. It’s not liberals vs conservatives. It’s globalists vs nationalists.”

During the past couple of years, Rush Limbaugh, whom I listen to daily (every single minute of every single podcast, in fact), has pointed out that the real political gap isn’t between Democrats & Republicans anymore, but between entrenched politicians and the people they are supposed to represent.

By-and-large, the entrenched politicians are globalists. Those of us out here in “flyover country,” who are viewed by the establishment as hicks and hayseeds, are the nationalists. We’re the ones who stand for the National Anthem, insist on rule of law, mind our own business, and don’t want to see our great nation pillaged by those who come here to take and to destroy. For this, we are called “racists” and “white nationalists/supremacists.”

But this shift in tide isn’t just endemic to the U.S. Look at Europe. Most of Europe is being overrun by Muslims who aren’t seeking a better life, but to take over and rule. As a result, nations like France, England, Sweden, Germany (and others) are losing their national identity, even their safety. Globalism is destroying these countries. And those who refuse to go along with the suicide pact, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, are sharply criticized by the EU nations that are slitting their own wrists.

So, yes, I’ve said before that I’m less of a Republican than I have ever been, because the GOP has been infiltrated with globalists, too. I’m an American. I’m a Trumpist. I’m a nationalist. You can (falsely) call me a racist if you’ve got no other arrows in your quiver, but “American” is not a race.

How #fakenews tries to separate President Trump from his base

President Trump made a deal earlier this week with Chuck & Nancy. The Democrat tag-team and #fakenews happily reported that President Trump had made an amnesty deal on DACA that did not include the wall. So that meant Trump’s base was burning their MAGA hats.

Except none of it was true. And Chuck & Nancy were forced to admit there was no such deal, but the #fakenews was already out there. And once it’s out there, it can’t be recalled. Fortunately, I can report from inside the base that no one has gone anywhere. We’re a little too smart for the liars.

All President Trump has is his base — the ones who elected him. He does not have the support of the Democrats & #fakenews media, obviously. He is opposed by the Deep State. There is even significant opposition within his own party. But the base is broad enough and informed enough to decide an entire election. The Democrats & #fakenews know that the only way to bring down President Trump is to separate him from his base (re: Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals”).

So they’ll dig around, and through polling or some other means, the Democrats & #fakenews have found out the catalyst for President Trump’s base stampeding off is if The Donald caves on amnesty and doesn’t follow through on the wall. So guess what the fake headlines are going to be?

Most of us in Trump’s base are politically astute enough to immediately write off as #fakenews any headline which is critical of our president. We know what they’re up to and they just aren’t going to get away with it. We also know that we elected a deal-maker and a master negotiator, and are content to let President Trump do what we elected him to do.

The Democrats and #fakenews are going to continue to assault the president and also us in the base in an effort to drive a wedge between us. But the only one who can drive away the base is The Donald himself. And that just isn’t going to happen.

An eight-year void

For 8 years, the man-child Barack Obama blamed his economy on his predecessor. You would think George W. Bush was president from 2001-2017 the way Obama consistently shoved responsibility for the results his own disastrous policies onto Dubya. The lack of any meaningful economic growth along with a record number of unemployed were, obviously, the intended results of Obama's monolith of new federal regulations, along with the addition of ObamaCare to the already-fragile U.S. economy. But Obama escaped all blame.

Here comes President Trump. After just six months of stripping away many of Obama's repressive regulations, along with the prospect of an ObamaCare repeal and massive tax cuts, consumer confidence is higher than we've seen in many years, unemployment is already lower than it ever was during the Obama presidency, economic growth has already surpassed anything we experienced during Obama, and the stock market seems to set a new record high every day.

Certainly, Obama cannot be credited with the economic explosion of 2017. We never saw numbers like these during his presidency, so why would his policies have suddenly resulted in a spike in economic growth now that he's gone? It seems as though we have jumped directly from the Bush economy to the Trump economy, with an eight-year void in between where another president was supposed to be. Indeed, with the alpha male now in the White House, we're coming to understand just how inconsequential President B. Hussein Obama really was.

Why Republican voters must not stay home on Election Day

I'm just as disgusted with the GOP as anyone. After years of promising to repeal ObamaCare if given the chance, they've had the chance and failed to repeal ObamaCare. As a result, GOP voters are threatening to stay home on Election Day en masse. I understand the sentiment. I mean, why bother to vote Republican when they vote like Democrats?

However, I implore you not to stay home on Election Day.

President Trump cannot drain the swamp all by himself. The swamp includes the GOP Congress, and President Trump cannot simply vanquish these useless establishment types, although I wish he could.

We still have work to do. It's going to require multiple election cycles to drain as much of the swamp as we can. Last year was just the first. It is imperative that we primary these useless Republicans. In Tennessee, we have two Republican senators to replace with conservatives who will support the Trump agenda (repealing ObamaCare, passing tax cuts, and building the wall). One of them is up for re-election next year. The other is up for re-election in 2020. We can replace him at the same time we re-elect President Trump.

Aside from replacing useless Republicans during the primaries, there are still Democrats to beat. Several Democrats in the Senate are up for re-election next year. While we in Tennessee cannot help with this, we will definitely be watching races in other states with great interest. Not all Republicans are useless. The repeal & replace bill supported by President Trump was approved by a large majority of Republican senators, and a companion bill has already passed the House. But with a slender 52-48 majority in the Senate, it only takes 3 turncoats to sabotage Trump's legislative agenda. We have to replace more Democrats with Republicans in order to overcome the small but powerful traitorous wing of the GOP.

This is why we cannot stay home on Election Day. More attention is required by us patriots. Beating incumbents is difficult. Take out your anger on unseating RINO's instead of sitting at home and doing nothing. President Trump needs us every bit as much as we need him.


John McCain is to war heroes what O.J. Simpson is to football heroes.

For the longest time, I was willing to give John McCain a pass on his RINO-ism because of the years he spent as a POW in Vietnam. Outside of losing your life in defense of the United States, being a POW is the pinnacle of sacrifice. That's worth a lot of points. But John McCain has used up his war hero points. All of them.

I voted for John McCain for President in 2008. (Actually, I voted for Sarah Palin for Vice-President in 2008.)

After campaigning just last fall as an opponent of ObamaCare, three nights ago, Senator John McCain joined two other RINO's and all 48 Democrats to vote against overturning ObamaCare's individual and employer mandates (the "skinny repeal"). This came after a much broader "repeal & replace" effort failed to garner 50 votes. His vote could have made life so much better for so many productive, taxpaying Americans. Instead, he used it to stab the American people in the back.

Just a few months after campaigning as a foe of ObamaCare, he has become one of its biggest advocates.

According to multiple Hill staffers, Senator McCain could be heard laughing with Democrats and remarked, "Let's see Donald make America great again now."

John McCain is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican. John McCain is a traitor to the American people. He could have easily voted according to his campaign promise and helped us rid the monster of ObamaCare. Instead, he put his pride and ill-will toward President Trump ahead of his obligation to the American people and made himself a liar and a traitor in the process.

The sad part is, John McCain doesn't care. He doesn't care about you or me or anyone who voted for him and helped elect him. He doesn't care about the millions of American citizens who are forced by law to purchase ObamaCare, yet can't afford to use it. And why should he? Members of Congress are exempted from the ObamaCare mandates that the rest of us are subjected to. He's getting treated for brain cancer at the Mayo Clinic. Imagine if he were forced to seek treatment as an ObamaCare policy holder.

John McCain has a long history of siding with Democrats over conservatives. This is not something new. What is new is that since President Trump's election, Senator McCain has removed the sheep's clothing and now actively opposes our President and the American people.

John McCain was just re-elected to the U.S. Senate last November. This means we're stuck with this bum until after the 2022 elections. I'm not so callous as to say I hope his brain cancer soon gets the best of him. But I do hope the Justice Department follows through and prosecutes Senator McCain for leaking classified information about President Trump and, if convicted, he is removed from office that way.

Regardless, John McCain's self-inflicted downfall from war hero to traitor is now complete. That he remains a U.S. senator for another 5+ years disgusts me as much as any Democrat.

John McCain. Traitor.

Republicans, what are they good for?

It appears that Senate Republicans no longer have the votes to repeal & replace ObamaCare. It might change. President Trump has a way of willing things to happen.

This is infuriating, because the Republicans routinely sent repeal bills over to Obama when he was president, so why can't they just send over the same bill now?

After nearly 7 years of promising us they'd repeal ObamaCare if given the chance, they still can't get it done.

In 2010, we gave them the House. They said they needed the Senate. So in 2014, we gave them the Senate. They said they needed the White House. We gave them that. And they still can't muster the will to repeal ObamaCare? (Forget the repeal & replace mantra, just repeal the behemoth and let's go back to the way it was before ObamaCare, back when Americans could still afford their insurance.)

If they fail now, it's totally on the GOP. President Trump campaigned on and won an election promising to repeal & replace. Clearly, this is something the voters want. ObamaCare has never been popular with the ones who actually have to pay for it. But too many Republicans are aligned with the establishment instead of the voters & taxpayers.

The only solution at this point is to primary these limp-wristed, spineless politicians next summer and do our part to drain the swamp. Replace these establishment-types with conservatives who will support the Trump agenda. Trump is our president and he's doing a fantastic job, but he still needs our help. Our work is not done.