Three battleground states kept us from socialism, and the swamp isn’t going away quietly

Why do they do this? You may be asking yourself this. Why does the left keep up this charade of Russian tampering? (And, by the way, it is now public knowledge that the Clinton campaign fabricated the fake Russia meme less than 24 hours after the election.)

You have to realize something. We were one election away from transforming this country into a socialist/globalist swamp, just like your average Western European nation. Everything else was in place. The only missing ingredient was Hillary Clinton’s election. And it didn’t materialize. Thank God! The formerly blue states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin made sure of it.

When Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp, he didn’t realize how broad, how deep and how tenacious the swamp truly is. None of us did. Progressives are by their nature despotic, and power is everything to despots. When they are deprived of it, or it is taken away, well, just look at the Democrat Party and #fakenews media, and you see what they become.

ObamaCare was the vehicle. We were on our way to a single-payer system, which means we were on our way to government-controlled healthcare. A lot of Americans were priced out of the market. A lot of insurance companies had already bailed on ObamaCare. This was by design. The plan was to create a system in which insurance companies could not possibly compete due to the unrealistic demands placed on them by government. And then the plan was to blame the insurance companies and their “greed” for dropping customers. (Liberals never take responsibility for the failure of their disastrous policies.) This, in turn, would lead to an eventual system where the federal government became the insurance company (with no competitors). The federal government would control the healthcare system. And when government controls healthcare, government controls you.

It wasn’t enough to create a pool just to cover the uninsured/uninsurable and leave the existing system intact. It was never about the 30,000,000 or 40,000,000 uninsured, or whatever the number was. It was about transforming the entire healthcare industry for all of us. Now the Republicans are in the process of undoing ObamaCare, or at least much of it. This is why the Democrats react to the AHCA like Dracula to the cross. They know Americans could not longer afford their ObamaCare premiums. They know the ObamaCare system, as it was originally constructed, was doomed to fail. It was designed to. Yet Democrats lie and continue to lie about ObamaCare, because that’s what Democrats do.

Progressives aren’t going away anytime soon. Do you remember the end of the second debate when each candidate was asked to name one good quality about his/her opponent? Donald Trump said the one thing he admired about Hillary Clinton was that she is not a quitter. And he’s right. Progressives don’t quit. The lust for political power (and often wealth to match) is the fuel that drives them. They don’t just pick themselves up after they lose and go do something else. There is no something else to them.

Let me share a tweet with you I saw last night.

There is one distinct feature of American culture that sets us apart from all the rest: the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment makes all the others possible. Those aren’t just words on a bumper sticker, either. Every despotic, totalitarian regime you can think of got that way because its populace was unarmed. The fact that we are armed to the teeth makes us like no other nation, past or present. Progressives despise the Second Amendment for this reason. They hate it more than all the rest. They may hate it more than all the rest combined. The Second Amendment may be the only thing standing in the way of the complete future subjugation of the American people.

The left would do away with the Second Amendment today if they could. But even if they did, most Americans would not willingly part with their firearms. There are on the order of 300 million guns in America, or very nearly one per person. If progressives want our guns, they will literally have to take them away, and taking away that many guns is a mighty tall order. If they ever tried it, there probably would be civil war.

I don’t know if some form of civil war is inevitable or not. I’m not predicting that level of violence. I don’t hope for it. I don’t advocate it. But I’m not entirely discounting the idea, either.

But I do know this: the American people awakened last November. Donald Trump literally tapped into and motivated a literal sleeping giant. The American ideal wasn’t dead, after all. (I knew it wasn’t.) If he succeeds the way I think he will — and I am predicting he will be a two-term president — it will take progressives decades to get back to where they were before Hillary Clinton was defeated. He will undo — and already has undone — a great deal of damage wrought by Barack Hussein Obama. He will appoint — and already has appointed — Constitutionalists to the federal courts.

The bad news is, get used to the daily barrage of #fakenews. To the left, Donald Trump’s election was illegitimate. It’s not illegitimate because he colluded with Russia to rig the election. It’s illegitimate simply because the Democrats lost, and they lost to a complete outsider who exposed them for the thugs and despots that they are. They’ve been pushing the climate change hoax for 30+ years, so don’t expect them to give up on the Russia hoax as long as they think they can get political mileage out of it.

The ironic part about the #fakenews barrage is that the #fakenews media and Democrats are falsely accusing President Trump of the corruption that they themselves are actually guilty of. They have accused President Trump of colluding with the Russians when they themselves are the ones who have colluded with Russia. It’s insidious, but it’s who progressives are. So we’re going to have to daily beat back the barrage of #fakenews while President Trump deconstructs the Obama presidency.

What can you do? Don’t watch #fakenews. And if you do happen to catch a sound bite by accident, immediately discount it. This is my default reaction to everything I hear from #fakenews.

Be the “go-to” person in your sphere of influence. Be the person your friends and family go to for political advice. Be able to explain these things to them. Just because you don’t have a TV show or a newspaper column doesn’t mean you don’t have influence.

Stay informed using sources other than #fakenews. As for me, I listen to the Rush Limbaugh Show daily. And I follow a handful of trusted conservatives on Twitter. I also read history. Lots of it. I do this because I love history, but also because progressives try to rewrite history. The more we learn and understand history, the harder it will be for progressives to rewrite it.

Be the kind of citizen and the kind of voter Democrats and #fakenews cannot lie to. If they cannot manipulate you, then you immediately become their enemy. This is why Hillary called us “deplorables” — and meant it.

Never vote Democrat. There are no good Democrats. Not a single one. And if you have the opportunity to support a conservative Republican against an establishment RINO (Senator Corker), then support him. Establishment RINO’s are part of the swamp, too.

Electing President Trump wasn’t the end. It was only the beginning. The swamp is deep and wide and locked in for battle. President Trump has a lot of resources at his disposal, but he still needs us. We are all he has. The entire Democrat Party is aligned against him. The entire #fakenews media is attempting to do to President Trump what it did to Richard Nixon (a great American). (The media won’t succeed with Trump, though.) Unfortunately, some establishment Republicans are against President Trump, as well. All President Trump has are the American people who voted for him. That’s me. I’m with Trump, and I’m not going away.

Quote du jour

From yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh Show, leading off the second hour:

Ladies and gentlemen, I never thought I would live to see the day. I mean, I never even contemplated such a thing could be possible, so I never even thought about it. It’s not that I thought about it. Could it happen? Could it not? I never even considered it. It never entered my cranial area. The idea that the leader of the Russian Federation, the Soviet Union — a KGB veteran by the name of Vladimir Putin — has gone public and is warning the Democrat Party in the United States of America and the American media that it’s gone too far! … It never even occurred to me — not even as a germ of a thought, not even as a synapsis flutter, never anything — that the Soviet KGB leader would warn publicly worldwide the American left and the Democrat Party and the media that it’s gone too far and is paralyzing its own country’s domestic agenda.



I’m tired of reacting to all the #fakenews stories coming from the media/Democrats, primarily because it distracts from the real news of all the winning that’s going on that does not get reported by the #fakenews media.

So I’ll do the job myself.

The stock market is up considerably since Trump’s election. This doesn’t just benefit “Wall Street fat cats,” but anyone, like me, with a 401k that is invested in the stock market. And I’m not a Wall Street fat cat you routinely hear maligned by Bernie Sanders. I’m just some guy from Tennessee.

Illegal immigration is down considerably since Trump’s election. Just the threat of carrying out the law has decreased border crossing dramatically.

House Republicans have passed the AHCA, the unraveling of ObamaCare.

James Comey has been fired as FBI director.

The Democrats keep losing elections.

President Trump has proposed a slate of tax cuts that would benefit every single American who pays income taxes, as well as American businesses.

We bombed the (expletive) out of ISIS.

Domestic oil production is up. We are not at the mercy of OPEC like we used to be.

Unemployment is plummeting. American companies are hiring. Some that had planned to move jobs overseas are staying home instead. This is huge but it routinely gets ignored by #fakenews & Democrats.

We have a clean administration in place at the White House that loves America. The adults are back in charge.

President Trump has exposed his predecessor for tapping his phones at Trump Tower.

Neil Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court. Senate Republicans, acting on a precedent established by “Dingy” Harry Reid, removed the 60-vote requirement for SCOTUS nominees. (The three previous Republican presidents, including the great Ronald Reagan, struck out with their initial Supreme Court nominees. President Trump hit a home run with his.)

President Trump has rolled back many of his predecessor’s onerous executive orders.

Hillary Clinton is not president.

The #fakenews media have fully unmasked themselves. We know exactly who they are and their relationship to the Democrat Party.

#fakenews tells us what Democrats are guilty of

Another day, another #fakenews meme. I’m onto them and I know I’m not the only one. I don’t believe #fakenews is having much of an effect. Trump supporters generally ignore #fakenews. Trump’s loony-tunes haters believe every word. Trump Derangement Syndrome is indeed a mind-warping condition.

The way #fakenews works is simple. The media, which are driving the progressive movement at the moment, concoct a phony story with zero factual basis that is designed to damage President Trump, then the Democrats fall in behind the media with their fake outrage and fake tears. It’s also designed to take the focus off of President Trump’s numerous victories. They are getting desperate on the left because Trump is systematically unraveling Barack Hussein Obama’s string of abject failures, he’s doing it quickly, and he’s doing it bigly. They can’t win elections anymore so all they’re left with is trying to delegitimize Trump’s election.

There’s something else at work here, I have noticed. Everything #fakenews fabricates about Trump are things Democrats actually did. I’m talking about Russian collusion, leaking classified information, disregarding the rule of law, etc. (Also, yesterday’s #fakenews story regarding Trump’s sharing classified information with Russia appears to have been the media’s attempt to draw attention away from the deepening Seth Rich saga. Just look who isn’t covering it.)

Again, #fakenews is telling us how desperate they are by the length of their fabrications. So much of liberalism is projection, and the #fakenews media are simply projecting the Democrats’ scandals onto Trump. So when #fakenews accuses the president of sharing classified information with the Russians, the proper reaction isn’t “Please say it ain’t so,” but “Oh, so Obama shared classified information with the Russians.” And as #fakenews and the Democrats cling to the thoroughly discredited Russian collusion meme, the proper way to look at it is “Oh, so Obama colluded with the Russians.”

#fakenews is using a two-pronged approach: apply scandals to Trump that never occurred while simultaneously ignoring/covering up Democrat scandals that really did occur. They do this by projecting Democrat scandals onto Trump. It really is that simple. And it’s a neat trick if you can get away with it. Unfortunately for #fakenews, a large and increasing number of Americans just aren’t buying it anymore. We see all the winning and are cheering President Trump with each success. It’s too bad #fakenews and Democrats are so thoroughly invested in America’s defeat to notice the winning.

In defense of Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon has long been one of my political heroes, and it pains me that his name is routinely maligned. Rarely does anyone come to his defense.

When President Trump fired James Comey last week as FBI director, the #fakenews media & Democrats conjured up their trite comparisons the the Watergate scandal and called the maneuver “Nixonian.” But does anyone really know Richard Nixon?

President Nixon is most famous for the scandal which ultimately toppled his presidency, forcing him to resign in the second year of his second term in office.

Richard Nixon was a great American, a brilliant man who pursued communists relentlessly as a congressman. He later served as President Eisenhower’s vice-president. Nixon lost a very close election to JFK in 1960, primarily because JFK presented himself better on TV. At that point, Richard Nixon’s political career appeared over.

But it wasn’t over. He won two landslide presidential elections in 1968 and 1972. And then the bottom fell out.

I’m not making excuses for his actions in the Watergate scandal. We all have our demons, and President Nixon certainly had his. In the end, Nixon’s demons (and two busybody Washington Post reporters) got the best of him.

Watergate is regarded as the mother of all presidential scandals, at least in my lifetime. But it has been overblown. We have had two presidents since Nixon who have made the 37th president seem like a piker.

We had one president accused of rape or sexual assault by numerous women. (He and his wife were also associated with a lot of people who have died from “mysterious causes.”) Yes, President Clinton was ultimately impeached (unlike Nixon) for perjury, but Watergate is still everyone’s favorite scandal. The Clinton impeachment has been largely forgotten.

We also just had a president who corruption was big league compared to Nixon. President Obama did things Nixon could only dream about (using the IRS to harass political opponents, for example). There was also the “Fast & Furious” scandal, which more or less involved the sale of firearms to Mexican drug cartels and resulted in people losing their lives. And there’s also this matter regarding President Obama tapping the phone lines at Trump Tower last year (and sounds a lot like Watergate). Any one of these alone would have damaged, if not toppled a Republican presidency.

The #fakenews media want so badly to relive their glory days of the early 1970’s when they helped bring down a Republican president. That’s why they’re pulling out all the stops to paint the Trump administration in the same light as Nixon. But there’s one thing standing the their way: the truth. President Trump and his administration are as clean as they come. There are no actual scandals, so #fakenews and Democrats have to manufacture them instead. That’s how desperate they are. And in the process, they have become the very monster that Richard Nixon has come to symbolize to them.

Sunday musings

Notice how the left only “resists” when we stop giving them free stuff. To them, stopping the flow of resources from producers to moochers is tantamount to taking away rights. They never “resist” when resources are confiscated from the ones who actually earned it.

If you’re wondering when the left is going to drop the fake meme of Russian interference, know that they’ve been pushing the global warming hoax for 30+ years.

Donald Trump is everything I’ve ever wanted in a president. He’s Ronald Reagan with a bit of mischief (aimed at #fakenews & Democrats) thrown in. These are the days. Enjoy Trump because we’ll never experience this again.

Democrats lost bigly in 2010, 2014 & 2016. There’s one common denominator that runs through all 3 and it isn’t Russian interference. It’s the Democrat Party.

Unemployment has dropped to 4.4%. It’s lower than at any time during the Obama presidency, and the Trump presidency isn’t even 4 months old yet. You’ll never see this celebrated by #fakenews & Democrats. They’re busy manufacturing fake scandals in order to distract from all this winning.

The role of #fakenews is essentially twofold: create scandals that don’t exist and ignore/cover-up ones that do.

If you routinely practice gratitude, it will alter the way you look at life. It costs nothing to be thankful for what you already have.

God is very much in control.

The Predators won game 1 of the western conference finals Friday evening on the road in Anaheim. Suddenly, this is getting very real.

This is the time of year when I run for the pure fun of it. I do mainly 5K’s during the warm season. Long runs are for cooler weather. For the next few months, I am not training for a race. I’m just running at my own pleasure.

My pastor is fond of saying that truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth. This goes a long way toward explaining the behavior of those who are hostile to the Christian faith.

Despite the best efforts of #fakenews, the truth of President Trump’s relentless winning is getting out to the people. To its chagrin, #fakenews doesn’t control the flow of information.

Barack Obama recently flew to Milan, Italy to deliver a $3M speech on climate change. I love it when they do the very things they tell the rest of us not to do. (Also, if you think they do what they do out of concern for the planet, then just follow the money.)

Lead by example (1 Peter 5:1-2)

If we can trust God with something as big as our eternal salvation, then surely we can trust Him with every minute detail of our lives. Everything rises and falls on leadership. As goes the leader, so goes everyone else. People don’t care what you say when your life doesn’t match what comes out of your mouths. Jesus hammered the Pharisees and other hypocrites for this very reason.

Leaders must learn to lead not just by their words, but by the way they live their lives. Peter exhorted the other elders of the church to feed the flock.

1. Leaders must be called to humility and repentance before the church can ever experience true revival. If the church leadership would get revival through humility and confession, can you imagine what would happen within the local church? The church isn’t seeing a mighty movement of God because the leaders aren’t experiencing it themselves.

We don’t ask the church members to do something that the leaders aren’t willing to do themselves. Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Peter identified himself as an elder who also witnessed the sufferings of Christ. At GVBC, our church structure tries to follow closely the church described in the book of Acts.

A lot of preachers are afraid of vulnerability, and build the persona that their kids are always wonderful, their marriages are rock-solid, their finances are all in order, their health is perfect. Yet the more vulnerable a pastor reveals himself to be, the more God can accomplish in that church.

Peter remembered the anguish he felt after denying Christ and watching Him suffer. Yet on the day of Pentecost (50 days later), this same man stood before a crowd and preached on repentance and 3,000 were saved as a result. This is possibly the most important sermon that has ever been preached.

What Peter saw that day with Christ forever changed him.

When he was crucified as an old man, out of humility, Peter requested that he be hung upside-down because he felt himself unworthy to die the same way Christ died.

2. A true encounter with Jesus will increase your boldness and passion. You can’t possibly have a genuine encounter with Christ and live life the same way you did before. After such an encounter with Jesus, your faith will be unshakable.

It wasn’t the eloquence of speech by those who were with Jesus, but the boldness of their speech. You are a witness to what Jesus does in your life and no one can take that from you.

Don’t seek to be a teacher, because teachers will receive the greater condemnation from God.

Scripture says to feed the sheep, not slop the hogs. Open the Bible and feed the sheep. You don’t even have to look for hungry people. Someone has to take responsibility for the growth of the church. There is only one Biblical responsibility borne by the pastor: open the word of God and feed the people.

3. People are starving for the truth of God’s word. People come from all over to hear the word of God preached. The application of the word of God changes people’s lives. Bibles have become the centerpiece on our living room tables, but not the centerpiece of our lives.

And so we must lead by example.


soutane (n.) — a type of cassock worn by Roman Catholic priests

cavil (v.) — make petty or unnecessary objections

ratiocinate (v.) — form judgments by a process of logic; reason

dunnage (n.) — a person’s belongings, especially those brought on board ship

phthisis (n.) — pulmonary tuberculosis or a similar progressive systemic disease

wag (n.) — a person who makes facetious jokes

tramontana (n.) — a cold north wind blowing in Italy or the adjoining regions of the Adriatic & Mediterranean

larboard (n.) — archaic term for port (i.e., larboard and starboard)

abaft (adv.) — in or behind the stern of a ship

strake (n.) — a continuous line of planking or plates from the stem to the stern of a ship or boat

Quote du jour

Here’s another gem from the Maha Rushie yesterday:

I’m 66 years old. I have been following politics honestly since I was 10. I’m not kidding. I have seen unhinged behavior. I have seen the wild allegations that Democrats make and repeated. I have never seen this degree of collective insanity. I have never seen this degree of so many people literally being out of touch, devoid reality, and unhinged.